Artificial Intelligence – A Game changer for Photographers

Artificial Intelligence – A Game changer for Photographers

There was a time when Artificial Intelligence was only considered to be something that only high-tech robots would have. But now the times have changed. Artificial Intelligence is actually making its way in our everyday life. Whether it is buying a pair of glasses, or unlocking the phone, Artificial Intelligence is slowly changing the way we perceive reality.

The question that arises is How Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for photographers. To answer this, let us get you familiar with some of the problems that occur without the existence of artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence and how it affects photography business

Let’s suppose you are a photographer in the wedding industry or the fashion industry. You do a photoshoot and you go back home with a couple thousand photos in your camera. Now, what do you do? The first thing you do is transfer those files into your computer. After that, you send the best photos to the client so that the client can make further selections for the final album. Once the client has made the selections, you can edit those photos and deliver the album ASAP.

As easy as this may sound, the reality says something else. The first barrier comes when you are supposed to share those thousands of photos with the clients on time. Hard drives and cloud sharing have their own drawbacks so it’s best to use a reliable platform that helps you in sharing photos with the clients.

The main problem arises –

1. When you have to select photos of an individual from the pool of thousands of photos.

2. When you are supposed to share photos of a particular individual without sending the whole album.

3. When you have to create a personalized gallery.

4. When you are lacking in references


That’s when Artificial Intelligence comes for the rescue. The AI-driven face recognition feature can help photographers in solving multiple problems from sharing photos to building references. It’s 2019 and AI has actually made it easy for the photographers to drive business with ease.

Take a look at this video to know more:



With Face Recognition feature, photographers can level up their business game by creating personalized galleries for individuals and bring your A-Game to the market. The best part is the reference building.

When you create personalized galleries, make sure that those galleries are accompanied by a Chatbot or a Call-To-Action feature that works as a reference generate and help you perform branding at a personal level. So, whenever you share a gallery with the client and the client shares the gallery further, the person should be able to see your brand behind those photographs.

Doing business for photographers is as easy as it can get. Artificial Intelligence has truly changed the game for those who want to make it big in the industry. If you want to know more about the uses of Artificial Intelligence and transforming your business, contact us at or directly get in touch with our experts by dialing 011-66104020.

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