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Top 8 Benefits 360 Car Photography Studio & more!

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360 car photography studio

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In the ever-evolving world of car sales and presentation, have you ever wished you could give potential buyers a complete walk-around of your vehicle without them ever leaving their couch? Enter the realm of 360 car photography studio! These cutting-edge locations completely change how cars are exhibited online. Additionally, it provides an engaging and dynamic experience that surpasses standard photography. Whether you’re a proud owner looking to sell your vehicle or a car dealer trying to increase sales, this blog will dive into the world of 360-degree auto photography studios, examining the advantages, procedures, and ways it can improve the presentation of your vehicle.


What is 360 car photography studio?

360 Car Photography Studio is a platform or location constructed to capture complete, high-resolution, interactive images of automobiles. The studio often features a floating or rotating platform that allows pictures of the rolling vehicle to be taken from any angle. After taking multiple shots, the studio software joins them to create a 360 car exterior and inside. Car dealerships and individual sellers have a vital tool in this immersive experience to promote their vehicles online, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales.



How does 360 car photography studio work?

You can spin around an automobile on your computer to inspect its opulent paint job, plush interior, and every nook and cranny in between. That is the joy of 360-degree car photo studios! But how exactly do these state-of-the-art spaces transform an automobile into a fully realistic virtual environment? Let’s delve further into this to know the complete procedure of how 360 photo studio for auto dealers work.

1. The Stage: The studio’s central component is a motorized turntable. The car can be safely supported on this platform and rotated smoothly at a predetermined pace.

2. Getting the Right Angles: As the car spins on the turntable, several high-resolution pictures are taken by carefully positioned cameras or occasionally by a single 360-degree camera. These pictures capture every angle of the car’s exterior, so no detail is overlooked.

3. Interior Shots: Some studios may use a photographer or a different 360 camera to take interior shots of the car from a central location in order to provide a whole 360-degree experience. The dashboard, seats, and other interior components are visible in a panoramic view as a result.

4. Software Stitching: Using specialized software, all photos are taken and then flawlessly put together. This procedure guarantees a seamless transition between images, giving the viewer a full 360-degree perspective of the vehicle.

5. Final Edits: Depending on the studio configuration, selected photos may undergo minor tweaks to improve lighting, eliminate blemishes, and guarantee a tidy, expert appearance.


Advantages of 360 Photography for Car Dealerships

Car buyers in the modern digital era anticipate a smooth and educational online experience. That’s precisely what 360 photography accomplishes: revolutionizing the way you present your merchandise and drawing in more targeted leads. These are the advantages of embracing 360 car photography studios that will boost sales at your dealership.

1. Experience the Virtual Showroom

Clients can virtually enter the showroom and look at every angle of the cars from all angles. Without leaving their houses, they can investigate every element as well as the outside and inside of the car.

2. Builds Trust

The ability to examine every part of the car with 360 high-resolution photos helps to win over customers’ trust and loyalty while also improving transparency between the buyer and seller.

3. Increases Engagement

Static images are less engaging than 360-degree interactive views. 360-degree immersive images encourage customers to spend more time investigating the features and specialties, therefore increasing consumer engagement.

4. Informed Decisions

It becomes easier for buyers to make purchase decisions. Virtual dealer 360  inspections provide complete transparency about the product hence leading to informed decisions and reduced rate of sales return.

5. Stand out from the crowd

High-quality 360 car displays set your dealership apart from competitors who rely solely on still photos. Draw attention online and showcase your products in an impressive way.

6. Highlight special features

360 views allow you to put light on special features and beautiful interiors in a way that still photos simply can’t. It’s like having a virtual spotlight to show what makes your car stand out.

7. Improved Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

Search engines love compelling content! A 360 mobile view can improve your dealership’s ranking, making it easier for potential buyers to find your online products.

8. Cost Reduction

Even with an initial investment, 360 photography can reduce the number of non-stop remote photographers, resulting in potential 360 car photography studio costs.


Photography Techniques for Creating 360 Car Photo Booths

With advancing technology, 360 car studio photo booths have evolved. Car turntables, multiple cameras, etc., are part of this. In this section, we will explore the methods of photographing vehicles in a studio.

Turntable Technique

This is the technique most commonly used in private studios. The vehicle is placed on a motorized roller, which rotates at a controlled speed. The camera, usually a high-definition DSLR or a special 360 camera, is strategically positioned to capture as many images of the car as it turns. 360 Car Photography software then splices these images together for a seamless 360 view.

Multi-Camera Usage

Some studios may use multiple stationary cameras placed around the car. Each camera captures a specific part of the car as it rotates. This technology can be more complicated to install but provides detailed information about lighting and image quality at each stage.

Single Camera Navigation

360 car photography studio prices are cost-effective in nature. Walk around the car in a smooth circle, taking enough pictures with enough overlap (20-30%) to tie it up properly. Maintain a constant camera height throughout the process, usually around the vehicle’s center of gravity.

Spherical Capture App

Smartphones with wide-angle lenses and special 360 capture features can be amazing. These apps often guide you through the handling process, allowing you to move the phone around the car to take a circular picture. While this method may not achieve as much detail as a dedicated studio setup, it is a convenient option for capturing key mobile 360 ​​views.

Interior capture

For the full 360 experience, some studios use a separate 360 ​​camera or camera mounted in the car to capture the best view of the interior. In the DIY method, you can take multiple photos from a central location in the car, making sure they overlap enough for cropping.

HDR Capture

To capture a car with high-contrast effects like chrome or black paint, consider using High Dynamic Range (HDR) features. It involves taking multiple exposures of the same scene and combining them to create an image with many tones and details.


Features of 360 car photography studio

360 car photography studio possesses multiple features. Let’s analyze the function of Car photo booth turntables, specialty lighting, and even the software that controls the show. You’ll obtain significant insight into the technical wizardry underlying those engaging virtual car journeys by comprehending these aspects.

1. Car Turntable: With the car turntable 360 degree car photography is eased. It is a device that can be used to park the vehicle in the garage and photograph it. Turntable is a rotating device that helps in capturing 360 car view.

2. Visual appeal: vehicle photo 360 booths improves the appearance of the website and enhances customer experience. A car positioned in a clean and impressive studio attracts customer attention and boosts lead generation.

3. Captures Every Detail: The permanently affixed cameras guarantee that every exterior is captured in incredibly clear photos. The detail camera captures the interior and details. In this way, you give a customer all the information they require.

4. Customizable backgrounds: 360-car studios offer 100+ customizable backgrounds. The entire studio is enclosed by wooden studio walls, which also diffuse outside reflections and provide a consistent background. In this manner, the studio is completely dark from outside light, and the car’s reflection obscures the surrounding area.

5. Controlled lighting: A diffused light ceiling provides the studio with expert lighting. Lighting is the most challenging aspect of automotive photography and significantly impacts the outcome. The energy-efficient light ceiling offers an even and sufficient amount of light, allowing for color-accurate photographs of automobiles. In addition to being incredibly easy to maintain, this kind of lighting guarantees a clean automotive appearance by eliminating obtrusive shadows and reflections.


Forecasting Future Trends in 360 Car Photography

360 studios are the future of automotive industry. Here, we’ll explore future developments such as virtual reality integration, interactive hotspots, and 3D scanning technology. Prepare to learn how 360-degree automotive photography will develop into an even more fascinating and educational experience for enthusiasts and prospective customers.

1. Integrate with Virtual Reality (VR)

Imagine taking a virtual test drive! As VR technology becomes more available, 360 photos will be integrated to create a completely immersive car shopping experience. Buyers will be able to feel the interior, fine-tune, and even feel the width and breadth of the car – all from the comfort of their couch.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration

Imagine pointing your phone at a 360 mobile image and seeing data points pop up. AR can be used to highlight specific features, color options. Additionally, it provides maintenance recommendations. This could revolutionize car dealership displays.

3. AI-powered Personalization

Imagine a 360-degree car image that recommends similar cars based on your interests. AI can analyze user behavior and select vehicles that best suit their needs and budget. This can simplify the car buying process and make the internet savvy for each buyer.

4. Increased focus on mobile optimization

Car shopping has become more and more common on mobile devices. 360 pictures of cars are better suited for viewing vehicles. This means faster load times, smoother navigation, and a more straightforward user interface that makes it easier to explore inside and outside the car.

5. Automation and Availability

Expect advancements in automation that make mobile 360 ​​photography faster, easier, and more affordable. This will open the door for small retailers and individual retailers to harness the power of this technology.


How Spyne Helps Dealers With 360 Car Photography Studio

Although the world of 360-degree vehicle photography studios may appear fantastic, what if you could get comparable results without having to set up a studio or incur additional expenses? Let me introduce you to Spyne, a cutting-edge app that uses the power of your smartphone to provide amazing 360° automobile presentations.

Cost-Effective: Spyne leverages your existing smartphone camera and eliminates the need for expensive studio equipment like car turntable and specialized cameras.

Convenience: Spyne’s app-based system allows you to capture 360 car photos from anywhere. No need to travel to a dedicated studio or schedule appointments.

Simplicity: Spyne’s AI technology guides you through the capture process, ensuring you capture the necessary images for stitching. Therefore, no complex technical knowledge is required.

Faster Turnaround: Capture and processing with Spyne can be significantly faster compared to a studio setup. Additionally, it saves time for dealers.

Scalability: Spyne is ideal for capturing a high volume of car photos, making it suitable for dealerships or businesses with many vehicles.



In conclusion, static images are limited in their ability to exhibit every element of your vehicle. However, 360 car photography studios offer a strong option. 360° presentations give prospective customers an immersive experience that keeps them interested, from virtual 360 automotive walkaround to emphasizing special features. Thus, avoid letting your car become lost in an ocean of internet listings. Integrate 360 studios to stay ahead of the auto market competition and boost your dealership.




  • Q. What is a 360 car photo booth?

    A 360-degree photo booth takes a photo by spinning 360 degrees around the person it is capturing.


  • Q. How to light a car for photography?

    Instead of direct flashes the photographers should make use of indirect lighting. It helps in reducing harsh reflections on the surface of the vehicle.


  • Q. Is car photography a thing?

    Yes, car photography refers to expertly capturing images that showcase the unique design, sleek lines, and exquisite details of cars.


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