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How To Shoot & Edit You Food Images With Smartphone

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Food photography is one of the most important elements of the online restaurant business. If your food images look great, your customers will be excited about your food. However, if your images look unappealing, your customers won’t buy from you but will choose your competitor instead.


quality food images


The reason that you are attracted to certain products over others is because of the high-quality visuals. Good photos not only help you attract customers but also drive more and more conversions.

More than 82% of online shoppers like to see multiple images of a product before actually making a purchase.

They say product images play an important role in helping us make a purchase decision. The more appealing the better are the conversion rates.


food marketplace ready images


There’s a famous saying that “People eat with their eyes.” That is the importance of visuals in marketing. In fact, the attention spans of people are getting shorter and shorter, and it’s not gonna change anytime soon. High-quality images will only become prominent as the next generation becomes consumers.

There are several challenges that restaurant businesses and food sellers or even aggregators face in creating high-quality visual content of their food items. There’s no way to instant photography and image processing of the food images.


food photography


Food photography can be expensive and their post-production is super expensive. So, most of the food businesses are DIY-ing their food photography but what about the editing? To edit a food picture, a brand needs to outsource it to the right editing company for mouth-watering visuals.

However, keeping that in mind, Spyne developed a shoot and & edit that can help you photoshoot your product images and the app automatically edits your clicked pictures instantly. You don’t have to hire a photographer to do the shoot or outsource your images to an image editor, the DIY app can help you in shoot and food image editing images in minutes right from your smartphone.


food image enhancement

This app works according to the online guidelines – so whether you’re selling your food items on Swiggy or Zomato or UberEats or any other app, you can simply use this app to get your photoshoot and editing done for your food items.

The app’s algorithms are trained on 100000s of images for better results. The tech is available in multiple formats. You can use our API to transform your images in bulk or use our Web tool to edit images or shoot and edit your images with our Whitelabel application.

Here’s how you can shoot your food images with our Whitelabel applications directly from your smartphone

Go to the play store or the AppStore to Install Spyne’s Application, once you’ve installed the app, you can sign in with your email address. You’ll get the confirmations link via email to confirm that it’s you.


photo editing app


In case you already have an account with spyne, you can simply log in with your password. If you don’t remember the password, you can either click on forgot password or sign in with OTP.


photo editing app


Once you’re on the homepage, you can select Food & Beverages from the mentioned categories. Or simply click on the camera icon to choose the category.


photo editing app


Enter the name of your project and the SKU name – in case you are planning to shoot multiple items in a single project.


food photo editing app


Start shooting the best angels – you can capture images from anywhere with any background. Because the app’s built-in editing tool lets you remove and replace the background automatically from the smartphone only.


food photo editing app


Shoot from the 90-degree angle, the 45-degree angle, and the 0-degree angle. These are the industry-specific angles that you need to capture when clicking food photos.

After every capture, you’ll be asked to confirm the click. You can either confirm your shot or re-shoot that specific angle once again.


food photography app


The app uses gyrometer, a sensor that lets you control your orientation and help you click from the best angles. Make sure the gyrometer turns green from red before you hit the capture button.


food image editing


Shoot multiple angles, you can also add your own angle – in case you think you’ve missed anything.


food photo editing app


When you are done with the project and want to click another item in the same project, then click on Next SKU else press End project to submit your images for post-production.


food image editing


food photography


food image editing app

Choose a background

There are several creative backgrounds available, you can choose a background from the above backgrounds and click on generate output to see the edited images. Also you can Book A Domo with us to use Spyne’s services.

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