Positive news on Corona virus from all around the world.

Positive news on Corona virus from all around the world.

In these difficult times where we are hearing bad news every hour, people are getting more and more depressed and are going into a panic mode. Since the day, we have heard the word “Corona Virus”, we have been bombarded with all sorts of information that are just scaring us. So, we at Spyne wanted to highlight some of the positive news from all around the world so that there can be some relief time for our people.


News no. 1 –

The city from which this deadly virus got its 1st existence, i.e The Wuhan city of China is finally in a recovery mode. There are no new cases that have been registered in these 48 hours and it is also said that the city will start its full-fledged operations from 8th April.


News no. 2 –

Ever since this virus came to the world, it was said that the old and the little ones are the most vulnerable ones. But recently, we got to know that a lady aged 103 years has also recovered from this virus. So, preventive measures if taken in the right direction can help people to come out from this virus as well.

News no. 3 –

There has been a wave of storing things in the house since we have heard of the lockdown situation but this isn’t right at all. Our government has understood this situation more deeply than us, that’s why they have ordered that all the basic necessities of the house will remain in continuous supply. So, you need not store up things and keep at your home because then you are blocking a lot of people from buying things.


News no 4 –

Another good news on coronavirus that got our attention is that earlier the rate of spread had gone up to 4:28 but due to corrective measures and precautions, it is now almost reduced up to 1:4. But for this again we have to stay at home and maintain social distancing to save ourselves from this dangerous virus.


News no. 5 – 

The 5th news that we are about to present you have come straight from the scientists. According to the researchers all around the world, doctors have found out the way or the process of how this virus spreads in a human body. Since they have found out this process, they are also sure that soon they will be able to find out the vaccine for it.


News no. 6 – 

It is true that the effect of this virus is growing every day and people are getting infected almost every hour. But this is also true that if preventive measures like lockdown, sanitization, and clean body if taken well, we will be able to fight from this virus and reduce its effect up to 80%.

News no 7 –

In India, the most infected cities are Maharashtra and Kerala, due to complete lockdown the state government has started their sanitization process that will be helpful in reducing the impact.


News no 8 –

Another positive news in this dangerous scenario is from Mother Earth. Due to complete lockdown and stay at home campaign the pollution levels and the effect of greenhouse gases have also reduced which is a positive sign as for some days only, our Earth has also got repairing time.

Some more news that is really interesting are in the video below, do watch it and tell us in the comments about your take on this deadly virus.

We know that this virus is both financially and economically draining process but for our own good let’s stay at our homes and help in #stopthespread ways.


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