7 Ways To Optimize Your Images For Google Shopping To Improve Sales

Optimize Your Images For Google Shopping

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If you haven’t started selling on Google Shopping, this is the best time to – because a lot of your competitors are already using it to drive a lot of people to their website.

In order to get your images on the top of Google SERP, you need to make sure that the search engine has access to highly optimized images of your products. Using Google shopping you can double your click-through rate – but you need to know that high-quality images are highly inevitable. (For instance, if a user has intentions to purchase a mattress, here’s how the user will use Google shopping for a better experience.)

There are several things that you need to follow in order to improve your sales with Google shopping.

In this blog, we go into detail to cover what are the important factors to make your google shopping a success – in short, helps the search engine to find your images when a user searches your products.

Besides, you also need to understand that google continuously crawls your pages and images to check the quality, you should make sure that it successfully completes this crawling. It has to do with robots.txt, see if it is properly configured.

High-Quality Images

It is quite evident that businesses regardless of what they sell need high-quality images to list their products online. By using high-quality images you leave a good impression on the minds of your potential customers.

Apart from that, you also need to ensure that you provide multiple images of your products. This way customers can have a detailed view of the product you are providing or what they are looking for. It gives customers a valid satisfaction to purchase the product.

Once you have quality product images, your customers will also expect to receive the same product which they see online in the image. Otherwise, this results in high returns, which can go all the way up to 22% if you don’t use the right image to showcase your products.

If you want your products to appear on the top of the search engine results, you must start following Google’s Image Guidelines from the beginning:

Use a White or Gray background to attract eyeballs on the main subject:

  • Make sure the images are clean
  • Use proper lighting.
  • Avoid images that are blurry.

Meet the Google Quality Standard 

Google has a reputation, to protect that the search engine has rolled out some guidelines for those using google shopping. To meet those standards, you need to ensure that your photography is best in class:

If you want your products to show up on google shopping, make sure that your images are shot with high-resolutions. Google accepts images that are upto 16 MB.

No, Google doesn’t allow you to use thumbnails. Show a clean and clear picture of your products that are neither too small nor too big. The images should take between 75% to 90%  of the Canvas.

Image size also matters a lot when shooting images for Google Shopping. You need to ensure that you take the correct ratio for every category. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, your image ratio or size should be no less than 250×250 pixels and for other products, the image ratio should be 100×100 pixels and not more than 64 megapixels. Similarly, your highly optimized images with good product descriptions will show up, see below for the mattress search I did.

What exactly is a great photo?

There are a lot of studies that have revealed how large, clean and high-quality images are important for any business. More than 62% of customers say high-quality product images influence their purchase decisions. Because, when your customers come online to buy products, they see images and the image quality will help them perceive if the product is good to purchase. So, ensure that you have large, multiple images of your products.

There are several components that tell you if the image is good or not. Here are some components where you can improve your images to take your visual presentation to the next level.

Improve lighting

Lighting is very important when you are shooting products or selecting your images for the catalog. Customers click on images that are vibrant and beautiful. If you’re shooting your product images, you can invest in lighting for better visuals.

Multiple angles

Like I said above, consumers like to see multiple angles of your images. Since, your online customers can’t touch and feel the product, show your products from multiple angles to give a detailed view.

Remove distractions

Regardless of what you sell, you’d need clean and sleek images that drive customers’ attention to the main subject.

Edit Images Properly

There are AI-based image editing tools that can help you create high-quality product images. For e-commerce and product images, you can create marketplace-ready images in seconds with AI. The tech is 100% automatic and 500X faster, which means you’ll get ready to publish images processed by the tech without having to wait for hours.

You don’t want too much of a distraction in your photos, use this 100% automatic tool to remove your background. You can also add a custom background or use Spyne’s bg to give your photos a studio-finish look.

Perfectly-written Product description

According to a study, about 25% of consumers complain about the purchases they make online. It is because the product did not meet the description.

To be successful on google shopping, you should use accurate product descriptions to help buyers find the right products. This way you can also decrease your product returns considerably. (This mattress appeared on the top of Google shopping SERP. You can check out its photos and the product descriptions.)


If you want to double your click-through rate by using google shopping, you would need to optimize your images correctly to help visitors find the right products. Ensuring you meet all the components while composing images for your products and writing a good, SEO-friendly product description that includes keywords can help you do wonders. If you want to use AI tech to edit images for you, use Spyne’s AI tech to make your image editing process faster and cost-effective.

Written By – Younus Sideeq on 22 Nov, 2021


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