Here's How To Improve And Increase Your Declining Sales

Coronavirus: Here’s How To Improve And Increase Your Declining Sales

It is obvious how the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is inflicting havoc on the global economy and your business. It’s spread has led to disruption in air travel, sports leagues, cancellation of prominent business events, and restrictions on travel. It is estimated that coronavirus could cost the global economy $2.7 Trillion.

ways to increase sales,

While hospitals are readying for the worst, governments are ordering complete lockdown to stop the spread of this deadly disease. With India and many other countries going into Janta Curfew, it is hard to remain optimistic and calm, when such a crisis hits globally. However, for entrepreneurs, business persons, and barons, staying under pressure and taking risks is a part of their job.

In the current situation, perhaps all businesses are worried about losing customers, some are worried about losing jobs, and some are worried about declining sales. However, Spyne is here to rescue you from this panic, and help you to be optimistic, and decide what could help you in sustaining your business, and smooth post-crisis recovery. 

Increase Your Declining Sales

First Step – Staying Optimistic 

With many miracles happing in our eco-system as we stay home quarantined and China easing the travel restrictions and showing signs of economic recovery, it is a sigh of relief that everything will get better soon.

Now that you are thinking about bringing your business back on track or trying to jot down some plans that can help you in post-crisis recovery, here are some insights that will help you in recovering and growing your business. 

Increase Your Declining Sales

Your Customers Are Everything!

Depending on the products or services you offer, you need to think of how Coronavirus is affecting your customers, and how you can help. Strategically design your marketing around the challenges that your customers are facing, modify your sales pitch, and let your users know that you are with them, no matter what. For instance:

Anxious about supply-chain disruptions?

Facing a shortage of key supplies?

Since everyone is isolated as governments are fostering online buying, your business, website, product, or services inventory needs fresh and professional high-quality images that can help you sell 15-50% more. It is high time to sell your products faster and reduce return rates by over 22%.

Increase Your Declining Sales

Change And Reinforce New Sales Channel

Are you online? Don’t say no! If your business isn’t yet, then this is the significant time to be online and try selling your products to maintain your sales, foster your brand image, and show the people that you care. For example, since coronavirus is cutting down on foot traffic, you need to make sure that it is the time to bring your customers online, see the opportunity to expand your marketplace offerings.

Increase Your Declining Sales

Currently, Flipkart, Amazon, Nike are just a few of the companies offering generous deals online, trying to stir up some sales when the coronavirus is keeping people away from visiting stores. The online brands are using creative and high-quality visual content that helps them generate trust in users and drive them to make a purchase. 

Increase Your Declining Sales

Freebies and Assurance

Many retailers and e-commerce giants are also tossing in free shipping and extending the return time window amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Similarly, as lockdown persists, food delivery giants like Swiggy and Zomato are giving away discount coupons to consumers for online food ordering. Using high-quality fresh images, the businesses assure that their products are safe to eat, wear, or use. It is high time for you to assure your consumers what your offer is safe and hygienic – and how you do it is a million-dollar question. 

Since humans perceive visuals 60,000 times faster than text, you can use creative pictures to attract customers to your products and convince them to make a purchase. Also, assure them that your health is our priority. 

Even if you are an e-commerce seller, you should get your products shot professionally and sell your products 33% faster.

Increase Your Declining Sales

Connect With Your Customers

This is the high time when customers need your support and motivation. If you are a people’s brand, you will definitely make sure to reach out to the people and inform them to remain safe and what your company is doing to help them in a crisis like these. How your products are still safe to use when the pandemic is sweeping the whole world. 

Use interesting and creative visuals to attract more users to your posts. Use graphics and insights to educate them on how to remain safe and healthy or how your product can help them. Tell them how you are contributing to the community during the crisis. It can help you in reinforcing your brand image. 

Increase Your Declining Sales

Another way of connecting with your customers is to offer them according to their convenience. For example, In the wake of coronavirus, Swiggy and Zomato are inspiring “contactless delivery” as people are reluctant and cautious in making any social contact. In this way, they are taking care of the safety of their customers and the delivery partners as well.

Picture: Swiggy


With millions of users online, advertising is one of the smart moves right now. It’s a perfect moment for brands to use PPC marketing to connect with their consumers and earn a competing advantage. Encourage people and make them feel safe. The time is worse, you need to win their hearts. It is not necessary to promote your product. You can simply show your support, or if your services and products can help them, you can display how you are helping them. These are the times when your brand will create an impression in the minds of users.

Increase Your Declining Sales

Assuring Safety And Everything On Click!

Amidst the pandemic crisis, Spyne, an AI-driven photography company, offers product shoot at just 199 rupees with safe pick up, smooth shoot, AI-editing and safe delivery of the products, ensuring the health, safety, and hygiene are is strictly maintained.

From, ordering the shoot, assigning the photographer, shoot execution to project delivery, Spyne allows you to track the process (from shoot order to shoot delivery) while you are sitting at home, perhaps isolated or quarantined. We help you in selling your products faster with compelling visual content. 

Whether you want to sell property 60% faster, increase your user satisfaction rate by over 49%, increase chances of product sales by 22%, then Spyne is here to help you skyrocket your sales. In a crisis, we assure the safe pickup and safe delivery of your items.

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