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How businesses can sell on Instagram (Even if they don’t have a website)

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The advent of social networking sites and their features such as easy-to-reach out to the customers and selling directly on their marketplace have gained popularity in online commerce and even retail.

And one such platform that has made it quite easier for the sellers to create a robust online presence and easily let followers and users shop from the platform directly is Instagram.

Tip: You don’t need a website or online presence to sell on Instagram. You can sell directly using the app. Instagram has made it easier for the small sellers who can’t afford to create a website to sell on their marketplace and similarly, Facebook is also allowing its users to sell on their platform.

From local mom-and-pop shops to top brands, businesses across the world are driving results with Instagram. According to a report, about 75% of Instagram users take action, such as clicking on the links, visiting a site, or making a purchase, after seeing Instagram ads.

Whether you have a website or not, If you are yet to start selling on Instagram, then this is the perfect time to get your business on the networking site.

Or, if you already have an Instagram account but haven’t optimized it, then, consider optimizing it today, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Interested to learn more about how businesses can sell on Instagram? Dive further to learn the best tips to master your selling techniques on the social networking site.

How to Sell on Instagram: Pick a Product or Service

If you want to sell on the Instagram marketplace then you must know what to sell and why to sell it. With a saturation increasing on the networking site, it is imperative for you to choose the product that is niche or something that will sell faster.

You must know that Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media site. Use high-quality visuals for the products or services you sell. Users love to see visually appealing products and are attracted to explore more about it.

It is fine if you don’t have a product to sell. You have a passion? That will do miracles if you use it right. You can create content on what you like and put it on Instagram. You may end up receiving huge “hearts.” Traveling, crafting, singing, coaching, photography, etc. can be one of your USPs that users may like.

Over 70% of shopping fanatics use Instagram for product searches, and over 130 million Instagram users click on a shopping post at least once every month.

Pick up the niche you want to showcase, find the right audience, and create compelling visuals to post on the platform.

Tip: The most important thing to engage the audience is by posting visually attractive and creative content that makes your users come back on your profile.

How to Sell on Instagram: Optimizing Your Instagram Account

Like users search your business on Google, many Instagrammers might be looking for your business profile on Instagram. So, to begin with, you need to optimize your Instagram account.

  • If the account is personal, you turn the account into a business account. It will serve as your digital business card, helping your customers to find you easily.
  • Unlike a personal Instagram profile, Business profile offers a bundle of free business features such as:
  • Adding business information to your Instagram profile (business address, contact details, website, etc.).
  • You can promote posts to drive more conversions and increase visibility
  • Instagram Insights to learn about profile and post-performance.

How to quickly switch to a business profile on Instagram

  1. Open your Instagram profile and click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  2. Then, click on Settings and Account.
  3. Click on the Switch to Professional Account and the Business.
  4. Add business details and simply click on the Done button and your business account is ready to use.

If you wish to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook page and manage both from a single platform, you can easily connect it with your Instagram business account.

Here’s how you can do that.

  1.   Click on Edit Profile.
  2.   Click on Page under Public Business Information.
  3.   Select your Facebook business page to connect to your Instagram account.

Tip: You can only connect one page to your business account.

Create a Facebook Product Catalog Using Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Product Catalog is a list of files created on Facebook Business Manager that a business wants to sell.

To begin with, go to the Business Manager account that owns the Facebook page (which is linked to your Instagram business profile).

In Business Manager, you will be able to create a new catalog or use an existing catalog you might have created.

To create a new product catalog, go to Business Manager Settings and click on People and Assets. Look for a Catalogs option. Tap the “+ Add” button and select Create a New Product Catalog.

Once you’ve created a Facebook catalog, you can tag these products in your Instagram posts and stories.

Get approved for Instagram shopping

Before you start selling, you need approval from Instagram. You can only submit your account for review after setting up the catalog and you fulfill the shopping guideline.

To do that Go to the Settings, click on Business, and then Sign Up for Instagram Shopping.

Follow the further steps and click on the submit button. Keep this in mind that review and approval from the Instagram team may take a few days.

Turn on shopping in your Instagram account

Once your account is approved for the shopping, you’ll witness a new option under Settings and Business – Shopping. Click on it to turn it on.

Create your first shoppable Instagram post

Now you’re all set to make your sales! First, upload a photo (like a regular post). Then, click on the object you would like to tag.

Tip: You can tag a maximum of five products in each Instagram post.


How to tag?

Type the name of the product you’d like to tag. These tags must correspond to the product names in your product catalog (the catalog you create using Facebook Business Manager). Select those products as they appear in the search box. And you can tag similarly in videos.

Tips recommended by Instagram to sell on their marketplace

According to a survey, 80% of respondents surveyed revealed that they use Instagram to decide whether they should buy the product or not.

  • Create your Instagram posts on regular bases, such as a certain day of the week, so that your followers and customers build a habit of visiting your profile regularly.
  • Take your audience behind the scenes using Instagram stories. Let them know the hard work that goes into making the products. It will build credibility for your brand.
  • Showcase variations of the products you produce so that your community will have a selection of different colors, types, textures, sizes to choose from.
  • You can create story highlights for specific products or the product most loved by your customers.
  • Create different IGTV tutorials to help your customers better understand and use your product.
  • Don’t forget to tell you customers that they can purchase your products directly from the Instagram business account.
  • Use high-quality and striking images to attract the attention of your users. Make sure to use the right size for the product image and these images should be exciting and editorial.
  • Using relevant hashtags on Instagram is the smart business strategy to gain more visibility on your posts. Relevant hashtags help you grow the discoverability of your posts and boost your engagements.
  • Create several posts for the most popular products in your catalog. It will boost the confidence of your customers in making the purchase.
  • Instagram also suggests highlighting product creators while they are in action. It will help the customers to connect with the product inexplicably.


Use visually attractive images and videos in each post

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app where visually attractive visuals steal the limelight. You need to make sure to use compelling high-quality product images before scheduling or drafting your post. If you do not know what kind of images you require or have no clue about the marketplace guidelines, don’t worry, Spyne is here to get you out of here.

Spyne helps top market brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Swiggy, PP jewelers, WedMeGood, OYO, Yatra, BigBasket, etc. in producing high-quality visual content for their business. We can help your business as well to create stunning visuals for your brand. To explore our shoots, click here.


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