How To Build A Sustainable Food Business During This Pandemic?

Keep Your Restaurant Going Strong With Our AI Editing!

Striking revenues up to 80% and jeopardising millions of jobs, the pandemic has really made it difficult for the food industry to survive in these current social restrictions. According to statistics, India's restaurant business had an annual turnover of around 4,00,000 crores which also generated over 70,00,000 jobs. But since the second wave of the pandemic has brought even severe constraints to the day-to-day functioning of restaurants, many people had to completely shut down their ventures. 

How Are Food Businesses Fighting Back?

In these unprecedented times, the government has encouraged food businesses to continue their home delivery operations. And not only that, but a few of the state governments have also tied up with online food delivery platforms like Swiggy & Zomato to make sure that necessities like food can find their way to the people who are in need. So, even if there are other ways for food businesses to fight this pandemic, the best one is to get listed on some of the most popular online food delivery platforms. 

Why You Too Should Move To Online Food Ordering Platforms?

Shutting down your hospitality services and continuing serving food online not only enables you to make higher margins but also helps you comply with every guideline that's given to us by the government. And frankly, there is no other way food joints can stay functional without offering their services online in the current scenario. 

And being a part of a country that is known all around the world for its food, we are certain that hanging in there will be worth the wait for every restaurant as the food industry will surely return to its feet as soon as the lockdown is lifted.  

What Are The Challenges With This Approach?

Since getting listed on these online food delivery platforms is the only option left to save your food joint in these difficult times, a lot of other restaurants will have the same approach. Which will not only raise competition but will also divide most of your engagement among other restaurants and food joints. 

How To Overcome This?

To make your food listings stand out among hundreds of others, you need to make sure that you have the best food photos for your dishes. The images that food listings have associated with them play a major role in influencing people to order that particular dish. 

Hence, aside from food photography, you also need the best in class photo editing in order to get the attention that your restaurant deserves. And if you are in the food business, then we here at Spyne can help you make the most out of your food listings.

All you need to do is click a few images of your dishes, with some inspiration that you can find on the internet, and we here at Spyne can edit those for you to perfection. 

Values That We Bring To The Table

We are India's fastest growing Tech Firm that provides the best high-end shoots and editing to all kinds of businesses and brands. In the past couple of years, we have partnered with some of the most influential brands in the industry, including BigBasket, Stanza Living, Grofers And Many More!

But since offering photoshoots is not really feasible at the moment, we here at Spyne can get you the same professional-looking images that you desire with just the help of our advanced AI Automated Editing. And to give you an idea, here is how our state of the art editing tech can help you grow your food business even in these difficult times. 

  • AI Automated Editing: We have an entirely automated image editing workflow, which functions on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Computer Vision.

  • Same Day Delivery: Since the process is completely driven by our Powerful AI Automated Image Editing Processors, We can edit 10X more images than any other traditional editing house within the same time frame. 

  • 50% Low-Cost Editing: Since the process is fully automated, it enables us to spend a lot less time and resources, delivering the same results, if not better. And this further helps us offer up to 50% lower cost editing.

  • Compelling Imagery: With Machine Learning & Our Advanced Algorithms, our processors generate some of the best-looking content that you'll get for your food business. 

  • Utmost Precision: The blend of AI & ML enables our processors to learn with each edit that they make and generate even better images than the previous one. This helps them achieve the cutting edge precision of 99.1%

  • Best In Class Quality Assurance: Even though our editing is fully automated and requires no human input, all our AI-Generated visuals go through a Manual Quality Assurance. Through this, we ensure that our final images not only meet industry standards but also entice your audience. 

  • Specific Marketplace Editing: You can also select your targeted online platform beforehand so that your final image can seamlessly be listed without any hassle. 

  • Ease & Convenience: All you need to do is send in your food images and witness our AI Food Image Processors work their magic and get back to you with some stunning food visuals in no time. 

So if you are someone who is looking for a way to build a more sustainable & profitable business model for your restaurant, then reach out to us with your food photos and witness us transform them into studio-quality photos. Book Your Editing Today!

Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 20 May, 2021