5 Reasons Why 360 degree and virtual travels can boost your Marketing and Advertising campaign.

5 Reasons Why 360 degree and virtual travels can boost your Marketing and Advertising campaign.

If you are looking to upscale your marketing and Advertising campaign without giving an extra cost, then this blog is for you! 


Digital marketers all over the world have now understood it deeply that content marketing and advertising needs much more than just creating images. It’s a simple formula of engagement. More engaging your content is more the customers would like to see it which will directly impact the cost of ads as more the engagement, less the budget spent on it.


As big marketers say, “It’s not the content that you place in the minds of the people, it’s the presentation of it that makes your campaign special and different.”

Making way for itself through eye-catching characteristics is the 360-degree and virtual travel feature of creatives. Through 360 degree and virtual travels, we are able to give a holistic view to the clients and are also holding attention for a little longer in comparison to 2-D or simple creative images. For reference, let us understand this with the video below.


In this reference, the time spent on 360-degree video is 2 times more than the normal creative. From this only we can get it that How relevant and important it is to use this type of presentation instead of the traditional ones. After working with all genres of brands and delivering 360-degree videos and virtual travel content, we have found out the following findings and thought of writing this blog. So, here we are with all the reasons on how 360-degree videos and virtual travels boost up your Advertising and marketing campaigns and help you to present your brand uniquely.


– Spend less, Get More!!

Who in this world don’t want a proposition where you spend less and get the exact equal of what you were spending earlier. Interesting, isn’t it? Through a 360-degree view, you not only open up a new dimension for your audience but also increase the time spent on the creative which in return helps the company to reduce the cost and make your ad cost and user effective. And in the case of architecture and venue shoots, the main focus is on the view, the more clear the view for a customer is, the more convinced he/she is to invest in it. So, virtual travels surely make you a winner in the case of real-estate and wedding properties.

Explore the 360-degree view of a banquet hall here…


– Easy to create

While the world has become a tech-driven universe. With a drone camera and correct photography company, 360-degree videos have also become easy to make. So, step into the world of thoughts beyond creativity and get your property a view of 3D.


– Better Reach and increased visibility!

According to researchers, 90% of viewers react to movable videos and creative than just pictures. So, to make your content viral and get the correct eye-balls, you need to focus on getting more videos and virtual tours. Interactive videos can reach the same devices faster and can hold on to your screen for more time.


– Better conversion rates 

It’s an old Indian belief that whenever you buy a product or anything for that matter, you check it thoroughly through all angles and sides and then buy it. The same thing is needed when a customer wants to buy a home or any architecture space, you need the view of all sides and angles. That’s what 360-degree or virtual travels do with your offering. With an expanded view of all the directions and how the actual property looks like, 360-degree videos help people to see everything that they would physically see if they were present at the property. And in these tough times where coronavirus is just impacting the real estate industry, virtual tours and videos can really help in saving the dipping sales.


– 360-degree is your way to broaden your brand canvas. 

There’s is no doubt that the customers are now more inclined towards the digital world. They are seeing ads, videos, and posts all under the umbrella of social media platforms. So, targeting your audience via social media platforms is surely a winning strategy. We know that social media offers millions of ideas and choices every minute, but what can break through this vicious cycle is your creative presentation and that is what 360-degree video gives us. And since the world is now video-commerce, your video in 360-degree format can make your brand stand out from the rest.

So, don’t let your Advertisement and Marketing campaign present your products in a traditional way. Switch to creative modes and make your brand stand out from the rest in crowd!!


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