What is a 360-degree camera? Should you buy it?

What is a 360-degree camera? Should you buy it?

360-degree camera

From capturing still images and shooting videos without sound to making videos in slow-motion and shooting underwater, we have come a long way. Every day humanity witnesses a whole new camera or equipment that is ten times better than the previous one which makes us wonder that times were never this good. Among those new cameras and equipment, there’s one whose name has been making the rounds in the photography industry. It’s a 360 camera.

What is a 360-Degree Camera?

A 360-degree camera is a device that allows a photographer to capture the entire surrounding in the form of a photo as well as video. Ever since its arrival, the 360-degree camera has been the talk of the town, making a whole generation of photographers curious.

360-degree camera

While some argue that it is not something that one can use for professional purposes, some are actually making a living out of it. So, is it actually something that you should invest in? Well, here are a few points that will help you decide whether you should invest in one or not.

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How is a 360-degree camera different from a regular camera?

There is a huge difference between a 360-degree camera and a regular camera when it comes to the final outcome. But the overall working is the same. For example, when you capture an image with a regular camera, you have to find the right frame but with a 360-degree camera, you are actually capturing the whole surrounding.

360 degree photoshoot

This way, you can choose the frame after capturing the image. Moreover, there’s no such thing as stability-issues in a 360-degree camera. Unlike regular cameras, 360-degree cameras come with an app or a software that allows you to watch the 360-degree captured video in flat mode, giving you full control over the shot.

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Is A 360 Camera Worth It?

Why 360-degree camera

If you are not sure whether you should buy a 360-degree camera or not then you are not alone in this. A lot of people find it hard to make this decision. That’s why we have found a few arguments in favour of buying such cameras that will convince you to get one.

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1. They are easy to use

If you are thinking that a 360-degree camera is a complicated piece of technology then you are wrong. These cameras are actually pretty easy to use. Think of it as learning to use a DSLR but faster. Your first time using a DSLR must have been painful. Every time you try to click, the flash pops up or wrong shutter speed giving you a crappy image.

what is 360 camera

2. They are more fun than you can imagine

what is 360 degree photography

If you are someone who always looks forward to new technology then it’s the best camera for you. In a world where people are using a wide range of cameras from point-n-shoot to mobile cameras and DSLRs, owning a 360-degree camera sound pretty cool, right? Just imagine how amazing it’d be to capture your entire surroundings, almost like a panorama.

3. So many opportunities

Since you are capturing everything around you, this opens the door to many opportunities. Just think about it. Every photo you capture and every video you make will be a masterpiece. Unlike panorama, a sudden movement of the subject won’t ruin your picture.

4. Increasing affordability

It is true that every new technology comes with a price. If the price is too high, people like me would wait for it to get cheaper or look for cheaper alternatives. That’s exactly the case with 360-degree cameras. Such types of cameras are coming in more and more affordable options thus making it easier for photography enthusiasts to buy them.

The question remains the same, whether you should buy one or not. Well, the decision is yours whether you want to be a part of this revolution where new trends are being accepted for their individuality or not.


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