Get real - What Visual Trend Looks Like Amid And Post COVID Crisis

Get real – What Visual Trend Looks Like Amid And Post COVID Crisis

With the coronavirus affecting businesses across the world, the marketers are looking for creative ways to get their brands back on track with the world moving towards the post-COVID era.

When businesses talk about getting their brands on track, visuals are on the top of everything. To prepare a business for the post-COVID era, visual shift amid the lockdown has become a ‘new normal’. Whether it is reaching out to a client to sell a product or to an audience to engage more users with the brand, visual content is chiefly governing the realm of content marketing.

Visual trend and coronavirus

Even some marketers believe that visual content can’t just help brands to bounce back but also help them to reinforce the brand authenticity amid the crisis. They refer to it as “Highlighting The Imperfect,” which we will discuss in the blog later.

As it turns out that we’re great at memorizing images – using this psychological advantage, brands are targeting and reaching out to their potentials customers with posts containing quality images, which tend to produce a 650% higher engagement rate than regular text posts – create lasting impressions. Productively use this lockdown to make your business resilient and profitable.

Visual trend and coronavirus

Visualizing your brand during a crisis

Most of the marketers and business tycoons believe that crisis is an opportunity for almost every business to emerge stronger than ever before – given that a brand doesn’t foster the negative stereotypes.

Similarly, the current crisis is an opportunity to gain trust, brand visibility, and improve authenticity. While reaching out to your audience, present an honest but refreshing outlook that engages your audience with your brand.

Visual trend and coronavirus

Highlighting The Imperfect

With COVID around, users have become more tolerant of the imperfect – craving for more realistic, authentic content. Images showing people working, eating, using products at home, or creating a furor by messages like “we’re back again,” “did you miss our offers?” have become a real trend, rather than perfectly polished looks and messages.

If we listen to some information, we will remember only 10% of it three days later. However, if we see the same information with an image added to it, we are able to memorize 65% of that information. Visual wins!

With content overloaded on the internet and all the social channels, you can leverage high-quality visual content to draw the attention of your audience with stunning and interesting pictures and videos. And when the picture is imperfect but realistic, people tend to connect with it instantly.

Visual trend and coronavirus

visual trend and coronavirus

Get Rid of Stock Images

Using ‘not-so-unique’ images means that you are compromising on a businesses’ strong creative practices and brand image, eventually.

Get real!

In 2011, Marketing Experiments did a study to test the stock images against the original image. The study was done on sign-up pages – where a stock photo of an actress was used against another sign-up page with an image of a real-life employee (non-stock picture).

On comparing the two sign-up pages, the study revealed that prospective clients were 35% more likely to sign up when a real-life, original, or non-stock image was used. If you already have a stack of stock images, you must consider getting them edited from the top image editing company to make them look authentic by adding, removing, cropping unreal elements. High-quality authentic pictures help your audience feel connected with your brand. Use your regional approach to attract more consumers towards your brand – this emotional connection hits their psyche, eventually, inviting them to take action.

Visual trend and coronavirus

Mostly, new businesses tend to use stock images due to budget constraints. Don’t look too stocky! If you’re a bootstrapped, connect with us for great offers!

With the crisis around us, most of the businesses are creatively using this time to connect with users, gain more followers, and improve engagements. Using high-quality, non-stock visual content on their website, across social media networks and other marketing channels, brands are able to drive more conversions and improve their visibility.

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