How To Get Professional Footwear Images In Seconds?

How To Get Professional Footwear Images In Seconds?

If you are someone who has been following us for some time now, you might already be familiar with the revolutionary piece of tech that we recently came up with. Yes! You guessed that right. We are talking about SpyneAI, the mobile app that lets you conveniently get quick, cost-effective, and yet premium-looking footwear images anywhere anytime.

However, if you are not familiar with SpyneAI, we would definitely recommend you to check out our recent blog How To Get Premium Footwear Images Using SpyneAI App?

Since we at Spyne have only talked about What Our Footwear AI Technology Is All About & How It Can Benefit Your Footwear Business, today, we are here to tell you how you can get high-end images from the app using just your phone. And all of this is to show you how easy we have made it for footwear businesses to get premium marketplace images in the blink of an eye.

A Step By Step Guide On How To Use SpyneAI

So when you run the app for the first time, you’ll see the 3-main steps that will lead you to get better and professional footwear images for your Website and eCommerce listings.

professional footwear images

And once you hit “Start Shooting“, the app will take you to the first screen where you can log in using your Email ID and the OTP we send you.

shoes photo editing app

After successfully logging in to the app, you come to the home screen where not only you can start a new shoot but also take a look at your previous and ongoing ones.

And since you are here to get some stunning footwear images, you can go ahead by clicking “footwear” under the Categories.

shoe picture editing

Download the App: Spyne AI

After entering the footwear category, you see a few sample images that show you how our app can transform your photos from plain to perfect.

shoe background replacement appAlso Read: The Best AI Tool To Get Professional Footwear Images Is Here

And once you have hit “Shoot Now“, that’s where the actual process begins.

Step One: So, when you enter the app’s camera interface, you’ll see a list of different footwear categories on the left side, where you can choose the kind of footwear you want to shoot. Not only this is done to show you an outline of the footwear with which your actual shoe needs to coincide with, but also to provide you with tailored editing for cutting-edge precision. So, even if you are not the one with professional photography skills, don’t worry, as all you need to do is align your shoe with the outline that’s shown on the phone’s screen. It’s that simple!

shoe enhanced images

After clicking the shutter button, the app also lets you preview the image you took so that you can shoot it again, in case you messed up the first time.


footwear image enhancement


Similarly, you need to click a few more images with different angles because 82% of online shoppers prefer to buy products that have multiple images.

Step Two: Once you have clicked all the images, the app lets you select the marketplace & the background colour of all the photos. From a selection of leading online eCommerce stores, including Amazing and Myntra, you can choose your targeted marketplace(s). With this, the odds of your images getting rejected by the eCommerce portals become infinitely small.


sandal photos editing

Step Three: Get Premium & Marketplace Ready Images in a matter of seconds!

sandal quality images


Hence, that’s how simple it is to get studio-quality footwear images with SpyneAI using just your phone. For Web, Version Replace Your Footwear Background Images with Spyne.

new model shoes images 2021


professional shoe images

So, if you are a footwear seller who wouldn’t mind trying an easy, convenient, cost-effective, and quick way to get marketplace ready images, then you should definitely Book A Demo With Us, where we show you how our AI Footwear Tech can help you boost your sales or you can also Try Out The Android  App Today!

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