Create Studio-Style Car Images And 360-Degree Spin Video Using Spyne

Create Studio-style Car Images And 360-degree Spin Video Using SpyneAI

Over the past few years, the behavior of car shoppers has dramatically changed. Some years earlier it was a dealership website that used to be the chief site for car buyers, however, the advancement of the internet has transformed the shopping experience completely. Potential buyers surf the internet at their fingertips to find their ideal car without actually visiting a car showroom. 

According to a survey, about 86% of car buyers research cars online before ever stepping foot onto a dealership.’


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Given how important research is for a car buyer, a detailed investigation shows that they spend 61% of their vehicle research & shopping time online. For franchise and used car dealerships, it becomes crucial to establish a compelling web presence using high-quality car images and 360-degree spin videos. 


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So, how do you create such stunning images for your car dealership?

Spyne has been constantly working to build a proprietary AI tool for the Automobile industry to help them with car background replacement in seconds. Helping car sellers and used car dealerships create studio-style professional car images without having to set up investment-heavy studios. With Spyne Car Photo Editor App You can Easily Change the Background of Your Car.


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The idea is to help you transform your marketplace listing from not-that-great to engaging, studio-style, professional listings that bolster trust among your potential car buyers. 

Spyne created an App that lets you take professional car images with the help of AI-driven wireframes in seconds. The app then allows you to choose a professional background from dozens of premium, high-selling backgrounds of your choice to create turntables and studio-style backgrounds on your car images - 100% automatically using highly immersive technology. 


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Take & Turn Car Photos Into Studio-style Images


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In order to create beautiful car images with premium backgrounds, you can simply use the SpyneAI App from play store to do it on your own. Our smart wireframes will guide you along and you don’t have to either hire a photographer to capture them or edit them, this app lets you do it all in a matter of seconds - 100% automatically. 

Here’s how you can do it using SpyneAI

 - Go to your PlayStore and search for SpyneAI in the search bar. 

 - Install the application on your smartphone and run it. 

 - To log in, enter your email address to receive OTP.

 - From “Categories”, select “Automobiles” to capture studio-style images.

 - Click on “Shoot Now” to start capturing your car from defined angles. Use the given wireframes to get perfect captures. 

 - Capture 4 different angles and make sure to name them. After every shot, you will be able to see the preview and you’ll be asked if you want to re-shoot the shot or continue. You can click on “Confirm” to proceed. 

 - Select a background from high-selling premium backgrounds and click on Generate Output to get studio-style car images in less than 7 minutes delivered to your SpyneAI app and the registered email address.


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After you receive the images, you can also “View 360-degree Spin Shot” of your car. This is automatically created using our SpyneAI app



Get SpyneAI App To Create Dealership-ready Car Images In Seconds


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so, Book A Demo with SpyneAI to improve the chances of sales with a 360-degree video that can be created by you using your cellphone in minutes. There's no need to hire a photographer or an editor. 

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Written By - Younis on 12 Apr, 2021