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8 Auto Marketing Practices For A Successful Digital Car Dealership 

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Did you know that for almost every car purchase, be it through dealerships or online, Google search is where buyers go to start their journey? This makes capturing eyeballs on the internet extremely crucial. Most auto marketing experts agree that online vehicle advertising is critical for bringing new leads into the dealership.

However, building an effective auto marketing strategy is fraught with challenges (and heavy costs).

Establishing a trustworthy relationship with buyers is one of the most challenging jobs for car sellers. However, in such a competitive industry—one in which a customer’s single purchase comprises a significant financial choice that will affect their daily life for years—automotive marketing does not have it easy.

So, how can players in the auto market generate more leads digitally? By being more strategic with their online vehicle advertising.

8 Effective Automotive Marketing Tactics

As difficult as it is to effectively market a vehicle, there are certain tried-and-true methods for long-term success. c

Here are the top eight auto marketing techniques to help you increase sales:

  • Be at the top of Google’s SERPs

Since Google is your first line of defense, you must be at the very top, especially given how often visitors browse to the bottom of the SERP (hint: not very often).

Because the first few listings typically get the most hits, making sure you’re in the top rankings is vital to your success.

Apart from strong SEO on your website, you can also use Google Ads for vehicle advertising campaigns.

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  • Customer reviews to build trust

Reviews are one of the most successful automotive advertising strategy available. As an auto marketer, you must also go above and beyond to ensure that these positive evaluations are available everywhere.

Check Google, Yelp, social media, and your website to be sure you’ve covered all of your bases.

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You may even take things a step further by collaborating with your most valuable customers to create customer success stories and films. These you can utilize in a variety of areas, such as your website, social media, or your newsletter.

There is no better approach to building trust in the auto market than to allow your customers to speak for you!

  • Bidding on competitors’ keywords

Auto marketing is extremely competitive. Therefore, being able to come up with appealing ads and social media posts is critical. While we don’t advocate saying anything unpleasant or taking potshots at rivals in your ad content (which Google may penalize you for), you should bid on your top rivals’ brand names and their target keywords.

This will help you reach out to your competitors’ customer base as well. Once you do that, you have a fair chance to win them over with your offerings. 

  • Maintain an active negative keyword list

While betting on exact matches may seem to be a convenient option, it severely limits your reach potential, making the process of discovering negative keywords vital to your auto marketing plan.

Checking your search query report may seem to be a time-consuming chore, but it is a must-do, particularly in the automobile business.

By weeding out negative keywords, you can ensure that you only show up in relevant searches and that your advertisements don’t target irrelevant audiences.

  • Your automobile advertisements should target the proper individuals

Audiences for automotive marketing must be segmented and targeted individually. Recognizing the most important issues for your target audience is a vital step in getting the appropriate message to the right person and increasing the chances of conversion.

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To guarantee that you’re conveying the appropriate message to the right prospective audiences, you may need to divide your audiences into multiple independent campaigns.

Of course, with tools like Facebook’s targeting choices, this isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

  • Align your advertising spending in response to the car-buying pattern

Determine when things are consistent, busy, and sluggish, and then alter your online vehicle advertising budget appropriately. Check that your windows are not too small. This often requires farsight and preparation, but Google and other platforms make it quite simple to alter your budget on an ongoing basis.

Just make sure you do it!

Another thing to consider is ad scheduling. When do most clients visit the dealership? Weekends? Weekdays after work?

Examine the statistics to discover this, and then create an ad schedule so that your advertisements run at a larger budget just before these important periods, encouraging your potential customers to stop by.

  • Remarket

Remarketing is an important aspect of auto marketing. Audiences who have already interacted with your ads and posts online are more likely to interact with them again.

While it’s important to generate new leads, retargeting old leads is crucial as well. Giving them reminders with enticing remarketing advertisements is an ideal approach to guarantee no prospects slip out of the funnel.

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You may minimize your exit rate and complete more transactions with remarketing. You can do this by delivering intriguing display advertisements to visitors who have previously visited your site.

Get them to interact with your sales staff, who can then guide them through the buying process.

  • Present your car inventory in the best way possible

If you’re selling cars online, then you’d need to ensure that your car inventory looks brilliant. Offering high-quality images and videos, along with interactive 360-degree visuals (complete with highlights about notable features, or sustained damages in case of used cars) is a great way to do that.

Traditionally, car retailers would have to hire professional photographers and rent out/build studios for photo and video shoots. Not only is it expensive, but the process (driving the car to the studio, clicking pictures, manually editing them) is also fairly slow).

Things are way better with Spyne’s AI-powered photoshoot and image editing platform. No need for expensive studios and photographers; all you need is your smartphone!

There’s an option for guided photoshoots to help you click the perfect pictures, while automated editing transforms raw images into high-quality, studio-style car images (with the option for custom backgrounds behind the vehicle!).

Using AI tools, scaling up your car inventory becomes a quick affair, as the heavy lifting (i.e. image editing) is done by the AI system!

Wrapping Up

With the aid of these auto marketing strategies, you’ll be providing fresh leads to your sales team in no time! The practice of purchasing vehicles online is not a passing fad.

You should create a strong online approach that incorporates user-friendly shopping and research tools, like high-quality images, videos, clear price information, etc., to put clients at ease throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I promote my dealership online?

To build a strong brand online, car dealerships need to first up their SEO game. Showing up first on Google searches is essential to increasing your online presence. Next up, it’s important to build a presence on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Smart vehicle advertising is also necessary for effective auto marketing. Through targeted advertising, car retailers can easily build up their leads.

2. How can I grow my dealership?

The simplest and most effective way to grow your car dealership is to offer a great consumer experience. For online car dealerships, this includes everything, from offering effective research tools and showcasing your car inventory in an engaging and informative way, to providing easy finance and hassle-free delivery.

Your website should be designed to make it easy for buyers to navigate and purchase the cars they wish to.

3. How can I increase my online car sales?

To increase the online car sales of your dealership, the first step is to build an attractive and engaging website. Ensure that your VDPs attract the most eyeballs, with high-quality images and videos.

Using SEO tactics and social media marketing is also essential to increase your audience base. Offering alluring discounts, easy finance options, hassle-free delivery, etc. can also help you boost your online sales.



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