How Brands Leverage AR & VR On Facebook And Instagram?

How Brands Leverage AR & VR On Facebook And Instagram?

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are regarded as our tomorrow. It is the consolidation of innovation and reality that will allow us to have an immersive digital experience. Add things to the exiting world or completely change the world.

AR allows you to augment the environment with additional information and graphics and helps you to index things as per your preference. While VR is a computer-generated world that is spread around 360 degrees and three-dimensional that allows you to navigate and travel to unknown places.

ar and vr, augmented reality and virtual reality

Do you remember how cell phones unexpectedly emerged in the late 1980s and dominated the market?

According to a report from YouGov that revealed, once vigorously used telecommunication device, pager, which had over 60 million users worldwide in the late 1980s, is now forgotten with the rise of cell phones. (In the UK alone, 86% of kids over six years of age could not identify the pager). Since cell phones surfaced so rapidly, imagine how new technologies such as AR and VR, which have a tendency to make the reality even more meaningful, will grow and impact our lives?

It, for sure, will change the way we communicate, sell, buy, travel, network, education or experience things.

Facebook’s survey across 11 markets on Virtual Reality revealed that 58% of people surveyed in the UK expected that Virtual Reality will become a part of everyday life. In India, 87% of people surveyed also believed that VR will become a part of daily life.

ar and vr, augmented reality and virtual reality

These burgeoning technologies can revolutionize education as well as contemporary workforce training. For instance, If you are a student who anticipates attending a live class that shall take place hundreds of kilometres away, you can have a real immersive experience using Virtual Reality.

VR’s popularity is also rising amongst marketers. Brands can leverage this technology to create a digitally focused, virtual environment to promote consumer engagement and strengthen their consumer experience.

Like many other brands that provide robust product experience to its consumers by leveraging the AR and VR technologies, you can also use AR and VR tools and filters to foster your business. You can use these filters to engage and embrace the target audience through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

ar and vr, augmented reality and virtual reality

Source: IKEA

The commercials displayed are non-interactive and do not always arouse the viewer’s interest. AR and VR filters can help you to advertise in an engaging way that evokes curiosity in the viewers, prompting them to check out the product and services.

User-created content to boost engagement – Amazon

If you wish to improve your engagement on Instagram and other platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, you can post user-created content in your respective stories. Create a hashtag, mention your followers, and make them feel part of your family – brand. Amazon launched an initiative #DeliveringSmiles to deliver gifts and smiles to charities to make an emotional connection with people across cities. It helped the brand to win the hearts of people, create brand awareness, trustworthiness, and managed to engage more users.

ar and vr, augmented reality and virtual reality

Promote an Event – Disney and Skybags

Brands organize a lot of events that they want to foster using stories to bring users and followers closer to the event. With a follower count of over 22.8 million, Disney decided to promote its Fronze 2 premier by posting glimpses from the event, posting pictures and boomerangs of the event, video clips from artists and actors to reach its tremendous followership. While Skybags, by promoting their event, #SunburnWithSkybags, managed to reach its followership of over 23.6 thousand. They added filters, motions, sounds, and graphics to make it more interesting and engaging.

ar and vr, augmented reality and virtual realityar and vr, augmented reality and virtual reality

Informing and Educating

Brands can use efficient and creative methods to inform their users about their products and services. They use different filters creatively to inform their users and followers. They also use different eloquent styles to educate (Food for thought, Insights, News about the brand, etc) through their stories.

ar vr, augmented reality and virtual reality

ar vr, augmented reality and virtual reality

Promoting the product

Different brands use Instagram and Facebook stories to promote their products creatively. Creative posts help you grab the attention of viewers – it helps brands to kill the boring factor while promoting the product. The feature like “Swipe up” on Instagram is widely used by brands to promote the products and increase the conversion rates. It is not about asking them to click on the link, it is about convincing them.

ar vr, virtual and augmented reality

Trying the product

Using AR filters IKEA allows users to add objects such as furniture in their rooms to check how it looks like, GUESS allows people to try different colours and graffitis on shoes to identify whether it suits them. And, one of the first cosmetics businesses to use custom-based AR filters for Instagram Stories was Kylie Cosmetics. Using the filters, you can try multiple shades of lipstick. Try cosmetics using the filter and then buy it. You can try multiple shades of lipsticks before actually buy them.

ar vr, virtual and augmented reality


Have you ever thought about creative techniques to involve your users?

Polling and questioning on Instagram are one of the famous methods to engage your followers and users. Instagram stories help you ask questions, poll, and later, the brands can use the best answers and display them on stories by tagging the user.

Brands can design their own AR-based filters, which their followers can use to generate new content. The followers can access this AR filter from IG stories to create their own version. The brand can create filters by using Facebook-developed app Spark AR. Whether you are a retailer or a fashion and lifestyle brand, you can provide the realtime experience to your customers through these AR and VR filters.

ar vr, virtual and augmented realityar vr, virtual and augmented reality

As per Instagram’s internal data, in November 2017, over “200 million accounts take a look at a business profile each day,” Isn’t that whopping? Now imagine, impact created by Instagram and Facebook stories on the users. Go, get your AR filter today!

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