Why Choose Model Shoots Over Flat Lays
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Why Choose Model Shoots Over Flat Lays?

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“If they look good in it, then I must too”. Psychology calls this a Bandwagon Effect. As human beings, everything that we do is a reaction to what others have done, this especially stands true in the fashion industry. A classic example of this phenomenon is- when we enter a shop, and the salesperson tells us, what is in trend and what is not. And this results in us getting automatically allured towards what people are buying the most.

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To put this into perspective, how many times have you bought something simply because you saw someone wearing/using it and you were awed by their appearance? Many times! And why not! As social beings, we rely on others to make our decisions. After all, the odds are higher of something looking good on us if it looks good on someone else. And don’t we all fall prey to this notion over and over again? These were only a few factors that make it imperative for a brand to go for a model shoot or for a fashion photo editing. However, this need is further magnified in the case of e-commerce platforms.

Since the potential buyers cannot touch or try a particular product while shopping online, their only resort is to judge the product based on how it is being carried. Seeing a model slaying a Kurti, always makes us want to own it. Hence, here are a few more reasons why a model shoot is the right way to go for your brand.


1. Enhances Brand Value


A model shoot not only adds value to the product, but it also adds value to the brand. Product shoots are representative of a company’s caliber. And model shoots have definitely set a benchmark in this area.


2. Holistic And Precise Understanding Of The Product 

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While flat lay photo shoots may be able to accurately represent a product, a model photoshoot is able to give the customer a holistic and precise understanding of the product. And unless the customers understand the product, they won’t risk investing their money in it. Along with giving a holistic view, model shoots are also more eye-catching and alluring. And no matter how accurate a flat lay photoshoot is, they cannot depict the tiny details and intricacies, as well as a model photoshoot can.


3. Returns & Exchange Rates

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It is only through a model shoot that viewers can get a good idea of size, length, fitting and the overall look of a product when worn or carried. Furthermore, statistics prove that 22% of returns happen because of inaccurate representation of the product. And in particular, the representation of the size. This stands especially true in case of bags and accessories. But a model shoot can resolve this problem. A model shoot, by giving a relative understanding of the size, can easily reduce exchange/return rates. And therefore, it becomes essential to have a good model shoot for your brand.

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4. Captivating Images That Arrests The Eyes Of The Viewers

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There is no surprise in the fact that e-commerce sales revolve around photography. A good, eye-catching image is representative of a good product and a dull image, gradually fades behind thousands of other products. Especially in a country like India, where only a few people are trained in English, images become the sole deciding factor. Additionally, research shows that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. If the viewer is able to gauge everything about the product through its images, then he/she is likely to click the “buy now”. And as mentioned before, only model photoshoots have the potential to show the customers everything that they want to see.

So, as a brand, if you are looking to get a hold of e-commerce platforms, your priority should be to get a model photoshoot that would enamour the customer with its beauty and precision. And during our years in the industry, we at Spyne have mastered this art. Our photoshoots are done keeping in mind all the factors involved in the process of achieving a photoshoot that is sure to boost your sales.

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Why Are We The Right People For Your Shoot?

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