6 Easy & Creative Tips for Stunning Jewellery Photography

6 Creative Tips To Improve Your Jewellery Photography [How To Avoid Common Mistakes]

You must have seen those Jewellery commercials that speak nothing but luxury, fancy lighting, classy background and royalty. The Ads that we see make it seem that jewellery is from some other world. It wearing jewellery will surely make you wear the best version of yourself.

But since it's all real and may be done in a studio, you should know what goes behind making a piece of jewellery look so 'attractive' with jewellery photography.


jewelry photography

The Art of jewellery Photography

Ever since E-commerce gained momentum and businesses started working on their online presence, photography has remained omnipresent and supported the whole movement. Well, unlike offline marketing, online has its own limitations. A customer can not feel, try or check the authenticity of a product, only see it. 

So what should a customer do in such cases? Or What option lies in the hands of the jewellery sellers as well?

For buyers, choosing the best looking and most detailed looking product can be an option. And for jewellery sellers, online is the best way to promote your designs.

To improve your creative jewellery photography skills and make a statement with every photo you take, there are some things you can do as a photographer. 

gold jewellery photography


What is Jewellery Photography?

Jewellery Photography is about showing intricate details in order to entice the customers. Now, there are a lot of brands out there selling their Jewellery. It becomes important to stand out among them and get your product the attention that is required.

A Jewellery photo, when clicked right, has the tendency to create an authentic image of your brand. Since there are plenty of Jewellery brands out there, you need to hire the best Jewellery photographer to gain the attention of your potential customers.

Some Important Tips To Improve jewellery Photography

Here are some tips you can follow to capture the best jewellery photos. You will also get an idea about making your jewellery photography more efficient and productive. 

1. Prepare your product

Whether it's jewellery model photography or jewellery photography, it is important to prepare your subject before initiating the shoot. You can start out by cleaning the jewellery then only you will have a good jewellery photo. At first, it may not seem necessary. But once your macro lens clicks a detailed photo, you will find out how much cleaning your subject needs. If it's a jewellery model photoshoot, make sure that the makeup is on point and the overall looks are presentable. Another thing is that during bridal makeup photography, it is important to make sure that the lighting complements the makeup. 


jewelry photography tips

jewelry photography tips

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2. Choose the right background

The next step towards preparing a Jewellery product shoot is choosing the right background. A background can make a break your image depending on the choice you make.

If you have ruled out the possibility of using a basic background like black or white then maybe you should reconsider your choices. In the product photography industry, such colours are considered 'lit.' But it's not a compulsion or anything. The key is to make your product stand out and look as detailed as possible without any distraction. So, just choose one which is complimenting your product and you're good to go.

jewelry photography tips

jewelry photography tips 

3. Macro lens for macro results

Shooting with a prime lens? Try a macro lens. The lens can capture minor details with much ease. It's called macro jewellery photography where the focus goes on to the subject you are capturing.  If you want to grab the attention of customers with your photograph, make sure they see the best of your product. 

macro lens, jewelry photography

jewelry photography


4. Take stable shots with a tripod

The factor separating a good shot from a bad one is stability.

professional jewellery photography

In philosophical terms, photography is like life. If there's no stability, they both lose their meaning. So, the next time you do jewellery photography or any other photography, use a tripod to take stable shots. While doing handheld product photography, there are chances that your photo will turn out blurry due to shaky hands. Handheld photography also makes it hard to set the frame. 


5. Know your white balance

Often photographers make the mistake of ignoring white balance or choosing not to touch it. Well, that's a mistake right there. The fact is, for different pieces of jewellery, your white balance settings should be different. For example, Gold Jewellery Photography will be different from Silver jewelry photoshoot. Wrong white balance settings can make your gold jewellery look silver and vice versa. While doing jewellery photography, make sure that your white background photoshoot settings are right so that the colours in your photograph are imitating the reality. 





6. Post-shoot Changes

A jewelry photoshoot is just one aspect of your entire jewellery photography process. To refine your photograph and turn it into something outstanding, opt to edit. 

Photo Editing allows you to get rid of minor glitches in a photograph and make it more desirable. After your Jewellery product shoot or Jewellery model shoot is done, bring your photos to the editing table. Editing helps you enhance the overall look of your jewellery photo. The reason why editing is important because Earring photography, Necklace photography and Diamond Jewellery photography, in particular, involve way too much detailing and complexities. Diamonds can reflect a lot of light and you may even capture yourself through one of its edges, unintentionally. So if blunders like these happen, you can just remove them with the help of Photo Editing.


jewellery product photography

jewellery product photography


What is the Perfect Lighting For jewellery Photography?

For jewellery photography, you have to understand that lighting can change everything for you. You can't rely on your in-built camera flash. You may have to rely on natural light or external flash will work just fine. You have to find out what works best for your jewellery photoshoot. You can go for jewellery photo.

1. Natural Light

If you are shooting under natural light, you can make the most out of 'the glare.' The Glare is what happens when the orange light from the sun falls on the lens and scatters. It will give a majestic touch to your photograph and enhance your image. 


jewelry photography with model

jewelry photoshoot

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2. External Flash Light

While using an external source of light, you have to make sure that it is not making your picture too bright. To avoid shadows from hard light, you can choose to bounce it off the wall or use a filter (a white paper) to get the right lighting. Your jewellery photography requires you to capture your subject in elegant lighting. So, be the right judge and do the right thing. 


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Common jewellery Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here are the common jewellery mistakes you must avoid for better jewellery shoot.

1. Using a not so simple background

While doing jewellery photography or product photography in general, you have to ensure that the customer's focus is on the subject. This can be done by using a simple background. If you are using a complicated background, it will just distract the attention of your customer and the photograph will lose its message. Let's say you are doing diamond necklace photography or taking jewellery photo. You can't use a Star Wars poster in the background unless the necklace is similar to the one featured in the movie.


jewellery advertisement photos

jewellery advertisement photos


2. Reflections on the Jewellery

The worst thing that can happen during jewellery photography is your image of taking a picture getting reflected in one of the pearls. Avoid reflections as much as you can. If you are using an external flashlight, make sure that you also have diffusers that can cut the light as well as the reflection. 


jewellery model photo hd


3. Too much editing

While editing can improve your jewellery photo, it is very easy to do it 'too much.' There is a fine line between photo retouching and photo manipulation. While retouching your jewellery photo will help you enhance it, photo manipulation will take away the reality factor and make it seem way too unreal. So, stick to regular enhancing rather than making it something which it's not. The key to good jewellery photography is being creative with what you have. You can do experimenting, click as many photos as you can and as often as you can.

4. Poor Use of Depth of Field

When it comes to jewellery photography, a deeper depth of field is a common choice. The reason is that it helps in capturing the piece in focus. But sometimes while choosing to capture more details and blurring out the background or the surroundings, most photographers use a shallow depth of field. But that’s where the problem begins. Shallow depth of field is only used for showing details but for capturing the whole product, it should not be overused as it can hinder the clarity of your overall product

5. Now Cleaning the Product

Another common jewellery photography mistake is related to the object itself. When you are photographing something like jewellery where every detail should be crystal clear, most photographers forget to clean the product. So any dust or smudged on the product becomes evident and can kill the appeal of your jewellery. So, make sure that you clean the subject properly before starting with the jewelry shoot. 


jewellery product photography


6. Not Getting Rid of the Shadows

Another most common blunder that photographers make while photographing jewellery is that they don’t get rid of the shadows that are hiding the details of your product. It is important, not just because it makes the image lack important details but it also affects your online presence. While listing your products after eCommerce websites photoshoot, you are required to shoot in front of a white background and not have any shadows on your product. Even if you have shot in front of a white plain background, your image might not be accepted because of the unwanted shadows that you forgot to get rid of. 


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How to Hire a Professional jewellery Photographer?

If you looking for a more professional approach towards jewellery photography, it is best to leave it to a professional. A professional jewellery photographer can give you the results you desire from the photoshoot and you can use that jewellery photo as the face of your brand. Spyne is an AI-driven platform that provides businesses with photographers at their doorstep. 

All you have to do is, raise a request with Spyne, and tell when and where you need the photographer. It is as simple as that. So, if you want professional jewellery Photography services, contact Spyne. 

And if you are looking to get a Jewellery Photoshoot, then we here at Spyne can certainly help you with that. 

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What is SPYNE?

SPYNE is an AI-driven tech company that helps businesses in booking high-quality jewellery photoshoots easily. It helps in providing with the best photographer from the industry so that you can enhance your brand presence and attract more and more customers to your business. 

It is an all-in-one solution that helps brands in creating and managing high-quality visual content with ease.

Why Choose Spyne Studio for Jewellery Photography?

SPYNE is an AI-driven platform that helps businesses in getting high-quality visual content through premium photoshoots. It is an easy-to-use tool where you can hire a photographer within seconds. Moreover, the AI of the platform helps in faster processing of photos. If you are looking for a way to get your brand noticed, use SPYNE to book your photoshoot now.

Benefits of high-quality visual content If you are thinking about how good quality pictures can help your business then here are some of the benefits of it.

1. Quality Content When you use high-quality pictures as the face of your brand, you are actually investing in brand building. You can stand out among many other Jewellery businesses.

2. Customer Attention Whether it is Jewellery model photography or simple photography of your Jewellery, if the photos are good, they can grab the attention of your potential customers almost instantly. On eCommerce platforms, the attention span of a customer is really low. This is why it is important to make sure that you have great visuals.

3. Advertising Creative Jewellery photography can fulfil your advertising purposes by giving your brand the required attention and help you increase the conversion rate. So, if you are looking for creative Jewellery photography to upscale your business, come to SPYNE.

Spyne is an AI-Driven Tech Company that has set out to fulfil each and every one of your visual content requirements. 

Apart from Photography, we also provide services like Videography, AR, VR, Drone and 360-Degree Photography at very reasonable charges. We connect all our clients with only the Best Studio Photographers in the business who can get you the Jewellery Photography that you desire.

After working with business giants like Snapdeal and Amazon, we have set up studios in every major city including Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad and Surat to provide Convenient Studio Shoots to all our clients.

Hence, if you are searching for the Best Photography Studio for your Jewellery Photography, we here at Spyne can provide you with the Smooth and Seamless Photoshoot Experience that you deserve.

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Written By - Ramnish on 15 Nov, 2019