How To Get Model Images For Your Fabrics During Lockdown?

Here Is The Future Of Model Images!

The current pandemic might be the best time for you to move much of your business online so that not only your products become easily accessible for everyone, but you, in return, also get to target a much bigger audience. But since the recent social restrictions aren’t helping you to get the appropriate marketplace-ready images for your clothing, we at Spyne are here to tell you about our state of the art 3D Rendering Technology.


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This innovation can help you generate model images for any of your fashion products and fashion photo editing, including sarees, dresses, or even fabrics, with just the help of our app and a smartphone. That’s right! You won’t even have to step out to get marketplace images for your apparel.

Why Choose Our 3D Rendering Over Traditional Fashion Photography?


3d rendering fashion photography


While developing this first-of-its-kind tech, we came up with countless reasons why our 3D Rendering is a better choice when compared to a traditional fashion shoot. And here are a few of those pointers.

– The Only Option To Get Product Images During Lockdown: Some central governments aren’t even allowing their citizens to step foot outside their homes. And this is the exact scenario where our 3D Rendering Tech shines. To generate professional-looking model images for your clothing, all you need to do is click a few flat lay images of your fabric and leave the rest of the process to our AI-Driven app.

– Costs 60% Less Time & Resources: Since it is a completely automated process, not only it costs significantly less, but it also saves you a lot of time. After submitting the images for editing, you get your 3D Rendered Model images in a matter of minutes.

– No Need For Photographers Or Models: With our revolutionary tech, you’d no longer need Models/Makeup Artists or even Professional Photographers. All you need to use our futuristic tech is a smartphone & our app!

– Easy & Convenient: Since the process requires just a smartphone with a decent camera, you can shoot your products at your own time and convenience, without ever planning your shoots ahead of time.

– No Manual Editing: What earlier used to take even up to 48 hours, we at Spyne can do the same in just a couple of minutes. And this is because we use an advanced blend of AI, ML And Computer Vision, that helps us edit thousands of images at scale, resulting in 10x more scalability than manual image editing.

– Instant Marketplace Ready Images: Our app supports specific marketplace editing for all kinds of product categories. Hence, your final edited images are compliant with your targeted eCommerce portal every time. Furthermore, this enables you to list your clothing online faster than ever.

So if you would like to experience the new age of cataloguing, then we at Spyne recommend you download spyne app and get some really seamless model images for your dresses, fabrics, sarees and more!


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But in case you have multiple SKUs, you can also submit your flay lay images directly to our dashboard for the same studio-grade editing. So don’t let the pandemic put a stop to your business growth, and Book A Demo with us today!

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