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8+ DIY Photo Filter Ideas To Make Your Pictures Look Perfect

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DIY Photo Filters Ideas

Ever wondered, how are these pictures clicked? No, you don’t need expensive filters or any other person to handle all this while you click. You just need a camera and some common home things, to make these filters so that you can create magic with your camera. Let’s take you to tour of these 8+ DIY Photo Filters you can try at home.

DIY Photo Filters you can try at home

Photography today has modified its horizons like anything. From camera filters to creating magic from the camera, photographers have taken the level of this genre on to the next level. Not only this, today we can see so many young bloods, innovating the dynamics of photography and creating new heights of creativity every day. So, if you wanna up your game and stay in this genre with creativity, you have to create, innovate and make something new every day. That is why we are here with some really easy and affordable ways of making a photo-filter at home so that you can create some really amazing pictures in your budget.


1. Grab some left-over Diwali fairy-lights and get started 

In photography, if you can play with the lights, you can master photography like a pro. Same goes with artificial lights as well, we know how Diwali’s fairy lights are just a space occupier after Diwali and we really don’t use it the whole year. But what if we told you that you can use it to create pictures like this –

DIY Photo Filter Ideas

DIY Photo Filter Ideas

Amazed? Yes, fairy lights can surely do wonders for your portfolio, just grab some fairy light and place it right to the surroundings or with your model and make sure that the lights are not evenly distributed, the focus should be on the lights. So, minimise all the additional lights of the room.

Safety Tip – Just make sure that you don’t hold the lights for a very long time, as they release heat. 


2. Create patterns with kitchen materials

Sometimes, creativity is made with the simplest of things. Like, if you have a container that is really old and is not really used these days, you can use that and create a pattern photo-filter out of it. So, it’s totally inexpensive and the result is really amazing.

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas

Photo by Sam Path 

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas


3. Old is Gold 

You must be having some old photo-reels at your home which is of no use right now. Just grab some of those and steal some toys of your younger sibling. With all this, you can create some realistic and some really awesome shots like this.

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas

You can create this by pasting the reels together and putting a red tap on it. Paste that on your computer or laptop screen so that it acts as a background image, then place any of your toy in front of it and eliminate all the other source of light than just laptop’s light. Click the picture and create something like this at affordable prices.

4. Sprinkle just Droplets on your camera

Now, this one is a little risky, so we really advise you to do it very carefully. While curating DIY Photo Filters, this was definitely our favourite one. Here, we just add a few droplets of water on the camera lens and click a picture opening up the aperture to the maximum. You will be able to create something like this.

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas


5. Basic Diy photo filters

This one is pretty basic amongst this long list, so you just need to grab some props, like id you want to show the importance of makeup, just grab some colours and sparkle it before the model. Or if you want to click the picture of a happy farmer, just grab some grains, and sparkle that in front of the person and click the picture, reducing the shutter speed of the camera. Now, here if you look closely, the props are going to help you set the mood of the picture. So, we advise you to choose your props very carefully.

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas

Picture by Sanket Agarwal


6. Taking some creative advantage from nature

Nature props are something that we really adore, photographers when using natural props during photography really makes the best of the pictures for us. Like this –

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas


7. Creating a reflective surface

It is said one who can master the art of lighting, can master the art of photography. Among all the DIY Photo Filters, this one is somewhat easy, just grab mirror piece from your house or local market and where ever you are placing the product, just place this mirror, beneath it and capture it while zooming in through the ground angle and you will get an amazing mirror-effect shot for your product that would look really amazing.

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas


8. Playing with daily objects 

It is said that creativity lies in every corner, just a creative thinker is needed to identify it and capture it through his lens. So, here we are with our next set of images that are created using daily objects that are readily available at your homes and can be captured well by playing with the light a little.

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas


9. Use mithai- box wrapping paper to create twin-color effect

Now, this one is really interesting and can be made very easily. Just grab the sweet-wrapping paper that you get and attach red, yellow and green together using simple cello tape. Place than partially in front of the lens and capture the product that is in front of you. Something like this would get captured and you will be able to create an amazing product image in no time and in amazingly less price.

Creative DIY Photo Filter Ideas

We hope that you guys liked the easy Diy photo filters that we curated for you. For more such blogs and photography news, stay tuned to Spyne Blogs

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