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Guide To Execute The Perfect Car Walkaround

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Car Walkaround

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A car walkaround is a detailed inspection of a vehicle, either conducted in person or virtually through a video presentation. It’s a crucial step in the car buying process, allowing potential buyers to understand the car’s features, both inside and out. This guide will explore the concept of vehicle walkarounds, including how to conduct them effectively, their importance in the automotive industry, the benefits they offer, and valuable tips to create an engaging experience.


What is a Car Walkaround?

A car walkaround is a 360-degree tour of a car’s visual presentation or video tour of a vehicle. It serves as a virtual inspection of the unit, that allows potential buyers or interested customers to get a detailed 360 car view of the exterior and interior of the car that a customer has chosen without physically walking through the showroom. It is a crucial step in the sales process for automobiles. Whether conducted physically or through video, the automotive 360 walkaround serves to highlight the car’s key selling points and address any questions or concerns the customer may have.

It’s an opportunity for the salesperson to demonstrate the vehicle’s features, technology, safety features, and other selling points, ultimately aiming to persuade the customer to purchase.



Guide to Conducting Automotive 360 Walkaround

Here’s a guide to conducting a vehicle walkaround, whether in person or through a video presentation, incorporating your criteria:

1) Check Light and Sound: The car walk-around checklist ensures the light is good so the car looks its best. The sound should be clear so people can hear you well.

2) Keep It Simple: Start outside, then go inside. Go from the front to the sides, then the back, and into the car in that order.

3) Show Off the Brand: Point out logos, special designs, and what makes the car or brand stand out.

4) Short and Sweet: Talk about the main points. Don’t use too many big words or too much info.

5) Make It Fun: Use different shots and angles to keep it interesting. Zoom in on cool parts.

6) Be Excited: Show you love the car. Talk about why it’s great to have it, in a way that makes others excited too.

By doing all this, you can make a great video that shows off the car and grabs people’s interest.


Importance of Car Walkaround in the Automotive Industry

Car Walkaround or Spin 360 car videos are extremely important in the automotive industry. Let’s delve into the significance of the complete perspective of automobiles.

1) A salesperson can effectively demonstrate the car’s key features, technology, and design elements through a walkaround video, making the specifications more engaging than just looking at static images.

2) A comprehensive inspection can uncover any minor flaws or dents on the car surface that may not be apparent in pictures.

3) By conducting thorough walkarounds, a car’s appealing features can be highlighted, which may generate more interest and sales than just using text descriptions or basic photos.

4) By enabling customers to assess the features of a car beforehand through walkaround videos, car dealership walkaround can save time by reducing the need for customers to come in for a test drive.

5) Dealerships can utilize walkaround videos on their websites and social media channels to attract a larger pool of prospective car buyers.

In summary, 360-car walkarounds are beneficial for both the automotive industry and its customers. They enable customers to make better car purchases and help businesses to display their products and increase their revenue.


Benefits of Car Walkaround

A 360 car walkaround, particularly one that includes a 360-degree spin, offers several benefits for both dealerships and customers. Here’s an expanded explanation of the top 5 benefits you’ve listed:

1) Increased Sales

Providing customers with a comprehensive 360-degree view of the vehicle through a 360-degree spin enhances their understanding and appreciation of its features and aesthetics. This heightened understanding often leads to increased purchase interest and higher conversion rates.

2) High-Quality Visuals

High-resolution, interactive visuals created through a 360-degree spin offer a more immersive experience compared to static images or videos. This level of visual detail can captivate potential buyers and create a lasting impression of the vehicle’s appeal.

3) Better Engagement

The interactive nature of a car walk around encourages deeper engagement from customers. They can explore the vehicle from various angles, zoom in on specific features, and interact with the presentation at their own pace. This increased engagement helps build a stronger connection between the customer and the vehicle.

4) Easy Inspection

A 360-degree spin allows customers to thoroughly inspect the exterior of the vehicle without physically being present. They can examine every angle, scrutinize details, and assess the overall condition of the car conveniently from their computer or mobile device. This facilitates a more informed decision-making process for customers.

5) Virtual Showroom

Incorporating a 360-degree spin into online platforms effectively transforms them into virtual showrooms. Customers can browse through an extensive inventory of vehicles, explore them in detail, and compare different models without the limitations of physical space or operating hours. This accessibility expands the reach of the dealership and accommodates customers who prefer to conduct their research and shopping online.

In summary, a car sales walk around with a 360-degree spin offers a range of benefits that contribute to increased sales, improved customer engagement, and enhanced convenience for both dealerships and customers.


Tips for Effective Car Walkaround

Here is a list of tips for an effective car walk around video! Here’s a breakdown combining your points with some additional insights:

1) Keep it Concise: Limit each walkaround point to 1-2 minutes to maintain customer engagement.

2) Listen First: Before highlighting features, understand the customer’s needs and preferences to tailor your presentation.

3) Be Genuine: Show genuine enthusiasm for the car, but avoid being overly pushy.

Highlight Important Features: Focus on features that directly address the customer’s needs and interests.

4) Overcome Objections: Address any concerns they might have with clear explanations and alternative solutions.

5) Keep them Engaged: Use storytelling and interactive elements like letting them touch materials or adjust seats.

6) Physical Walkaround: Utilize open-ended questions to spark conversation and gauge their interest.

7) Video Walkaround: Maintain a clear and smooth flow between shots, with background music adding a touch of personality.

By following these tips, you can create a car walk around video experience that informs, engages, and ultimately helps potential buyers connect with the car, leading them closer to a purchase decision.


How Vehicle Walk-Around Videos Can Enhance Your Car Dealership Website

Car dealerships can use vehicle walk-around videos to enhance their website and entice potential buyers. Walk-around videos offer a digital tour of a vehicle, enabling customers to examine its attributes at any time and from any location. Illustrate the car’s exterior, interior, and unique attributes in a captivating and informative manner. Customers can take their time to explore the inventory without having to physically go to the dealership for a standard inspection. By presenting the condition and features of the car directly, videos establish a more intimate connection with potential buyers, fostering trust in the vehicle’s quality.

By including vehicle walk-around videos on your website, you can enhance the online experience for potential car buyers, resulting in higher sales and a competitive advantage in the market.


Mistakes to Avoid During Car Walkaround

Here are some of the few mistakes that you need to avoid while making car walkaround videos:

1) Poor lighting: This can make it difficult for viewers to see the details of the car, such as any dents, scratches, or rust. Aim for even, bright lighting that showcases the entire car.

2) Not pointing out important features: Take the time to highlight the car’s key features, such as the wheels, headlights, taillights, and badges.

3) Not editing the video: Take some time to edit your video after you have filmed it. This will allow you to cut out any unnecessary footage and add in any intros, outros, or music that you want.

4) Shaky camerawork: A shaky video will be unpleasant to watch and make it difficult for viewers to focus on the car. Use a tripod or image stabilization to keep your camera steady.



360 Automotive Car walkarounds are a powerful tool for both car dealerships and customers. They provide a comprehensive and convenient way to inspect vehicles, fostering informed decision-making and a more streamlined car buying experience. By following the tips provided and leveraging the benefits of car walkarounds, dealerships can enhance their sales potential, while customers gain the confidence to make informed choices about their next car purchase.




  • Q. What is a walkaround on a vehicle?

    Walkaround on a vehicle refers to a 360-degree virtual tour or a video around the vehicle.

  • Q. What is the car dealer video app?

    The car dealer video app is a powerful platform that allows you to create 360 walkaround videos of cars for potential customers.

  • Q. How to Perform a Vehicle Walk-Around?

    To perform a vehicle walk-around you need to start at the hood of the car, travel around the passenger side, and then all the way around to the driver’s seat.

  • Q. How Vehicle Walk-Around Videos Can Boost Your Car Sales?

    Vehicle walk-around videos can boost your car sales by improving your customer engagement, building trust, and assisting buyers in making the right and informed decision.

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