Outsource Photo Editing Services | Outsourcing Image Editing | SpyneTouch

Outsource Photo Editing Services | Outsourcing Image Editing | SpyneTouch

You must have heard from a lot of people to outsource photo editing. As a photographer, it can be a hard choice since there is a lot of stigmas that exist around it.

Most photographers tend to do everything on their own by following photo editing tips. While it may not look like the right choice to outsource photo editing, but in the long term, it is the best and most viable option. So in this article, we’ll be talking about why and how photographers can outsource image editing.

Before moving any further, did you know that you can now remove the background from any image in seconds? Well, if you want to remove image bg from any sort of pictures in any category, you can do that easily and automatically for free.

outsourcing photo editing in California,

outsource photo editing in Illinois ,United States


Outsource Photo Editing for eCommerce – What does it mean?

In eCommerce, Outsource Photo editing is a part of the post production process. This usually includes giving the final touch to the pictures. So, outsourcing means, sending out the images to a professional photo editing service provider once the photo shoot is done.

Generally, an external outsourcing company follows your styling guide to make sure that you get exactly what you want. They also help you get over photo editing mistakes that you might have made at the editing table.

Now, when it comes to the editing part, there are a bunch of services that are covered. For example, here is a list of commonly used image editing techniques in the eCommerce business.


1. Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin , outsource image editing services in Texas

Ghost Mannequin , outsource product photo editing in Florida ,United States

It is removing the mannequin or model from the picture while only showing the product. The aim is to show how the product will look on a person.


2. Clippr

clipping path,image editing outsourcing companies in North Carolina

This is a very common tool that helps cut out the 2D images and put them on the background of choice. If you want to create a transparent background on your images automatically, now you can do it for free in seconds using Clippr. This AI-based tool helps you remove image bg and create new backgrounds on your product images instantly.


3. Image Enhancement

outsourcing image editing in Colorado , image enhancement

It is enhancing the key features of a product that includes noise removal, deburring, sharpening, and brightness increase.


4. Color Correction

outsource photo editing services in New Mexico , color correction

Color correction involves enhancing and correcting the colors. Camera’s sometimes lack in picking the correct hues.


5. Photo Retouching

photo retouching, outsourcing images editing in San Antonio

Retouching helps with unwanted object removal, blemish removal, and skin/surface smoothening.


6. Image Manipulation

outsourcing editing for photographers in San Diego , image manipulation

Fashion photography and product photography sometimes require a bit of manipulation to make the picture look perfect. It trends to alleviate the overall appeal of the product.


outsource editing photography in Dallas, ghost mannequin


Why consider Outsourcing Photo Editing?

In the photography business, time is everything. While you spend your precious time sitting at your computer and editing the pictures of your clients, you lose out on major entrepreneur and management work.

It’s true that editing requires a certain vision that you possess but when you have the power to explain someone else how to get the work done, you can spend your rest of the time doing what’s actually going to get you more business.

outsource photo editing for photographers in San Jose ,United States


Trick to Outsource Photo Editing

To make your business successful, you have to have help. It’s always best to do what you’re good at and leave the rest to the professionals.

So, if you are good at photography, then focus on doing it while hire someone else to edit the pictures. This is a great way to ensure quality and save time.

outsourcing photos in Austin ,United States

Finally, convinced to go for it? Here are some tricks to outsourcing photo editing 


1. Go for professional services

If you want the best results, make sure that you get outsourcing from a professional. It gives you the assurance that the job will be done right. There are plenty of professional photo editing companies out there that provide excellent services. Make sure that the company you are reaching, is giving you plenty of editing options.


outsource photo retouching in Fort Worth , tricks to outsourcing photo editing


2. Incorporate Editing into your pricing

The best way to overcome the cost of getting professional editing services is by making changes into your pricing model. If you are pitching your business to the clients, you need to tell them about the added cost of photo editing.

You certainly don’t want to spend all on editing services from your own pocket. So, while stating the cost of a project, you also need to show them the cost of photo editing that you will be charging.

outsource photography editing in Seattle, U.S


3. Take control of the edit

If you think that outsourcing will cause disappointment and leave you with unsatisfactory results then you can coordinate with the editor and ask for basic edits while you control the final outcome. This way you can actually save up on editing and take control.

photo editing outsourcing in Washington DC , United States Of America


4. Better commitments by Outsourcing

The biggest reason why one should outsource photo editing is to save time and deliver the final product faster to the client. This is especially true for photographers who work in industries like weddings and eCommerce.

There comes a month when they are engaged in multiple projects and have to deliver fast to everyone. On such occasions, it becomes crucial to outsource photo editing to save time and hassle. It not only helps in fulfilling the commitments but also creates a good image of your brand.

photo editing outsourcing in Boston , Better commitments by Outsourcing


Outsourcing Photo Editing Services – Questions to Ask

While outsourcing photo editing, you should ask some of these questions to the services provider.


1. What are the requirements for signing up?

There has to be a process for onboarding that allows you to understand how their system works and how you can state your requirements to them.

The process shouldn’t be complicated and there should be transparency in the work they re doing for you. Outsourcing photo editing required you to make sure that the company knows what kind of editing you are looking for.


2. What kind of tech they are using?

Photo editing requires not just skills but also the tech that can deliver quality. So, ask the company about it before you start your venture with them.


3. How much time do they take to deliver the photos?

Again, you are doing this to save time and effort. So, make sure that you ask them about the amount of time they’d take to deliver the pictures.


4. Ask if you know someone they might have worked for

This question is not essential but it does hold its value. By asking this question, you basically get to know about their existing or previous clients.

It’s a formality that tells you a little more about the company and maybe you can look up their customers and ask them for the company’s reviews.

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Outsourcing Photo Editing with SPYNE

outsourcing photo editing in Boston


SPYNE is an AI-driven tech company that provides enhanced photo editing software to photographers and businesses. We provide a number of different editing services for multiple categories. Here are a few of them:


1. Fashion and Apparel

outsourcing photo editing in Washington DC, Fashion and ApparelRELATED: Get High Quality Fashion Photo Editing Services


2. Jewelry and Accessories

outsourcing photo editing for photographers in Boston , Jewelry and Accessories

How You Should be Outsourcing Photo Editing in New York
RELATED: Get High End Jewellery Photo Editing Services


3. Beauty and Cosmetics

outsource photo editing in Las Vegas , Beauty and Cosmetics


4. Grocery and Staples

outsourcing photo editing for photographers in Atlanta , Grocery and Staples

outsourcing photo editing in Florida


 5. Food and Beverages

outsourcing photo editing in Georgia

outsourcing photos in Omaha , Food and Beverages
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6. Home and Furnishings

outsource photo editing for photographers in Virginia

outsource photo editing in Nevada


7. Real Estate and Hotels

outsourcing realestate and hotels photo editing in New Jersey

outsource photography editing in California , Real Estate and Hotels

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8. Cars and Automobiles

outsourcing Cars and Automobiles photo editing in Illinois ,

Also, Create Professional Automobile Pictures in a Single Click using Our Car Background Photo Editor.


9. Weddings and Events

photo editing outsourcing in Texas, Weddings and Events


SPYNE is a brand trusted by top Businesses that include Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Airbnb, and OYO. If you want quality image editing services, register now

Outsourcing photo editing in Florida

With Us, Your Images Would Look Like This!


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image editing outsourcing companies in United States

outsource image editing services United States Near me

outsource photo editing in U.S.A

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