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5 Best Places to Sell Your Cars- Leading Online Marketplaces 2022

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This space is dedicated to helping you find the best place to sell your car online. 

According to McKinsey’s report, Americans buy 39.4 million used cars each year, compared to the 17.3 million people who buy new cars. The used car market is clearly rising, hence the question- what is the best place to sell your car?

But to get the best deal on reselling, you must know the best place to sell your car. From finding the right customer, facing endless negotiations, arranging the transportation, and more, the list goes on.

However, the advent of online car marketplaces for both new and used inventory has eliminated most of these challenges. As a result, you no longer have to travel distances to find customers, there are no delivery issues, there is less struggle to get the right price, and you reach out to a broader market than ever.

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Online car marketplaces attract a ton of customers daily.

So what marketplaces are the best to sell your car online? Here is the list of the five best options in the present market.

5 Best Marketplaces to Sell Your Cars

Best place to sell your car online- leading marketplaces

1. Autotrader

Launched in 1999, Autotrader is known for its great variety of vehicle listings, detailed car reviews, reliable finance calculators, and more.

It lets the buyer select advanced filters like gas mileage, exterior, and interior colors, transmission type, technology, and more to track and find a car. This means that despite the diverse range of options available on the website, customers can use these filters to track the car they are selling.

With over 3 million vehicle listings, Autotrader exhibits around 23.63 million average website viewers per month.

2. eBay Motors

eBay is one of the most popular platforms to buy and sell products. Its auto segment- eBay Motor is also one of the best marketplaces to sell your cars online.

eBay Motors allow resellers to sell cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, auto parts, and more.

Like Autotrader, eBay Motors is also easy to navigate by vehicle type, category of items, brand, and type of car. The selling process is similar to selling on eBay.

So far eBay Motors has sold more than 4.1 million passenger vehicles and records 14.2 million average website visitors.

Not just the platform provides discounted rates for vehicle dealers, but it also provides the option to automate listings, making it one of the best places to sell cars online.

3. Carvana

Carvana is an important addition to the category of the best place to sell your car online. In 2020, Carvana sold 244,111 vehicles in total, thus retaining its status as a major car reselling marketplace giant the market.

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One of the most prominent features of any marketplace is to provide hassle-free delivery service to the buyers. This is where Carvana hits the jackpot. The platform provides doorstep delivery service to buyers.

If you sell your car on Carvana, the company will show up at your doorstep with a truck to hand off your check and comfortably cart your vehicle away. Isn’t that making a bold statement to be the best website to sell cars?

Can you negotiate Carvana prices? 

No. You cannot bargain or negotiate at Carvana as the platform already has competitive criteria to price the listings by sellers.

4. CarGurus

CarGurus is one of the leading online car marketplaces in the U.S. It does not have a physical inventory. Rather, it is a great platform to connect car dealerships to buyers.

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Car sellers would be happy to know that listing on this marketplace is absolutely free. However, if you choose to execute the transaction from the platform on a successful sale, you would have to pay $99.

The platform has a whopping 36 million global monthly average visitors with more than 30,000 dealers in paid associations globally.

Is CarGurus a reliable site? 

CarGurus is a highly trusted platform where interested buyers can be introduced to the right dealerships. It bridges the information and financing gap between interested car sellers and buyers.

5. Vroom

What makes Vroom stand out? This marketplace acquires the vehicles to be sold from auctions, rental car fleets, and dealerships and maintains its own inventory. In fact, what sets Vroom apart from every other platform is the 90 days warranty that it provides on its vehicles. This is in addition to its roadside assistance.

Due to such factors, Vroom is one of the most favored places to buy used cars, making it one of the best places to sell a car online.

Like Carvana, Vroom also provides a vehicle delivery service for sellers and buyers.

Bonus Tip for Used Car Sellers

While online marketplaces provide a global buyer base of millions to sellers, the competition on these platforms is exceptionally high. Sellers need to go the extra mile to stand out among thousands of other sellers offering vehicles for buyers.

So how do you do that? Your car visuals and description make all the difference here.

Ensure high-quality, studio-like images of vehicles while listing. But don’t mistake it for stock images. Stock images can easily repel the buyer, given that they are everywhere, and reduce the authenticity of your offering.

But the process of procuring high-quality images of cars is expensive. Isn’t it? Not really. With innovations like AI and Machine Learning, car sellers can high-impact images of the real inventory at 75% lesser cost and 80% faster. Want to know how? Click here.


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