Why Spyne is the product for photographers in 2019?

Why Spyne is the product for photographers in 2019?

If you are a photographer in the wedding or event industry then you must know the struggle of sharing and selecting over a thousand photographs to the clients. It can become a real hassle when you have to use hard disks or pen drives for sharing. Then comes the part of building reference and expanding the business.

But if there’s no systematic approach then tracking your leads can become a real issue. Frankly speaking, nobody has got time to look after everything from the client’s selection to tracking lead references and social media if there’s lack of single approach interface. Well, it’s 2019 and the times couldn’t have been more generous for photographers who are looking forward to expanding the business and establishing themselves as a brand.

Spyne, a product of Eventila, has come forward as a one-step solution for photographers. It is the backbone of the wedding industry and a cutting-edge tech product for businesses and professionals working as photographers, event planners, etc.


But before going into details about Spyne, let’s take a read at what are the major issues faced by photographers on a daily basis.


  • Sharing your best work


Portfolio of photos

As a photographer, it is really important to build a portfolio so that customers can see your work and that work can gain recognition. You can always upload your photos on social media but tracking the viewers and spreading the images can be an issue. Also, the lack of a website can limit the traffic on your content.



  • Choosing the images


Choosing the image

Weddings are generally huge events that include Mehendi, haldi, reception, and wedding and then there’s pre-wedding. So, photographers have to share a large number of photos with their clients. Also, it becomes a task to select the best images out of those hundreds and thousands of photos.



  • Delay in payment


Delay in payment

Another major issue that commonly occurs is the delay in payment. Clients usually pay around 80% of the fee before an event and the rest 20% after the delivery of the final product. But delay in the selection process from clients and other offline barriers can lead to payment fulfillment issues. This causes a lack of satisfaction for photographers who have a majority of their deliveries stuck in a year.



  • Photo selection


When a photographer gives 1000+ photos to a client then the client usually takes long enough to select the ones that are needed for the album. This can cause inconvenience for both clients and photographers.



  • Lack of reviews


In order to serve better and up their game, photographers need reviews of their work. Also, reviews help in image building. But for the majority of the time, a photographer receives only about 6-8% reviews.


To unlock features like unlimited photo sharing and portfolio website, 


  • Generating and tracking references


 Getting a good client is all about references. And that comes from your existing clients. Usually, when a new client, who comes from reference, approaches you, he/she has already made up the mind of choosing you as your work has already been seen or appreciated. References play a huge part in bringing clients to photographers. But that can become a problem if there’s a lack of tools that can share your work.


Spyne – A solution to all your problems


For photographers, Spyne is the need of the hour. Spyne can solve all your problems with the help of a simple-to-use interface. You can expand your business, share unlimited blogs and photos, track social media, generate leads, and gather feedback. Offered by Eventila, Spyne is loaded with premium features which can change the way you look at business management.


Features of Spyne


 1. Create a website instantly

You can launch your business by creating an SEO rich website and showcase your best work to the global audience.


2. Unlimited Photos and Blogs sharing

You can share unlimited blogs and photos with customers and track their selection in real-time through Spyne.

3.Stronger SEO

You can organize your website with the help of relevant keywords and hashtags that will improve your online visibility and help you reach your audience.


4.Increase in references 

A revolutionary Chatbot option that allows seamless interaction with the visitors of the website thus helping with stronger reference leads generation.


5.Lead Management 

You can easily track the Chatbot as well as current leads through Spyne’s lead management app. Basically, it lets you track your data at one place


6.Better strategy making

Spyne allows you to track your competitor’s social media which eventually helps you in building a strategy for yourself to stay one step ahead of them.

7.Single Dashboard for all your business

To give you a hassle-free experience and save your time, Spyne has introduced a single dashboard that gives you an overview of your business.


Well, the best part is that these features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Spyne gives you control over your business and lets you establish yourself as a brand in the market. There’s 24/7 Whatsapp support, feedback before submitting and site map feature along with other much-needed features that you as a photographer need to run your business smoothly and interact with your customers on a global scale.

So, if you are looking for a perfect solution for all your problems then Spyne is the one for you. Many top photographers from Delhi NCR have already subscribed to Spyne and more and more are coming in every day. With Spyne, create a platform for yourself where you can upload unlimited photos of your work and create a wonderful gallery which can catch the attention of potential clients.


Written By - Ramnish on 28 Jun, 2019