Why should photographers ditch good old pen drives for photo sharing?

Why Should Photographers Ditch Good Old Pen Drives for Photo Sharing?


So, you’re a photographer and probably click over 2000+ photos while covering a single event. No matter how big or small an event is, as a photographer you’re supposed to capture every single moment of an event. But that’s not the hard part. The real struggle starts when you’re supposed to share all those photos with the client.

A photographer understands that photo-sharing is not as easy as it looks like. Photos from a single event can acquire so much space that usually a photographer has to use pen drives and hard drives. Nowadays, photographers are opting for photo sharing sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

What if we say that these ways of photo-sharing are harming your photography business rather than making it easy? Well, that’s exactly what happens when you opt for pen drives and Google drives for sharing your work with the client.


Problems with Pen Drives and Google Drive.


Time Consuming



One can’t deny the fact that photo sharing can be time-consuming. First, you have to put those thousands of images in a pen drive. Then you have to take that pen drive to the client. Then the client will write down the serial number of images that he/she has shortlisted for the album. Same is the case with Google Drive.

This process in itself can take anywhere from weeks to months. This gives rise to a situation where you are working on a new event while the client from the previous event hasn’t even made the selection yet.


Up to 20% fee gets stuck



Just like any other profession, photography also pays you once you have delivered the product. As mentioned above, if the photo-sharing and client selection itself takes so much time, you can’t deliver the final album on time. Clients usually pay 80% of the total fee before the event and the rest 20% after. This delay can form up a loop in which the photographer gets stuck. It is estimated that, within a year, more than 50% of the delivery of photographer’s projects get stuck.


Lack of Reviews



For a business to grow, the collection of reviews and feedback is really important. It is the problem of the industry itself. Photographers typically receive only 6-8% feedback on their work. In order to collect feedback, photographers have to do a lot of running and follow-ups which usually result in trust loss and other risks. Moreover, you can’t take feedbacks over pen-drives and google drive.


No Branding


You upload photos on the drive and send it to the client. The client further shares those photos with friends and they share it even further but where does your brand go. Google Photos, Drives, etc. don’t provide enough exposure to your business and lack branding. Those downloading the photos may never know about your business. This can do more harm than good as the growth of your business gets directly affected by it.



These are the most common problems photographers face on a daily basis while doing business. Using hard drives and photo sharing sites such as Google Photos and Dropbox can really take a toll on your business as well as make the photo-sharing somewhat complicated. But there’s a very simple solution to it – Spyne Share


What is Spyne Share?



After doing intensive research and conversing with more than 40 photographers from the industry, we at Eventila came up with Spyne Share. Share is a part of suite offering built for vendors working in the wedding as well as the entertainment industry.


How can Spyne Share replace pen drives, USB, and dropbox?

Spyne Share is specifically built to share unlimited photos with the client through a link. The best part about Spyne Share is that it lets you track the clients’ selection in real-time. So, you won’t have to waste any time on writing down serial numbers or finding them among thousands of photos. This way you can deliver the final album on-time.

This also resolves payment issues. Since you’ll be delivering the final album on-time, the 20% fee won’t get stuck. This way you can run your photography business smoothly.

Spyne Share is also effective at collecting reviews and believe it or not, you can get a 100% review collection, using this platform. Every time a customer downloads from the link you send, he/she is supposed to fill a feedback form as the final step. That feedback form you can choose to publish or not publish on your website. In order to know more about Spyne Share and its uses, checkout – Spyne Share – The Best Photo Sharing and Selection Tool.


2019 is officially the digital era and it is high time to ditch old-school techniques of using pen drives for photo sharing when there are so much better options available. Spyne Share as discussed above is an amazing tool, used by top photographers in India and around the world. The tool provides a platform for easy photo sharing and selection. With Spyne Share, business management becomes smooth as a breeze. It has the potential to expand your business as well as establish yourself as a brand.

Written By - Ramnish on 18 Jul, 2019