Why Are Top Photographers in India Using Spyne?

Why are Top Photographers in India Using Spyne?

Photography is one of the most amazing professions as one gets to meet a lot of new people and see a lot of new places while working on a project. But that’s just one part of it. No matter how starry the profession might look like, it comes with its own sets of challenges. Some of which include sharing photos with the client, processing faster payments, marketing the business, generating references, etc. 

A photographer usually gets so busy working on the projects that these problems get overlooked and just become bigger with time. That’s why there is a need for a “helping hand” that can handle these problems so that a photographer can focus on his work. Well, Spyne is exactly the helping hand a photograph needs and top India photographers who have already signed up for it, know it better. 



Photography Business and Challenges

Before going further about Spyne and its amazing features, let’s discuss in details about the challenges in Photography Business. 


#1 Sharing Photos with the client

After doing a single photoshoot, a photographer is left with hundreds and thousands of photos. If it’s an event like a marriage then the numbers can go anywhere from 2000 to 5000. It’s the photographer’s job to select the best images and send them to the client. In order to use that, a professional uses hard drives or digital options like Dropbox and Google Drive. Then comes the wait for clients’ selection which can take up to months. If a photographer covers multiple events then it becomes a lot of work. 


#2 Payment Delay

The challenge mentioned above can give rise to another problem which is the delay in payments. Since 80% of the payment is done before the event, the rest 20% gets stuck due to delay in photo sharing and selection. 


#3 Digital Marketing

Capturing beautiful landscapes and stunning portraits makes up for an amazing portfolio but in order to create worldwide reach and bring in customers, there’s a need for digital marketing. In order to do so, a photographer has to take full advantage of social media and create a website. These platforms use keywords and hashtags which help in segregating the content of a photographer and improve its visibility. 


#4 Feedback

For a photography business to grow, feedback plays a very important role. When the customer gives feedback on your work, it helps to attract the attention of potential customers and also bring improvement to your own work. Unfortunately, a majority of photographers only receive 3% feedback on their work. This becomes a major challenge in the photography business. 


#5 Generating references

The biggest challenge of all is generating references. A photographer knows that the best of customers come from the reference of existing clients. This way, you know that the client coming from reference is actually interested in using your service. But without required tools, one is left on the mercy of clients who will actually refer the business to a friend or family. 


The reason why top Indian photographers are using Spyne is that they find it the easiest to market their business and manage it with simplicity. Most of those photographers’ business is already getting established as a brand, thanks to Spyne


What makes Spyne so good?


Spyne is a cutting edge technology with its feet already in the pool of Artificial Intelligence. It’s a platform for modern photographers where they can create a business website for themselves and post unlimited photos, blogs, and videos while taking advantage of the best digital marketing solutions. Unlike traditional photo-sharing websites, Spyne focuses more on branding. This means that with Spyne, you’re not just sharing photos with your clients but also getting a chance to convert your photography business into a brand.


Here are some features to back Spyne’s amazing brand-building ability:


1. Chatbot


Talking about the reference, Chatbot is a feature offered by Spyne that make a photographer’s reference business independent. It will just come down to the visitors of your website and customers. A chatbot is an amazing tool that helps in communicating with the website visitors (the website you get to create with Spyne) and generate more and more references. This way your reference business can increase to tenfold. 


2. Easy sharing and selection


The platform allows a photographer to share unlimited photos with the clients as well as track the clients’ selection in real-time. This means that the process which used to take 2-6 months, now takes hours to a day max with Spyne. This feature not only saves time and effort but also cut down the delay in payment. 


3. Social Media tracking


Spyne offers a social media tracking feature which helps in tracking the social media activity of competitors such as followers growth % and daily posts %. This is a great way to create the required strategies and stay one step ahead of competitors in every way. With Spyne, you can track the social media as well as your leads at one place. 


4. Strong SEO


A photographer gets to create a keyword-rich website which is especially good for search engine optimization. One can use the required hashtags and top keywords from the industry to post content. If a professional is not necessarily into writing and publishing daily blogs for his/her website then Spyne provides an expert blogger from the industry to publish daily blogs. 


5. Artificial Intelligence


This feature is basically what makes Spyne different and better than other platforms. Imagine you have a bunch of photos from an event. The AI helps you segregate the photos of individuals on the base of their faces and send them the photos individually. This way you won’t have to search through thousands of photos as the AI will do the segregation for you. 


Apart from these five features, there are many others that make the overall business management easy for modern age photographers. Soon after its launch, Spyne caught the attention of top photographers in India.

The reason for that we have already explained. If you want to know more about the product and its services, check out the website. For any queries, feel free to call our expert at 011-66104020. 

Written By - Ramnish on 20 Jul, 2019