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Typical product photography revolves around white background photoshoot. It is often seen that the white background is achieved through post-processing (photo editing) techniques using Photoshop.

white background photography

Any photoshoot can become white background photoshoot if editing is done right but not everyone has the knowledge and resources for editing. Well, that’s exactly what we will discuss in this blog. Without using any post-processing, you can perform white background photoshoot or white background product photoshoot using a camera.

Whether it is an ugly background or lack of focus on the subject, white background photoshoot can solve all your problems so that you can run your business or accomplish your goals smoothly.

Why White Background Photoshoot?

There are a few reasons why you should go for a white background photoshoot for your product photography.

1. Helps in making your product stand out

white background photoshoot


The reason why you must opt for a white background photoshoot is that it makes your product pop. It doesn’t dissolve in the background. Also, it cuts all the distractions and helps you show all the details of your product with as much ease as possible.

2. Such photos serve multiple purposes


white background photoshoot


It’s a fact that if you are doing product photography then it is going to cost a lot.  And if you are thinking of listing your product on different websites then you will need a lot of photos as different websites have different criteria for photos.

But with white background photoshoot, nothing can go wrong as you can use those photos anywhere and everywhere. You don’t need to get different photoshoots for your photos. You can just use those photos on different platforms.

3. Easy to edit images

white background photoshoot

While shooting in front of a white background, the only thing one can see in the photo is your product. This means that while you are sitting for editing the image, you don’t need to edit a lot as there’s little to no complicated stuff on your screen.

White background photoshoot actually makes it very easy to edit. So, opting for it is going to save you a lot of time and effort while editing. In fact, the editing part becomes super easy, whether or not you’re using a product retouching service.

Equipment needed for White Product Photoshoot

Before starting with the white background photoshoot, you should know what equipment you to use. This way, you’ll be well prepared for the photoshoot and won’t miss anything during the process.

1. Professional Camera

white background photoshoot

The first thing that you must-have for the photoshoot is a professional camera. Yes, you can use a phone camera or a point and shoot one but with a professional one like DSLR, you have better control over the pictures you take.

If you want to use a regular smartphone then make sure that the camera quality is high. Moreover, using such a camera requires you to set up the lighting correctly so that the subject can be well-illuminated for the camera to capture the image.


2. Tripod

white background photoshoot

While doing the white background photography, you will be moving a lot to make adjustments with props and the subject. So, the best thing to do in such a situation is to use a tripod. In a sense, it will give you more creative freedom.

Another big boon of using a tripod is that it helps you avoid blurry images that can happen because of shaky hands. To make your shots stable, use a tripod.


3. White Background

For your white background photoshoot, you have to have a white background. For that, you can get a chart paper or cardboard.

white background photoshoot


4. Reflector

While photographing, there will be a side of your subject which will create the shadow. To avoid shadows and reflect light onto the dark side, use a reflector. You can use a regular reflector or you can use a white foam board to do the job.

white background photoshoot


5. External Light

For white background photoshoot of a product or food, you will need an external source of light like a flashlight or any other hard source of light.

white background photoshoot

Hard light usually creates shadows on the opposite end of the subject but you can either use a reflector or a softbox (soft light source) to cut them.


6. Room

You also have to decide where to conduct the photoshoot. If you have a studio, then there’s no point discussing but if you don’t, then find a room with a window.

white background photography


7. Clips and Tape

white background photoshoot


Lastly, you will need accessories like clips, tape and table to hold things together. If you are using a chart paper or a white curtain then you will need something to hold it with.

Here are 5 ways that you can execute while having a white Background Photoshoot


1. Choose a White Background

The easiest way to start your white background photography is by choosing a white background. Without any complexity, you will be able to achieve the depth and detailing in your photograph without any distractions in the background.

Finding a white background for the photoshoot as is as easy as it sounds like. You can use a white chart paper and use it as a background or you can paint a wall white or just find a white wall. If you don’t find a white wall or background, you can choose a colour that is close to white so that you can make it better during post-processing.

White Background Photoshoot


2.Throw Flash Light on the Background

One of the photography tricks of doing white background photoshoot is that you can achieve the effect by throwing light onto the background. Now, this can work only if your background is of solid colour because patterns and textures can sometimes become too visible, making it a cause of distraction.

So, make sure that you have a powerful light source which can reflect light from the background. And help you achieve your desired goal.

white background photography


3. Keep the Exposure in Check

While reflecting light from the background, it is possible that your subject will become overexposed. This is because strong light has a tendency to overtake the subject that you are trying to shoot. So, while doing a white background photoshoot, make sure that your subject isn’t over-exposed. You can start with a lower exposure setting or you can start with a low-intensity setting of your light. This way, you can execute your white background photography.

white background photography


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4. Use Flash Light as your Background

The best way to achieve a perfectly white background in your photoshoot is by using white light or flashlight as a part of your background. This means that instead of reflecting the light from the background, you can just use a source of white light so that you can showcase your product or model perfectly.

A flashlight as a part of background can be a bit tricky to achieve at first but if you get the intensity right, you can do a perfect white background photoshoot.

white background photography


5. Relying on Sunlight as an Alternative

Since you are supposed to overexpose the background while keeping the subject moderately exposed, you can use sunlight as your ally. You don’t have to invest in a flashy source of light or an artificial light source that have the tendency to burn a hole in your pocket. So, it’d be best if you rely on sunlight so that you can have white background photography with convenience.

white background photography


Q. How to get a White Background on your Photos?

This is a question that a lot of people ask. And to answer that, once you are done with the shoot, the only way you can get a white background on your images is through post-processing. And let’s be honest, not everyone is a photoshop expert, therefore we here at Spyne are an AI-Driven Company that also provides Photo Editing Services. So if you are someone who is looking to get the background in their photos changed, then we here at Spyne can certainly be of help.

Q. Which is The Best Material To Use As A White Background?

All over the world, people use all the different kinds of materials for their white background shoot. And here are 3 of the most used materials for a White background Photoshoot:

A) White Fabric

This is a matte fabric that doesn’t reflect much light. This is also a great background choice as it doesn’t wrinkle. This backdrop is perfect for headshots and product photography. This is the best background for you if you have a small studio.

White background

B) White Vinyl

It is a great and durable material that is also easy to take care of and it is perfect for product shoots. This is also a great background for portraits. These white backgrounds are easy to clean too as you can just wipe the dust off of them

White Background Photoshoot

C) White Paper

Last but not the least, this is one of the most common things that people use as their background for a white background photoshoot. The white paper is suspended in such a way that it hides any unnecessary shadows and corners 

White Background Photoshoot

How To Proceed With White Background Product Photography?

This is a Step by Step Guide for White Background Product Photography:

1. Setup The Table: This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do as the subject of your White background Shoot is going to be placed here.

white photo background

2. Setup The Background: As you already know what all works best as a background for a product shoot, choose something that suits you. And is best for the kind of photography that you do.

white photo background

3. Setup The Camera: The next big step in placing your camera in a perfect position with the help of a tripod. This is the reason you need a tripod as there are many test photos before you can settle for a final image.

white background photography

4. Place The Subject in the Middle of The Table: In terms of composition, product photography is simple and for this, you need to keep the product in the middle of the table so that it is equally apart from all the sides of the frame.

white background photography

5. Setup Lighting and Reflectors: You need to have this shoot indoors so that you have complete control over all the factors like light and shadows. And as you are shooting indoors, you need to have a set up of professional studio lighting and reflectors. Make Sure that the setup is perfect and it is neither too harsh nor too soft on the subject.

white background photography

6. See how the images turn out and make the required changes: As we already told you, doing product photography for the first time can be hit a miss thing until you get the exposure and all the camera setting right. So once you click a picture, evaluate it and next time, make up for the flaw. With this, eventually, you will start to understand which setup and which setting is best for your White Background Product Photography. And speaking of settings…

Q. What are the Best Camera Settings for White Background Photography?

These shoots are all about quality, so one thing is for sure that you have to keep your ISO at 100. And this is due to the fact that the lower the ISO the better the picture quality. And as now we are left with 2 more variables, you aperture setting needs to be at/around f8 and the shutter speed needs to be about 1/250 of a second. And if these settings are giving you overexposed or underexposed results, the only setting that you need to change is the shutter speed. If the image is underexposed, you need a slower shutter speed, and if your images are overexposed then you need a faster shutter speed.

Q. How to light up white background photography?

There are many lighting setups that you can come across while searching for the best one for your white background photography but we here at Spyne suggest to always go for the 3 point lighting system. And if you are someone who is not much familiar with this term or do not understand this arrangement you can go and read The Ultimate Guide to Three Point Lighting to fully understand the setup.


White background photoshoots are usually done for product photography where businesses try to promote their brands through high-quality pictures and marketing techniques. So, if you are a business and looking forward to white background photography then you can make the most out of the tips mentioned above.


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