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Get White Background Footwear Images Without A Photography Station

No matter how much product photography evolves over the years or how creative people get with it, the simple White Background Images will always be the right call when it comes to online eCommerce Sites. And this is due to the fact that people visit these sites hoping to see detail-oriented and, more importantly, accurate product illustrations, rather than artistic photos. The white background helps the viewer distinguish between the footwear and the background, giving him/her a better idea of how the shoe looks in real life. Hence, you can't go wrong by choosing white background images for pushing your products online. 

Having said that, you still need to hire professional photographers and studios for even such simple and straightforward White Background Shoots. And this may seem like the routine procedure to some, but on the other hand, most SMEs find it difficult to bear such an initial expense. So, the only option they are left with is to click their own images and edit them, so the images become compliant with the targeted sites. However, a seller might still need a professional camera, a proper white background setup and a technically sound guy to edit those images to perfection, which again seems like a challenging scenario for an SME to recreate without spending a lot of their money and resources. 

So to help out all such businesses and sellers, we here at Spyne have recently developed an innovative solution called SpyneCliq. It's a DIY Photoshoot App that enables its users to click their own eCommerce Image with just their phone without setting up any white background photography station. SpyneCliq will not only allow SMEs to save time and money but also get their desired commercial images in the most convenient way possible.

Here are the 3 easy steps through which our latest innovation can help you get professional-looking images for your footwear.

1. Select Your Product

spynecliq, product shoot app\

2. Select Your Marketplace

spynecliq, product shoot app

3. Shoot High-End Images Of Your Product With Your Phone.

spynecliq, product shoot app

And to give you a much more smooth sailing experience, we here at Spyne have programmed SpyneCliq to help you at each and every step of the shoot with Preview Images and Ghost Overlays. 

And since you are not using a customary photography station, your images may not have the most appropriate background. But not to worry as this is where we at Spyne come in. Once you are done with the shoot, you can submit your clicked images, so that we can edit, retouch and upscale them to meet all the vital industry standards.

With our AI Integrated Image Editing Technology, we are able to automatically Remove/Add Backgrounds, Add Margins, Crop/Resize Images, Add Shadows and Retouch Thousands of Images at Scale. This quick workflow further allows us to provide you with the quickest turnaround time of just 48 hours. 

And here is a little sneak peek of how we can transform some average looking mobile photos onto professional eCommerce Images.

Hence with SpyneCliq, you'll be able to get proper white background commercial footwear images, without ever being a part of the hassle of hiring a photographer or spending a lot of time and money.

Click High-Quality Commercial Images And get it edited at only a fraction of the cost

And if you are interested in experiencing one of the most seamless and cost-effective ways to get Marketplace Ready Images for your products, then you should definitely try SpyneCliq

Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 18 Sep, 2020