Try Spyneshare - Best WeTransfer Alternative in 2021

Try Spyneshare - Best WeTransfer Alternative in 2021 [Updated]

If you have been following the news recently, you must have found out that WeTransfer is banned in India, and Internet Service Providers have been asked to block its URL. There are many speculations going around as to why the platform is banned but if you have used it, you must be aware of its limited functionality. 

So, if you are looking for a Wetransfer alternative, you have come to the right place. Today we will be comparing the platform with Spyneshare and how their features and user experience are different from one another. 


Wetransfer alternative comparison


Photo-Sharing: A Detailed Comparison

1. Data Size

Wetransfer: The platform only allows you to share 2 GB of data at a time. This can be limiting when you want to share files of larger size. In order to share more than 2 Gb, you need to get the premium services. 

SpyneShare: SpyneShare, on the other hand, provides 5 GB of free data sharing space for a lifetime. 


2. File Security

Wetransfer: The file share link created by Wetransfer expires after a certain period of time. This raises a question about your data security. 

SpyneShare: When you create an album link with Spyneshare, it does not get expired even after a long time. This way, you can safely secure your data forever. 

We Transfer Alternative

3. Branding 

Wetransfer: While sharing with Wetransfer, your brand does not get the required recognition. This is necessary in case the client shares the files further to their connections. 

SpyneShare: The platform is rather supportive when it comes to brand promotion through file sharing. It uses personalized networking so that you can be directly in touch with those who access the file or album sent through the platform via a dashboard. 

We Transfer Alternative

4. Lead Generation

Wetransfer: There is no scope for lead generation while sharing files using Wetransfer. 

SpyneShare: This is one of the exclusive features of this platform that allow you to generate 2-5X reference leads. this is done using the personalized networking chatbot-like-tool that captures the contact info of those accessing the album and uses the right hooks to capture details of those who would want to use your services. 

We Transfer alternative

5. Review Collection

Wetransfer: Being in any business, you needed to have some kind of validation for your work that promotes others to use your service. This is why reviews are important. But Wetransfer does not have such functionalities. 

SpyneShare: The platform makes it a mandate for clients or receivers to give reviews first in order to download the files. This promotes a 100% review collection which you can choose to show on your website. 


Bonus Feature-

Multiple Selection and Tracking feature 

WeTransfer might sound like an ideal sharing tool but it lacks key features that might make your business processing smooth. Spyneshare, on the other hand, works as a perfect WeTransfer alternative by providing first-in-the-industry features that can help a photographer save time and effort merely through effective sharing. 

One of the examples of it is the "multiple selection and sharing" feature. Here’s how it works. 

1. Create a project and add a title along with the date by choosing the selection feature in the Spyne dashboard. 

2. Upload your files and click on share.

3. Then you will get an option to add emails of more than one person whom you want to send the album for selection with a unique code via a link. 

4. Then go to the ‘User Activity’ column in the Spyne dashboard and track the clients’ selection in real-time. 

This is a great feature for those in the wedding industry and fashion industry who want to send album selection to both the bride and the groom's side. It saves a lot of time and can help you in delivering the final album on time. 


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Final Words

Spyneshare is more than a photosharing tool. It is a business generator for brands who look forward to effective growth and build stronger references merely through the sharing process. If you are looking for a WeTransfer alternative, Spyneshare is the right tool for you. It is a business generator and provides you with far better functions that can make your life easy. Don’t believe us? Try yourself. Register with SpyneShare now!

Written By - Ramnish on 02 Jun, 2020