WedMeGood Teams Up With Spyne For Quality Visual Content

WedMeGood Teams Up With Spyne For Quality Visual Content

Spyne, India's first AI-driven on-demand photography studio, has collaborated with the Indian wedding planning platform, WedMeGood for fulfilling custom visual content requirements of their venues. 

Spyne, a technology company that helps photographers and brands to grow their business by helping them with visual content management and high-quality photoshoots, respectively, has teamed up with WedMeGood for various venue-related photoshoot services across Delhi-NCR.

Proposing a unique perspective to cover their wedding venues, Spyne has got a pilot project of 25 venues across the National Capital Region. The company's network of over 2000+ professional photographers using their product, SpyneShare, to create, edit, manage and share content, will allow them to create niche content for their clients. 

Since visuals are the driving force behind any business, Spyne will help WedMeGood to attract more customers to its venues with eye-catching visuals. The package involves 25-30 packshots and a one-minute panoramic video, thoroughly covering interiors, designs, setting, decor, and the space of various setups such as banquet halls, farmhouses, resorts, Golf Club, and so on. 

About Spyne

Sanjay Kumar (IIT-Kharagpur) and Deepti Prasad (Delhi School of Economics) alumni founded Spyne in 2018. Spyne is an on-demand photography studio that has partnered with thousands of professional photographers and hundreds of studios across India to help businesses fulfill their visual content requirements seamlessly. The company has built an end-to-end automated tool for businesses to order and receive shoot deliveries. 

Spyne also helps photographers to edit, manage, and share unlimited visual content with their clients using SpyneShare, a tool that can help them generate business by up to 5x. Spyne also offers other tools for photographers to grow their business, which include SpyneWeb (building photography website in just 3 simple steps) and SpyneTouch (image editing).

Spyne is also working to make other editing tools that will help businesses to spend less time, money, and efforts on Image editing. Spyne aims to be the one-stop-solution for photographers and businesses to grow their business.

Spyne Insights:

  • On-demand photography studio that caters to businesses and photographers
  • Helping businesses to get all kinds of shoots at one place
  • AI-based tech company providing personalized toolkit for photographers to grow their business
  • Spyne has a network of over 2500 photographers in India.
  • Spyne helps businesses with bulk image editing ensuring lower cost and faster delivery.
Written By - Younus Sideeq on 08 Apr, 2020