Wedding Photography Checklist, The Essentials & Must-Have Shots

Wedding Photography Checklist, The Essentials & Must-Have Shots list!

Wedding Photography in India is rather an unorganized industry with activities ranging from clicking the couple in a dreamy way to getting family pictures correctly, to many more. It needs a mix of genres of photography including portraits, documentaries, boudoir, pre-wedding, event, and close-up shots. Because in India whether it’s managing your time correctly or speaking to your clients, everything is a photographer's job. Things don’t always go as planned. When it comes to common mistakes, there tend to be two kinds—avoidable mistakes and unavoidable mistakes. The avoidable mistakes are the ones that could have been avoided. The unavoidable mistakes are the ones that happen because of something that there was no way to plan for.

So, to make you a well-planned photographer of his time, we are here with a wedding photography checklist that would surely help you in preparing yourself for shoot days and let you avoid almost all the mistakes. 


1. Prior to the walking down the aisle moments

This time of the day is very crucial as the bride and groom are getting ready, guests must have started coming and things are just going to start rolling. So, we advise that a list of shots would definitely help you in covering all of it without fail. 

- Getting Ready shots both bride and groom 

- Decor and Venue shots as people are not their

- Dress hanging and jewellery set shots 

- Bridesmaids and bride shots 

- Mother and bride shots 

- Father-daughter shots 

- Bridal portraits 

- Wedding rings shots 

- Groom and Groomsmen shots 

- Putting on the shoe shot

- Close up detailed dress shots 


2. Next up in the list is walking down the aisle moments 

Now, these shots are something that is totally off-control for photographers. And since it is now Covid-19 times, so it would be better if you have a floor plan and a good understanding of the venue so that you know places and from where the bride would come. Let's take a look at these shots from wedding photography checklist - 

- Bride and Bridesmaids walking shot

- Happy girls or family shots 

- Bridal entry shots 

- Groom reaction shots on the bride's entry 

- Shot of the wedding venue 

- Family reactions 

3. Ceremony shots - Wedding photography checklist 

Every venue has a different layout, so do make sure that you know the venue and its all ceremony points. Ceremony shots include - 

- Shoulder pan shots through the sides 

- Family reactions shots while the ceremony 

- Exchanging vows shots 

- Mangalsutra shots 

- Through the earring shot where the reaction of a groom is taken via the bride's earring and shoulder space.

- Phere shots 

- Agni shots 

- Flower-shower shots 

- Candid moments of a bride and groom 

- Guests candid moments 


4. Couple Shots 

Every couple has a different love story, it's the job of wedding photography to capture its beauty with pure candid flavor. The more real the couple look, the more beautiful the pictures would turn out. Let's take a look at a couple of portraits that you must take on the wedding day.

- Standing shots 

- Looking into each other's eyes shots 

- The look against shots 

- The groom adore shots 

- The bridal twirl shots 

- The groom and bride's dancing shots 

- The beautiful moment shot, here make them remember some beautiful memory of their story and let them have a candid smile on their faces. 

- Some filmy shots 

- Classic bridal portraits 

- Happy couple shots 

- Kissing shots 

- Ring shots 

- Dressing the bride shot 


5. After wedding services 
It's this point of the wedding which is the most rememberable one, as the couple always remember the after-sales issues or services that they have got. Frankly, this is where a brand's image is made. So, for this step, we would highly recommend you all to keep a check on all of these pointers very carefully. 

- Don't make your client wait for their pictures. 

- Don't share them a Google drive link because it is highly irritating when it comes to asking for permission and sending the links to your extended family. You can always switch to more easy options that are user-friendly and lead generating. Know the comparison here.

- Always prioritize your client's suggestion on photos or videos.

- Do not forget to take their reviews on your services, as feedback makes the process simpler and you learn a lot while doing it. 


We hope that you like these pointers and they are really helpful to you. Do tune in to our other blogs to know more


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Written By - Tanya Vij on 14 Jul, 2020