Is Your Business Lacking a Virtual Assistant?

Is Your Business Lacking a Virtual Assistant?

Do you know that more than 60% of your business depends on references if you work in the creative industry like photography, interior designing, or events? We don’t have any official data to back up this statement, yet. But we have interacted with top professionals who made us aware of how important a role, references play in growing their business. That’s why we have come up with this guide that will tell you all about the use of Virtual Assistants in terms of reference building.  


An Overview

Working in the creative industry has its own perks. From job satisfaction to an informal dress-code and a friendly work environment, the creative industry has a lot to offer. But no matter how easy-going the work might seem but the challenge of roping in clients is one of the bitter truths. If you are a creative professional who has just stepped into the industry while dreaming of making it big. Let us tell you one bitter truth- The competition is tough and it’s not easy to bring in the first 10 clients

You gain your first customers when they truly see something unique in you, something that no other business is offering. Now, once you gain the first few customers, bringing in more is supposed to become easy. But that’s not how it works. Your business gains recognition when there’s hype, the word starts to spread and people get to know what you’re doing.

If you’ve not been living under a rock then you must have heard of ‘Marketing’. Unlike traditional offline marketing techniques, most businesses opt for digital marketing which is considered affordable, effective, and a great way to convert a business into a brand. 

This is how a VA helps in building references and control the traffic on your website.



It’s 2019 and if you’re still operating your business offline then you should not ask why your business is not growing. There’s a reason why they say that the Internet brings people together. In order to make it big in the business, the least you can start with is creating a website. Now, if you already have one then kudos to you, you’re halfway to success. 

Now what?

Apart from creating a portfolio website and posting regular blogs, digital marketing helps in bringing traffic to your website. But to increase the conversion rate through that traffic is a task. There are many ways to do that and one of them is a Call-to-Action on your webpage. It can be anything from a contact form to direct sign-up option. But a personalized CTA best works according to the needs of the potential client on your website. 

This is where the virtual assistant comes into play.  A virtual assistant works in different ways to help scale your business. Whether it is bringing the client to contact form or help with any enquiry. The work of a virtual assistant is to prevent the traffic on your website from diverting.

Virtual Assistant, Spyne

Let’s assume a potential customer comes to your website. After scrolling for a bit, he or she likes your work and want to opt for your service or have some query related to fees, delivery time, or a service but doesn’t know how to approach you or the process is too long, that client will instantly close your website and look for some other, more informative business website. 

This can become an issue when you are gaining attention online as you can actually lose out on some important leads. 

But having a virtual assistant for your website solves that problem. Here are some ways in a VA helps promote business growth and efficient reference building.


Virtual Assistant


1. Reference Builder

A virtual assistant is an amazing reference builder. Let us explain to you how. Usually, when an existing customer refers your business to a friend or a family, that person gets influenced into taking your service. Now, as a professional who is looking forward to some serious business expansion, relying on word-of-mouth can be a bit inefficient. That’s where a virtual assistant comes for the rescue. A VA works as a continuous reference builder by interacting and communicating your business with the website visitors. These VAs are generally referred to as Chatbot. These Chatbots can be personalized according to the needs and target audience. 


2. Lead Generation

What does a business require? Huge ping-pong balls to throw at the competitor’s office. No, that’s definitely not what a business requires. In order to flourish and make it big, a business needs ‘Leads’. They need customers to run their setup. And a Virtual Assistance helps in achieving that. A VA helps in managing the leads so that you can start working on converting those leads.


3. Live-Chat Customer Support

A virtual assistant helps the customer connect with you for any business enquiry. This is feasible in an offline business where a customer can put forward his queries and the business directly communicates with him. But online, not so much. But a virtual assistant makes it possible. You can instantly connect with the customers online, thus improving the efficiency of customer support.


4. Traffic Growth

A Virtual Assistant is exactly what you need to promote those amazing blogs of yours that you have published on your website. Let us explain to you how. Basically, when someone ends up on your website, it is not necessary that they are looking forward to using your service. They might be looking for answers to something. For example, they might be looking for the best destination ideas for a wedding photoshoot or ideas for trending jewelry designs. So, you can customize the Virtual Assistant or Chatbot in such a way that it redirects the audience to your blog if they are looking for something similar. 


In a nutshell, Virtual Assistant is an amazing way to scale your business and build references. If you’re a creative professional and own a portfolio website then it is one of the best trends to follow. If you still have any queries about VA and its use, feel free to reach us at or contact our team of experts on 011-66104020.

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Written By - Ramnish on 31 Aug, 2019