SpyneFrame Update: Video Reviews and Collaborations Now More Interactive

SpyneFrame Update: Video Reviews and Collaborations Now Even More Interactive

SpyneFrame was recently launched with the main focus on solving problems around video review and effective collaboration that a marketing/advertising agency, videographers, and video makers face while delivering output to the clients. 

Its aim is to deliver precise feedback from the client to you so that you can in-turn fast-track the delivery of the video.

After listening to the needs of many of our own clients and others in the industry, we have introduced a new update to the platform.  

SpyneFrame - What’s New?

To make it easy for you to share videos with your clients for feedback, we have introduced a couple of new features that would totally impress your clients and make you look even more professional.

Especially if you work in a video creation team then you want a reliable platform that can manage almost all your business from sharing the video for feedback to delivering to them faster. Here’s what you get - 


1. Add Annotation on Video

This feature allows the client to mark anywhere on the video at any frame to specify the changes that need to be made. This way, the editor gets a better insight into what changes does the client need.

The small color pallet at the bottom right allows you to choose any color you want. The clients just have to make the color selection and mark the area where changes need to be made. You can also add a comment on top of that to specify your needs. It’ll appear something like this.


2. Create Versions

SpyneFrame has made it easier for you to deliver your final output once the re-edit is done. Work on those feedbacks, and improve your videos. Then all you’ve got to do is reshare the video for approval on the same dashboard by uploading a new version through SpyneFrame’s “Upload New Version Option.

The best part is that you can upload as many versions as you want without any trouble. This can make your whole video feedback and collaboration experience smoother and faster. 

To know more, Check out this video - 


Just In Case You Missed It

SpyneFrame is a Collaborative Video Review tool that cuts down the post-production to delivery time drastically by capturing the feedback and comments of the clients, frame-by-frame. 

Core Features of SpyneFrame - 


If you want to take your business to the next level, using a platform like SpyneFrame can be really handy. And guess what? If you sign up now, you can enjoy the launch price discount of 50%. Avail the offer now and Sign Up with SpyneFrame or you can contact us at www.spyne.ai and connect with us at photographer@spyne.ai

Written By - Ramnish on 06 Aug, 2020