Solving Video Feedback Problems of Businesses with SpyneFrames

Solving Video Feedback Problems of Businesses with SpyneFrames

With more and more visual content rolling in every day, social media has become the hub for approval and video feedback, especially for YouTubers. But for content creators like photographers, advertising and marketing agencies, PR agencies, getting instant collaborative feedback from their colleagues, and clients are just as important but there are limited tools to get such clarity in reviews. 

Whether it is getting approval from the client or getting reviews from your own team, it takes a lot to work on collaborative feedback and it becomes a task without proper tools. For a business, video is an important part of generating traffic. According to Citco, 82% of global internet traffic will come from video and streaming by 2020. So the client only expects the best from you.  

But when it comes to managing collaborative feedbacks and working on them, things can be a bit stressful. 

So, we have discussed the major problems faced by different professionals when it comes to getting video feedback and delivering excellence and what you can do to solve the problem.  


Video Review: Common Problems Faced by Professionals

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For YouTubers, it is a lack of approval that leads to a bunch of videos that are amateurish and reviewed badly on social platforms. Even though they get a learning gateway through those reviews. But if you are wanting to put up quality content on your social platforms, make sure that you get your work pre-approved by a bunch of known or unknown people. 


Instant FeedBack on Your Videos - SpyneFrames

SpyneFrame is one such collaborative video editing tool that turns the entire video feedback approach a whole lot professional. It promotes a perfect ecosystem for your video workflow by providing a frame-by-frame video feedback feature that enhances the clarity of details. The purpose of this tool is to cut down the post-production process and make the delivery process more efficient. 


1. Get Reviews Anytime & Anywhere

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Spyneframes is compatible with every OS. This makes it easy for you to access your video and get reviews anytime and anywhere.


2. Instantly Reply to Clients’ Comments

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Getting your videos reviewed was never this easy. You just have to share the video with the client and get lighting-fast video assessment. 


3. Receive Frame-by-frame feedback

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Get the most accurate feedback on your videos frame-by-frame and enjoy a smooth workflow. The upcoming feature of this collaborative tool is a frame-by-frame comparison of different versions of a video. 

SpyneFrames solves the problem of video feedback as it works as an all-in-one place to share video, and collect instant collaborative feedback on your work. When compared with other video sharing platforms like Google Drive, Youtube, WeTransfer, etc, SpyneFrames performs like this.

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To enjoy seamless benefits of SpyneFrames including Frame-by-Frame Feedback, Fast Drag and Drop File feature, Instant Replies to Real-Time Comments and Faster Video Delivery, Sign Up now.

Written By - Ramnish on 17 Jul, 2020