13+ Best Video Collaboration Tools for Creative Teams

13+ Best Video Collaboration Tools for Creative Teams

Getting clear approval from clients on videos can be a painful task especially when you’re in a marketing and advertising agency. Also, with changing times, online team collaboration has become a necessity as the team could be overseas, or all the members of the team might not be present in the office for physical interaction. 

So, if you are looking for a perfect video collaboration tool then you can check out the list of software that we have put together to get a better idea. 


13+ Video Collaboration and Review Tools


1. Frame.io

video collaboration and review

Frame.io is a cloud-based collaboration platform that enables its clients to stay connected with all their team for editing videos, images, and more no matter on part of the planet they are at.

The platform is built for creative teams to easily get actionable feedback on their work. It’s still a greatPlace for those who want to keep track of every feedback with the help of frame.io’s hyperactive email notification.


2. Wipster

video collaboration and review

Webster is another top video review and collaboration platform that simplifies the workflow of video Production and delivery. The main function of the tool is to help creative professionals in easily collecting precise feedback. According to one of the articles written by filestage.io, The charges are steep for users who want to add more users to their accounts. But all in all, it’s still an amazing platform for those looking for effective feedback and team collaboration.


3. QuickReviewer

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QuickReviewer is another great platform that helps in making review collection easy for marketing agencies and creative teams. This in turn increases the overall productivity and makes the video delivery process faster.

QuickReviewer might be a great go-to platform for creative teams to fasten the post-production to the delivery process, it still lacks the feature to function on mobile phones which can be a big setback.


4. SpyneFrame

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SpyneFrame is a video review and collaboration tool that creates a perfect ecosystem for the smoothest workflow by providing you with frame-by-frame feedback on videos along with marking annotations for clear vision. 

The main objective of this tool is to cut down your post-production process while fastening the delivery. It’s a great tool for marketing and media production teams who want to be connected with their clients effectively and get crystal clear feedback in real-time. 


5. Filestage

video collaboration tool

Filestage is yet another video collaboration tool that makes it easy to gather reviews and feedback from the clients. It simplifies the entire process and makes it convenient for you to keep going with the post-production process. 

Filestage also offers a video-annotation tool that can be used to give context to the edits that need to be made. 


6. Vimeo

video collaboration tool

Even though Vimeo is a Platform for hosting video content, it is also a platform that offers collaboration tools for teams to stay productive and organized. To maintain the productivity of video production teams, Vimeo has brought together this amazing collaboration tool.


7. GoProof

video collaboration tool

GoProof is yet another video collaboration software that allows you to collaborate with your team. The best part about go proof is that it provides Adobe creative cloud for effective review collection. The best part about go proof is that it provides Adobe creative cloud for effective review collection.


8. Cage

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Cage is also a team collaboration tool That makes the entire collaboration process effective. The tool aims towards bringing the project together in as little time as possible. It is a great Thing for marketing teams who can use this to simplify their work.


9. Vidhud

video collaboration tool

While talking about video collaboration tools, one can never not talk about Vidhud. It is an intuitive tool for marketing teams who can easily streamline their entire processing through this software. Even though it’s a great place for marketers to collaborate but it does lack in some places such as review collection. The review collection part of this tool can be a little complex and hard to track. But overall it’s perfect for team collaboration.


10. Notism

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Notism is another tool that offers teams to collaborate and share projects to get reviews. The software makes it easy for you to close a project faster by bringing together the team in one place. Whether it is a design or a video work, you can easily get done with it by using Notism. 


11. Cospective

video collaboration tool

Cospective is a powerful tool for creative teams. The platform provides tools for visual communication in order to get synchronized reviews. This is really a high-grade tool for those who want frame0by-frame feedback with more precision.


12. InMotionNow

video collaboration tool

InMotionNow is a great tool for those looking forward to streamlining their projects and create stronger ties with the clients. InMotionNow empowers a creative team with project management software that makes it easy to collaborate as well as streamline your entire projects.  


13. ReviewStudio

video collaboration tool

ReviewStudio is a fairly functional tool for marketers who can easily mark up images, gifs, videos, or web content for precise reviews. The tool keeps everyone aligned with its centralized feedback program. 


14. Slope

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Slope is another cloud-based team collaboration and review tool that makes it easy for marketing and creative teams to plan their work, track every second of it, and review the work, all in one place. 

This is a decent software that can help in moving the team to strategize and close a project sooner. 


15. Approve

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And at last, Approve. It’s work management plus online proofing software that helps you in making sure that you never miss a deadline. With powerful workflow automation, online proofing tools, and task management, Approve can accelerate your team’s productivity. 



This article talked about video reviews and collaboration tools that can be used for streamlining your projects and deliver them after flawless execution. In the end, it’s not about what tool you are using but about utilizing it to the full potential to get the benefits 

Written By - Ramnish on 19 Aug, 2020