Repurpose your Spyne photos on the album with these ideas!

Repurpose your Spyne photos on the album with these unique ideas

After doing a photoshoot and delivering the final album to the clients, you often find yourself surrounded by thousands of photos that you won’t be using anymore. While deleting and getting rid of them is one option. But you might not want to go down that road. If you already worked so hard on clicking them, why not use them in your own favor and get something good out of it. So, here are some amazing ways you can use your Spyne photos on the album.


1. Decorate your studio, of course


Decorate your studio, Spyne photos


The best way to utilize your work is by using it in your best interest. Now if you have a studio or a workplace, why not decorate it with those photos. You can decorate your studio with the best picks. And since you have so many photos, you can get creative with it.


2. Upload it on your website


Upload it on your website


The best way to use your work is by putting it out there for others to see. Since you already have a website, upload those photos on it by events. This way, you will have an album of each event you have covered on your website. If you don’t have a website, we’d advise you to get one because the competition is tough out there and you can’t just rely on references anymore to run a photography business. You have to expand your horizon and experiment with different things like content marketing and Google ads.


3. Distribution


distribution, spyne photos


Talking about references, the distribution option of Spyne is a great way to get your work to the clients and their friends. Sending your work into the network helps in building references. This way, if somebody likes your work, they will approach you.


4. Create a portfolio


create portfolio, spyne photos


Every work you do is important. That’s why portfolios exist. They are proof that you are a hard-working professional and actually doing something with your time. Portfolios are the way to attract potential clients. If you have a specific style of photography and that reflects in your work then you can just show it to your potential customers rather than telling them.


5. Post on Instagram


Post on Instagram, Spyne photos


Want to gain followers who appreciate your work? Start posting those photos on your social media. While some may disagree but for us, social media is the only place that can get you attention. One quality post a day can give you a bunch of followers who are genuinely interested in your work. And who knows? You may even start getting leads from social media platforms. When it comes to growing your social media presence, Instagram and Pinterest are your best bet.


6. Coffee table books


coffee table book, spyne photos


Last but not least, your photos from Spyne album can be used for making coffee table books. Coffee table books are an amazing way of promoting your business. You can create coffee table books and put them in your office. Or if you have contacts then you can actually put them on display at coffee shops. Coffee table books are entertaining and surprisingly, they help in branding.

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Written By - Ramnish on 02 Nov, 2019