An Ultimate Guide to Promote your Business on Pinterest

An Ultimate Guide to Promote your Business on Pinterest

*Image centric social networks are rapidly gaining market share due to their high engagement levels*


For all the business companies who think, Instagram and Facebook are enough to promote your business and come into the limelight! Then it is time to go onboard! Because beaming with a full current is a wholesome image-centric website, Pinterest!


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But before proceeding any further, it important to delve a bit into this concept. Isn't it? 

So, What Pinterest is and how to start using Pinterest for business?


Pinterest is basically an ultra-hot social platform where people look for inspiration, ideas and unique things. The photos are centre stage and sharing is second nature to the audience!

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The whole motive is to share the most unique content on your page and get as many people as possible to pin them! As pins that you post, gets linked back to your content or blog, the traffic to your blog automatically grows significantly! People can share and bookmark your images to their individual accounts that interest and inspire them which makes your pins go even more viral!


Therefore in order to build your brand and reach your products or services to a wide range of audience, Pinterest is the ultimate medium to promote your business!


Still, Don't believe us? Take a look at the Stats!

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1. Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in History. In fact, after the Instagram purchase by Facebook, Pinterest has become the hot ticket for business marketing!

2. According to latest data estimated in September 2018, Pinterest has reached around 250 million monthly active users; more than 10,00,000 being Pinterest business accounts.

In the words of Jon Kaplan, Company's Sales head, "If Pinterest were a country, we’d be the fifth largest in the world!”

1. With an average of 88.3 minutes per visitor, Pinterest ranks third on engagement behind Facebook and Tumblr and well ahead of LinkedIn (16 minutes) and Google Plus (5.1 minutes). The average retention and engagement rate is 2-3 times better than Twitter and drives more traffic than YouTube, Google and LinkedIn combined!

Thus Pinterest is not just this, it is a wide network and could prove to be the most amazingly simple way to promote your business! And if you have real offbeat content or products, don't think, just get on board!


What are the ways to use Pinterest to promote your business?


1. Share the most unique!


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One major difference between Instagram and Facebook is Uniqueness! Pinterest has a pool of content that is not only idea-centric but it is also quite unique! Thus, the most obvious way is to find out the most unique in your business and share it to get the most repins! It could be your product designm or unique ideas in case of deisgn, anything that is offbeat from the regular. You can even experiment with the fonts, graphics and other elements to add creativity and uniqueness!

Even if you are not company that render products, but provides services like websites or graphic designing. Your can pin a screenshot of you website pages or in case of designing, you best samples. It is all about building your brand and showcasing what you deal, be it any manner!


2. Create individual boards!

The reason pinterest is flourishing is because everything in it is super- segregated and simplified! A user doesn't has to got though the problem of having to scan through the whole page to match his liking. But boarding system makes the task just easier!


ways to use pinterest to promote your business


Thus, what pinterest business accounts do, is they divide their boards into product categories like sharara designs or wedding cards ideas. Or according to specific customers, such as items for moms, kids, artists, and others. Doing so creates a virtual product catalog that caters to interest of all type of customer rather just one or two!


3. How to promote your website in pinterest for business?

How do you drive traffic to your Instagram page? By using the right keywords, isn't it? The same case is here in pinterest. Pinterest provides you a suitable opportunity to route genuine traffic to your website with an effective SEO strategy.
how to promote your blog in pinterest for business
The apt measure is to provide the right description(like a call to action) with a quality back link on each pin. Just use targeted keyword and an effective call to action to you website, an the right traffic will come following you!

4. Engaging with an audience is one of the ways to make pinterest work for your business!


how does pinterest works for your business


Pinterest is more or less same like Instagram in some aspects. No matter how visual-centric it is, you cannot deny the fact that it is indeed a social media platform! The right thing to do is to build a community around your Brand! Who knows a brand with such unique items is there on pinterest? So the right thing to do is to follow users; people who are somewhere related to your brand speciality. Following them will encourage them to follow you back and increase your spread of pins(products). Thus in this way, you will build a strategic community around your brand.
You can even engage with the users by thanking them, commenting on your pins that they have re-pinned. Thus, more the customer interaction, more a fruitful relation!
So, While you're managing your time and efforts on Facebook and Instagram, don't forget to start pinning your Brand porducts on Pinterest! Because you never know, your competitor must have crossed 3 million and you're still staggering on Instagram and Facebook!
Written By - Muskan Dhingra on 13 Mar, 2019