SpyneAI Web Application is LIVE, Transform Your Car Listing Images in Seconds

SpyneAI Web Application is LIVE, Transform Your Car Listing Images in Seconds

We are glad to announce the official launch of our web application of SpyneAI, which means, now you can use our technology through our web interface and transform your substandard car images to studio-style car images in a matter of seconds. 


car ai photo editing


After working for months to create a flawless tool, we can now proudly say that our AI tool has the competency to edit every car image from almost every angle. No matter what your car image is or however the angle of the image, you can turn these not-so-impressive car images into appealing and professional images by generating a 3D virtual showroom using Spyne’s AI technology for cars. This can be done in a matter of 3 seconds, 100% automatically. If you’re wondering how it works and wants to try it out, you can click here to do so. 


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Images being crucial to any car seller, a marketplace of dealerships helps these online businesses attract potential customers and eventually drive sales. The first thing these sellers must do is to build their online showroom that can attract buyers looking for cars online. 

86% of car buyers research cars online before even visiting a dealership or store. 

Create stunning car images

Whether you’d like to edit one car image or multiple car images, you can run your not-so-good car images through Spyne, choose the background setting of your choice and let the tool automatically generate a backdrop for your car. The AI’s smart algorithms work in the backend to remove the background and the floor, and then add a new background and a rotating floor beneath the car with shadows and reflections, giving the car a realistic look. Try our Car Background Image Editing Service for your Automobile Business.


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Transform Your Existing Catalog

Since you’ll have plenty of car images lying on your catalog that do not drive customer attention, you’d definitely like to edit them at almost zero investment, right? To edit these images or generate a new background and floor for these car images, you can simply run them through our web tool and create images similar to studio-like images and improve your sales by up to 40%. 


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Improve Sales by 40%

To create a stunning online presence, you’d need stunning car images. But how do you transform your existing car images and improve your sales by 40%? 

Your car images might have irregular backgrounds, dirty floors, and substandard appearance, which might discourage a buyer from even clicking on the images. Obviously, appearance does matter when it comes to purchasing or researching online. However, with Spyneai’s web tool, you can now transform your poor car images to showroom-like car images in a matter of seconds. 

Our high-selling premium, custom backgrounds enable you to generate a studio-like setup for your car images or create a virtual dealership look on your car images, without actually setting up a physical studio. 


automobile custom backgrounds


                                                    car image enhancement


How To Generate Studio-Style Car Images?
1. Create a free account 

To create premium car images using our Web Tool, you can simply click here to go to the tool or search Car Photo Editor in your browser. You can get 10 free credits by opening your free account using your email. You’ll receive an OTP to verify your free account. 


car image editing app


The moment you verify your account, you’ll instantly be credited with 5 free credits, which you can use to download HD car images for free. 


automatic car image editing app


2. Upload your car image

Now you can upload your not-so-good car image (with poor background) to our dashboard. 


automobile image enhancement app


car marketplace ready photos


3. Choose the background

Choose the background setting of your choice from a deck of high-selling premium backgrounds, and hit “Apply” to turn your car image into a showroom-like* image. You can choose to tick the “Color Enhancement” and “Window Transparency” options to make your car look cleaner, else ignore it. 


automobile image background replacement


*At times, the background setting you choose may not fit well with your car, you can simply choose the suggested backdrops below the preview image or choose another background of your choice.


car image custom backgrounds


4. Download 

a) Create Custom Backgrounds For Free

You can upload your car images on our web tool, choose the background setting of your choice and then also download the image for free of cost. However, the image will have a spyne logo as a watermark. In case you’d like to remove the watermark and also download the HD version of your newly generated car image, you can purchase low-cost image credits to do it. 


car image editing app


b) Download HD images

If you want to download high-resolution car images? Purchase your image credits here. 


car premium images


Don't forget to leave us feedback, go ahead and give our web tool a try. Now Book A Demo to see the Marketplace Ready shoots and editings with Spyne.   


car image editing app


Take your car images to a Wow Level with our Spyne App.


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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 04 May, 2021