This online tool uses deep learning to quickly replace your car image background

This online tool uses deep learning to quickly replace your car image background

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Spyne’s AI tool is a quick and efficient way to replace image background from cars. It turns your car images with a hotch-potch background into something similar to what you see in classifieds or high-end catalogs.


Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of how businesses create visual content for their products. With the ever-increasing demand for high-quality, compelling imagery and videos, brands are anticipating a way that can help them leverage AI algorithms to accomplish their requirements.

Spyne, an AI-based technology company is on a hunt to help businesses create, edit and publish content that sells easily. Using machine learning, the company recently rolled out a new AI tool to help car dealership, car marketplaces, and re-sellers, refurbish car images into something that will boost their conversion rate and eventually sales. 


The company says that their “Car background replacement tool is a handy utility for those who find photoshop difficult and time-consuming for replacing the car image background.”


It is a single-purpose tool that puts its smart algorithms to do the hard work for you. It is driven by 100% automation and can give you promising results in a matter of seconds. You can replace the image background from any car and apply a new background of your choice from our premium, high-selling backgrounds. 

How our tool pull off this magic? 

Of course, the secret sauce in creating high-selling car images entails a lot of complex computations and algorithms.

Semantic Segmentation:

Spyne uses deep learning and the “semantic soft segmentation,” an AI technique that separates out objects in any image. It either helps you change the look of the background or simply compose a figure (the main object) into an entirely new scene or setting. 

The segmentation, in very simple words, is mainly a categorization task, in the sense of categorizing every pixel to a particular class. Unlike any other classification, segmentation here really shows some understanding of the image. It does not only say there’s a car in the image but points out where and what is the car, on a pixel level.   

The process begins with a convolutional neural network or simply put, analyzing the regions and features of a particular image. It then automatically detects the “soft transitions” such as hair of an animal or grass in the background (or irregular surface under the car), which in the past had to be separated by manual editing or by hand and it would take hours of hard work and effort. 

Pixels in the image are associated with each other by color which is combined with the features determined by the neural network to estimate the image layer - after which it completely replaces the image background, giving you the image with a new setting or background.

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What you can do with an AI-based background replacement tool?

The car background replacement tool allows you to remove the car image background and it automatically creates a new one after analyzing the car setting and angles. 

Spyne’s Car background replacement tool doesn’t just replace the car image background but it also takes care of the important aspects such as floor extension and replacement, depth of field, level correction, masking of the windows so that your new background is even clearly visible through the translucent car windows, and dropping required amount of shadow, hence making your picture completely natural and highly professional. 

Use high-selling premium backgrounds to create professional car images that look similar to showroom or catalog car images, without having to take your car anywhere. Whether you click your car image with your cellphone with a DSLR, on a busy road, or in your backyard, you can replace the image background and create a new one 100% automatically. All you need to do is Upload the car image. 

How is Spyne’s AI tool different from any other car background replacement tool?

Spyne trained its AI algorithms on millions of real-life images to create results that no one in Indian or perhaps in the industry offer. This is a first of its kind use-case that allows you to replace car image background with high-selling premium backgrounds. The tool doesn’t just replace the background with a premium background but also creates a new floor (turntable) beneath the car, making it look like the picture captured in a showroom. 

Unlike other tools, you don’t have to select the areas in the image that you want to get rid of, it automatically learns and detects what’s to be replaced and what not. 

It is one of the most accurate tools, giving you the best results without having to either select the path to be removed or the car angle. It automatically detects the position of the car and places the new background in the perfect way possible. It also allows you to add logos to your images and create an authoritative look in your car listings.

Use Spyne’s cutting edge technology tool to replace your car image background and create new images that sell faster. 

Car background remover

Clippr is a free background remover, that lets you remove image background from any kind of picture and create the transparent background behind your subjects. Later you can use these images on multiple backgrounds, banners, classifieds, or even drop a new background behind the object and create a new set of images for your multiple social media channels. Clippr is an AI tool developed by Spyne to help you remove image background for free in the quickest way possible. 

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 01 Feb, 2021