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Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Planning Your Maternity Shoot

Being a mother is one of the most satisfying and beautiful experience. Who doesn't want to capture those glorious and positive days? You just can’t stop yourself from making memories of such days for your future baby and yourself. How wonderful will it be to look at your baby bump again after you have given birth?

The photos captured during your maternity shoot will just bring back all the struggles, emotions and overwhelming feelings. Also, it is such a wholesome feeling for the whole family so it is very important that it is captured. There are many factors that you need to consider before getting your maternity shoot done. Here are some things you need to keep in mind.


1. Keep It Simple

Maternity shoot, Seattle

 Maternity Shoot

The point of this shoot is to create timeless memories for you and your family. It will portray your journey as a mother. If it’s your first time being a mother, the shoot must be really special for you. You can just simply get it done in your apartment with your husband or you can choose an outdoor setting as well. 

Just remember to choose the time carefully. A maternity shoot is all about proudly showing your baby bump to the world. So just make sure that the bump is in a full shape when you get the shoot done. But the most important thing to consider is your comfort. Don’t wait for the end days to get the shoot done as you might be uncomfortable during that time.


2. Choose Your Outfits And The Location of The Shoot Wisely

Maternity shoot, seattle

Maternity Shoot

The outfits you and your family would wear will somewhat decide the outcome of your shoot. Your baby bump is the focus of this shoot so wear clothes that will highlight it in a flattering way. Highlighting the baby bump does not necessarily mean wearing tight clothes. Rather, wearing too tight clothes can portray you being uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if you wear clothes that are too loose, the baby bump will be hidden. So wear something that is comfortable but does not defeat the purpose of the shoot. Also, choose the location according to the whole concept and theme of the shoot. 

3. Plan in Advance With Your Photographer

Maternity Shoot

Maternity photography is as important and special as any other shoot. Planning the details of the shoot in advance with your photographer will help you get to know him as well. This will make sure that you are comfortable in front of the camera. A maternity shoot is not silly but it may get awkward when you are posing for the camera. This can be prevented if you and your photographer sit down and talk about it. 

Also, let the photographer know if you have some creative ideas in mind. He will give his ideas too! Just share your vision with him and you will be ready. Tell him that you want to look beautiful and flattering with the baby bump and he will make sure you look like that.

4. Family Maternity Shoot


Maternity Shoot

Maternity Shoot

If it's not your first time being a mama, you can choose to get your maternity shoot done with your little ones and your life partner. There are so many creative ideas you can opt for. A maternity shoot with your family can turn out to be really fun. It can also be a way to spend quality time with your family.

You can choose an outdoor location where your kids can play and just have fun. The candid moments captured with your family will turn out to be some of the best photos. Also, the natural light will enhance the beauty of the photos. You can also have a romantic moment with your partner while getting the shoot done. Your little ones can just talk to your bump and that can be captured, it will be the cutest shot.

5. Just Relax and Be Comfortable

Don’t forget to just relax and take deep breaths. You must be in your true personality while you get the shoot done. All that pregnancy glow on your face must be captured. For this to happen, you must be happy and relaxed. So, get the shoot done when the time is right. Who says that the shoot must be perfect? It must be a portrayal of a beautiful journey of motherhood. If you are comfortable, you will look more flattering in the photos.

Maternity Shoot

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These were some things to ponder about before getting your maternity shoot done. Just have fun and experiment with your photographer. If you are more comfortable sitting while getting captured, do that without hesitating. It is all about love, happiness and accepting change. All the best! Congratulations on being a mother.

Here Are Some Maternity Shoot Ideas That You Should Definitely Try!

Wear Something Glamorous 


Cute Little Baby Shoes

The One With Your Partner

Into The Wilderness

When should you do a maternity shoot?

You should always go for a maternity shoot in the late 7th or early 8th month of the pregnancy. This is the best time for you to show your baby bump. 

How should I pose for maternity pictures?

The One Holding Your Belly

The One With The Props

The Dreamy Pose

This is a very common question that pops up in every mother's mind. But not to worry as we here at Spyne have brought you some of the most adorable maternity shoot poses

What should I wear for winter maternity pictures?

For your maternity shoot, you should always wear body-hugging clothes. These help you properly flaunt your baby bump.

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Written By - Lisha Dawar on 05 Aug, 2019