10 Things To Do in Los Angeles If You Love Photography

Things To Do in Los Angeles for Photographers

If you are a photographer and looking for some inspiration for your next photoshoot in Los Angeles then you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about photoshoot places in LA and what should be your next move.

Whether you’re a photographer, a resident or a traveler, if you own a camera then there’s no limit to what you can capture in LA but certainly, you need some direction. So, here is a list of 10 things to do in Los Angeles.


1. Downtown LA


Downtown LA, Los Angeles


The first place you should visit is Downtown LA. The destination is comprised of small areas including Chinatown, Museums, Arts district, bars, etc. Downtown LA is an amazing place for street photography. There’s also The Walt Disney Concert Hall that you surely don’t want to miss. The amazing architecture of the venue will surely make for some amazing photographs.


2. Bradbury Building LA


Bradbury building

Another architecture marvel of LA, Bradbury Building offers an amazing stairway view. It is a great place for architectural photography as well as portraits. The vintage stairway and skylight from the roof are a sight to savor in LA.


3. The Last Bookstore LA


The Last Bookstore, LA


You must have seen those amazing portraits on Instagram where the books are stacked in a circular manner. Well, you can also capture the same magic with your camera. Just head to The Last Bookstore in LA. You’ll not only find some amazing books but will also be able to add some great pictures to your portfolio.


4. Venice Beach LA


Venice Beach, Los Angeles


  Venice Beach is an amazing place to head out with a camera if you are looking forward to capturing some beautiful shots. The place offers a sense of chaos as there’s always something happening on Venice Beach. Head out to the venue during the daytime, you certainly won’t regret it.


5. ACE art gallery LA


Ace Art Gallery, Los Angeles


Want to witness the best of LA? Head out to the ACE Gallery which is located on Wilshire Boulevard. The entry for the gallery is free. While traveling to LA, one should definitely check it out.


6. Echo Park LA


Echo Park, Los Angeles

Echo Park is an amazing place to capture the beautiful skyline of LA. This is an amazing place for golden hour photography as the best of pictures here can be captured during sunset and sunrise.


7. Santa Monica Pier LA


Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles


While visiting LA, make sure that you go to Santa Monica Pier. The place has an amazing sunset view and is one of the most California things to do while in LA.


8. El Matador Beach LA


El Matador Beach, Los Angeles


El Matador Beach is another amazing spot for photographers as it has some really interesting rock formations. You can capture some great pictures as well as enjoy the ocean view. It is located at the north of Malibu.


9. The Queen Mary Cruise Ship LA


The Queen's Mary cruise ship, Los Angeles


The place might be packed with tourists all the time but if you are a photographer, it’s best to plunge in and find some creative ways to capture the cruise ships in all their might. It is also an amazing place to capture portraits. 


10. Grimes Canyon Road LA


Grimes Canyon Road, Los Angeles


In order to find the most scenic view in LA, go to Grimes Canyon Road. The place offers an amazing opportunity for golden hour photography. Also, photographers can go there at night to capture some magical long-exposure shots under the starry sky.


Written By - Ramnish on 22 Jul, 2019