How Businesses Can Start Preparing For Festive Season

How Businesses Can Start Preparing For Festive Season To Woo Online Shoppers

No doubt that the Coronavirus-induced economic tailspin has marred the global economy at the beginning of the year 2020 per se. However, online shopping continues to boom at breakneck speed, forcing e-commerce players to adopt AI, AR, and VR driven technology to attract and engage customers ahead of the big festive season.

E-commerce is booming beyond expectations since the enforcement of lockdown and there is likely to be a major push to the sales this festive season.

How businesses can start preparing for festive season to woo online shoppers

During the last year’s festive season, the total sales were in the order of $3.8 billion in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). According to the research firm Redseer, this year’s festive season sales are going to touch $7 billion in GMV.


The pandemic has changed the way people shop. And businesses across the categories are trying to adopt new business trends to ace the cut-throat competition by enticing online buyers. With Covid-19 fast-tracking digital adoption, the festive season is anticipated to witness an over a 70% jump in customers with 40-50 million online buyers.

The simple question is: are you ready to seize the deal in the coming festive season? Is your product catalog ready? Is your website updated? Have you listed your products on marketplaces using life-like imagery?

How businesses can start preparing for festive season to woo online shoppers

Many sellers are going digital, those who already have a good presence online are using omnichannel to gear up for the festival season, which is about to begin in India. E-commerce sellers are preparing themselves to offer the best to their customers. 

Since you need to update your website with good-looking pictures, refine your catalog, shoot your product range, to entice your prospective customers, it is necessary that you hire the best photographer to shoot all of your products. If you’re not sure about hiring a photographer, you can also use a DIY app, SpyneCliq to click high-quality pictures of your products at home using your cell phone. Start shooting your products by yourself now.

There are several elements that every business must know to get the best out of this festive season.

To your surprise, Flipkart, an e-commerce giant, has onboarded 50,000+ 'Kiranas' to cater to consumers from more than 850 cities during the forthcoming festive season.

Similarly, Amazon is helping small businesses go into detail even helping them with the product imagery. Amazon collaborated with Spyne to help them with onboarding thousands of SKUs, click here if you need any help from Spyne.


Increase in online shopping of grocery & electronics

After the coronavirus hit the ground, buyers have started to move online for shopping, avoiding shops for precautionary measures. Also, e-commerce marketplaces have wooed the customers by giving out huge discounts on making a purchase. It has increased the sales of these brands in some categories.

New Normal essentials such as masks, hand sanitizers, have become demanding products with a rise in online medicine and essential commodities. 

Increase in online shopping of grocery

Customers are trying new product categories online

To contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, people are purchasing from brands online. What they would buy from an offline shop, now they have to buy it online. Like most of the offline meat retailers who move online had doubled their sales in the lockdown, giving a push to the online meat category. 


Sharpen your Visual content

Many brands are competing to attract customers’ attention using high-quality visual content. Now, how quickly will you entice a buyer depends on the images and videos you use on your Product Details Pages. Using life-like imagery help brands with better conversions, higher sales, and lower return rates. 


Are you struggling with a budget to hire a photographer? Can’t get shoots done? Is COVID19 restricting you against hiring a photographer?

Don’t worry!

SpyneCliq is here to solve all your problems at once. Keeping small and medium sellers in mind who need high-quality pictures for their products at extremely low prices, SpyneCliq, an AI-driven application, can help you shoot “marketplace ready pictures” using your cellphone. Whether you want to post your pictures on Myntra or Amazon or Flipkart, you can get images of any specification clicked using the SpyneCliq app. 

You don’t need to be a professional photographer, it doesn’t require any photography knowledge. All you need to do is follow the simple steps and click the pictures of a category of your choice. After clicking pictures, you will get those images edited as per the marketplace guidelines, with elegant perspectives and clean backgrounds at affordable prices in just 48 hours.

Download the app here from the play store and start clicking the pictures using your smartphone at your home or shop. Just do it yourself.


Win over your customer

Don’t try to sell, it won’t bring you a sale. Make sure your products are customer-centric and help customers to solve their problems efficiently. Use an elegant website where your prospects can find your products, and services easily. Make sure you use high-quality images to entice and engage your customers. 

Besides, you can use AI-enabled live chatbots to solve the queries raised by your customers. It can really be effective in retaining your customers and winning them over. 

Increase in online shopping of grocery

Use technology to engage customers

Many shoppers have already started shopping online as the festive season arrives. It provides a huge opportunity for all kinds of brands for customer-brand interaction. You can leverage technology-driven apps to inform your customers about your products, offers, and new arrivals. Using an eye-catching picture of your products, you can encourage customers to head to your website and make a purchase or at least add a product to the cart. 

So, if you are yet to start your preparation for the festive season, it is okay. You can get started with a stunning website, if you have one, you can get started with shooting your products, updating your catalog, add moring stunning pictures to your product inventory that will eventually help you in attracting new customers. Don’t forget that you can use SpyneCilq to shoot the pictures by yourself now! 

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 21 Sep, 2020