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SpyneCliq | A Seamless Visual Content Solution For All Businesses

As the country has finally come out from the lockdown, all the businesses have opened a shop to get back on track. But with social distancing still in practice, opening shops back up won't be enough for the vendors to get their businesses up and running again. Hence, pushing their product to online eCommerce sites is the best option they have. Not only is it a more convenient way to sell products, but it also appeals to a larger audience. 

But since most of the businesses will follow the same strategy to bring their sales back up, it will eventually make the online market much more competitive. No matter the online portal, there will be several businesses, trying out their luck with the eCommerce Sites. So, every business will need professional studio-grade images for their products, so they could easily stand out among their competitors. But hiring professional photographers and renting studios is easier said than done for all the new and small businesses. 

Getting a professional photoshoot for all their products is an initial investment that can prove to be a burden for small businesses. But on the other hand, a professional eCommerce Shoot is also necessary as the product images, on any such portal, are the essential visual content that plays a huge role in persuading the viewer to buy the product. So to bridge this gap, we here at Spyne are developing a new revolutionary app, SpyneCliq. 

SpyneCliq: An All-In-One Platform For Your Product Photo Requirements

We built SpyneCliq, keeping all the small and medium scale sellers in mind who want professional photos for their products but find it tough to afford photographers and studios. With SpyneCliq, there will be no need for businesses to hire any photographers. With the app's help, the seller will be able to click Marketplace Ready Images right from their phone. And we will be here, to edit and retouch the photos to perfection. And even though most of us do not possess professional photography skills, one can certainly be assured while clicking the product images, as SpyneCliq guides the user through each and every step and angle of the shoot. Spyne Cliq, DIY Product Shoot app

Once they are done clicking the pictures with their phone, sellers can submit their photos for editing so that we can make up for each and every shortcoming, like improper lighting, inappropriate backgrounds, inaccurate color reproduction, etc. 

With the help of our AI Image Editing Technology, we auto edit and retouch images in bulk. With this, we edit thousands of photos at scale and furthermore, provide our customers with the Quickest Turnaround time of 48 hours.

        Spyne Cliq, DIY Product Shoot app

At the time of submitting their photos for editing, sellers can select all the online marketplaces, including Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, ShopClues, and many others, on which they plan on selling their product. With our AI Image Editing Practices, we see to it that the images are compliant with all the eCommerce Sites that the sellers choose, in terms of auto-Removing/Adding Backgrounds, Cropping/Resizing Images, Adding Shadows, Retouching etc.

With SpyneCliq, even the small scale businesses will be able to compete against some of the biggest sellers, at only a fraction of the price. 

      Spyne Cliq, DIY Product Shoot app

With SpyneCliq, For now, sellers can shoot products in the category of Food, Automobiles and Footwear. But soon we making the app compatible for each and every product category including Groceries, Jewellery, Poultry, Kitchenware, Fashion, Home Decor, Bakery, Electronics, Real Estate, and Travel. Hence, no matter what business they own or what products they sell, with SpyneCliq, every seller will be able to get marketplace ready images for their products. 

And to give you a sneak peek, here are some images that we got at the time of testing the app for its available categories:

So stay tuned and follow all our social media channels to stay up to date with all the special announcements and the official release date for SpyneCliq.

To make your food photography even more seamless, try out our latest innovation, SpyneCliq

Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 20 Aug, 2020