Dropbox VS SPYNEShare: Which Photo-Sharing Platform to Use?

Dropbox VS SPYNEShare: Which Photo-Sharing Platform to Use?

Want to share photos with your clients? Drop the dropbox and google drives if you want to grow your business.

When we think about sharing photos in bulk, the first few platforms that come to mind are Google Drives, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. They are also very simple to use. Just create a folder, upload your files, and share the link to your clients. Pretty simples, right? Well, not exactly. 

There’s no denying the fact that these platforms are pretty convenient but just not for business purposes. Let us explain to you in detail about Dropbox vs Spyneshare.  


Drawbacks of Dropbox for photographers

When photographers share photos using such platforms, there are a number of challenges they face the following challenges. 

1. Lack of branding 

2. The slow photo uploading process

3. Lack of options to track client selection

4. Sloppy editing tools

5. No way to generate references

6. For large files, one needs to generate more than one link for clients

For photographers, the biggest challenge is not sharing pictures, it is getting more business. For a photographer, getting a new client costs two to three times more than what he/she spend on delivering to the existing one. 

So, sharing photos with such platforms only fulfills one purpose. It doesn’t help in lead generation, it doesn’t help in business growth and most importantly, it doesn’t build a relationship with potential clients. Now you must be thinking that if these platforms are not that helpful then ‘what is the answer?’ Well, this is why we made a comparison of dropbox vs spyne. 



SPYNESHARE is not your regular photo-sharing platform. Unlike Dropbox vs Google Drive, it gives you way more opportunities to grow your business and most importantly, generate leads.

For starters, SPYNESHARE provides you with unlimited data to create personalized client galleries. You can share an album for multiple selections to more than one client and track their selection in real-time. 


How does it work?

1. Create an album and upload all the pictures.

2. Click on share. You can then choose to send the album for selection to multiple emails along with an access pin. 

3. Then go to ‘user activity’. Track the selections and create personalized albums and share them through a link via email and Whatsapp. 

This was the sharing part which takes a very small amount of time when compared to other platforms out there. Let’s talk about the lead generation now which is a crucial part of dropbox vs spyneshare comparison. 

SPYNE photographers generate 2-5X more business than only through photosharing, thanks to SPYNESHARE’s reference builder. When you share the album with the client, it is obvious that the client will share the album further. 

So, SPYNE captures the details of those accessing the albums and uses the right hooks to capture details of those who want similar kind of services, thus giving you high-potential leads. So now a photographer doesn’t have to rely on clients’ word-of-mouth to build references since most of the business of a photographer relied on it. 


Spyne vs Dropbox



In the comparison of Google Drive vs Spyneshare, it all comes down to the priorities. If you only want photo-sharing services, you may continue using Dropbox or Google drive. But if you want a better experience that gives you perks like tracking clients’ selection and fast pacing the delivery process along with generating business then you can consider using SPYNESHARE. 

To know more about lead generation and photo sharing using SPYNESHARE, Sign up now!

Written By - Ramnish on 02 May, 2020