SPYNE SHARE - The best Online Sharing and Selection Tool!

Spyne Share- The Best Photo Sharing And Selection Tool !

Are you one of the photographers who has to select and share over a thousand photos to his clients? And is already half-frustated of having to consistently follow-up with them but with no results? Or Are you amongst the ones who are just annoyed over the thought of having to sort and attach almost a thousand pictures through a mail or drop them in a pen drive? Then, we have something that you should definitely check out!


Having witnessed many weddings and met many photographers, we totally understand that the task of getting all the wedding photos shared and selected by the clients could be totally gruesome! It is not only extensive but eats up huge time and energy from both Photographers and Clients point of view.


Additionally, the sole business-purpose of a wedding photographer is to generate leads by references; A happy couple shares the album with 10 friends, who further shares it with 100, which generates a lead for the photographer. But Who in this busy world actually has a structured approach or time to keep a track of the reference clientele? Right?


Thus, considering both the sides, we have developed a tool that would not only ease down the task from the clients' and photographers' perspective, but also help generate and manage reference clientele very effectively!


But before stepping down on the direct solution, what are the problems that needs to be considered and fixed?


1. A Pool of Images to choose from


From haldi, mehendi, to reception and even pre-weds nowadays, wedding gives photographers a pool of photos and videos to share with the clients. But the real problem begins when you have to filter the best images from around 2000 photos to share the final-best-album with the client.


2. Delay in sorting on the part of clients


Most photographers share the whole album with their clients to get the best pictures sorted by the latter. However, the task seems complicated and gets often delayed on the part of clients, due to the chaos of having to browse through several folders and images and keep a record of file names of the images they want in the final album.


3. Up to 20% of Photographer's fee is stuck


Clients usually pay 80% of the Photographer’s fee before the event and pay remaining 20% only after Photographer delivers the final album. Due to delay in the process from clients and offline complexities involved, the delivery gets stuck in between for more than 50% of the projects Photographers do in a given year. And the result is? Never a full 100% fee and consistent dissatisfaction among photographers.


4. Reviews Collection Complicated


They say, "A communication process is never completed without a proper feedback." And that remains the most critical problem in this Industry. Every budding photographer or even renowned, requires review to keep up the good work. But the Review collection is mostly complicated, and on an average, Photographer receive only 6-8% feedback out of all the events they cover. Which is also the consequence of consistent follow-ups with the clients, in turn affecting goodwill adversely.


5. Generating Reference Business


As said above, Best clients for Photographers come from References from existing clients. The conversion rate is highest for any reference inquiry a Photographer receives because client has not only already seen the detailed work of Photographer but before reaching out, has already made up the mind for booking! But due to the detailed and lengthy process, the communication often staggers and remains quite unpredictable and inefficient.


But what if we tell you that we, at Eventila have dug out an intuitive, first in the industry solution, to get all these problems fixed once and for all?


Introducing Spyne Share!


Spyne Share is part of the suite of offerings that Eventila has built for its vendors, particularly photographers, related to Weddings and Entertainment. It is a platform that makes the most gruesome task of sharing and selection similar to a cake-walk! From selection to distribution, the process which was so hectic and burdensome, would not have gotten any easier if it wasn't for Spyne Share!


It has made the process totally simple, involving a basic workflow. The Photographer shall upload all Photos to a Project and share the project with the client through mail or whatsapp. The client will receive a link, which will instantly drive them to the 'Photos selection' section. He or she will select the image and before submitting, shall register a happy feedback! Isn't this just perfect?


So, Check out what all it has to offer!!


1. Everything in the click of Button!


The website has been specially designed, keeping in mind the behavior of today's generation, who is totally digital, speedy and 'on the move'.


Photo sharing and selection tool


So, From uploading event details, to sending the link instantly through whatsapp, Spyne Share has made all the 'Sharing and Selection' task super easy and breezy. With a proper step-guide and everything done in a few clicks, this is gonna be the ultimate solution for Photographers!


Being desktop as well as mobile friendly, your clients don't have to bother of having to open their laptops especially to do the sorting! And the results? The photographers have started receiving the selected images from clients in 3 hours to one day of sharing the link.


2. The Freedom to customize


Photo sharing and selection tool, new york


Spyne Share provides full-fledged freedom to the Photographers to choose the banner in accordance to the mobile or desktop view. He also has the liberty to create as many folders as he wants according to the function or the days or any other theme as per his preference. He can even set deadlines for the clients in order to get the selection process done before the code gets expired! Thus, Spyne Share will make sure a timely response is achieved!


3. 100% feedback Guaranteed!


As said earlier, "Feedback is important to keep up the good work."


online photo sharing | Spyne Share


Spyne Share has been designed in a way that invokes response from the clients and none of your clients can get away from it. Because before submitting the final album to the photographer, the platform has a feature that mandates 100% collection of reviews! What can be better than that?


4. Generate Targeted Reference Business


Spyne Share has completely simplified the task of sharing the photos across the client's relatives with an exclusive distribution feature. Post submission of Selected Photos, Client receives a link with all Raw Images and Selected Photos in a URL from your Website.


The client does not has to put up with the task of having to share the photos through google drive, flickr or Dropbox links. As the client can easily forward the link to his friends or relatives through whatsapp or mail! This opens up opportunity to generate enquiries from friends of Couples as all links are forwarded with a Sticky “WhatsApp Chat” widget.


Photo sharing and selection tool


5. Potential to Drive Huge Organic Traffic on your Website.


Let’s say you cover 30 Weddings in one year. And generally after Weddings, Couples share their photos with their Friends and Family across the borders. Spyne Share provides you an opportunity to generate 200–500 visits on your Website through the Event albums on Your Website. 


Also, Share renders a Sticky WhatsApp chat icon at the bottom left of the website. If the relatives or friends of the couple are browsing the private digital album from the wedding, they will not only know who the Photographer is but how to reach him directly! Thus, this feature could lead to a substantial boost in the reference business generation.


As a Photographer, you should ask your client as a policy to distribute this link to their friends and relatives instead of Google Drive, Flickr or Dropbox links. Search Engines would know that your website is generating substantial traffic, thus giving you prominence in search results.


You can generate 30 X 500 = 15000 Organic Visits on your website in one year, which would otherwise require up to INR 30–40K expenditure on Google Ads.


So, what is the wait? A pile of list to get sorted with your clients? Go ahead with Spyne Share! Share, select and distribute! Generate your feedback and increase the chances of reaching out to reference Reference customers of the couples!


For any issues, feel free to reach out to us on dedicated WhatsApp groups. Alternatively, you can connect us on:

  • Email —  hello@spyne.ai
  • Call — 011-66-10-40-20


Thank you!


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Written By - Muskan Dhingra on 26 Mar, 2019