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At SpyneLab, every day we think about what problems our partners are facing in executing their day to day jobs. One of the key problems that we stumbled upon while meeting Photographers and Clients, was the way Wedding Photos are Shared and Selected by the Clients for creating the Final Wedding Album. The entire process is broken and eats up huge time and energy from both Photographers & Clients point of view.

Let me first begin with listing down the existing problems of the current process:

Problem 1. Many Functions. Numerous Images — You know a typical Indian Wedding. There are so many functions: Haldi, Mehendi, Reception, Wedding etc and nowadays Pre Wedding Shoots. All these occasions are captured by a single Photographer or a group of Photographers. Photographers generally click 6–10X the required images, out of which they select the best images to deliver finally to the client.

Problem 2. Offline Selection of Images — Photographers do not know, which images Clients would want in their final album. So, they share all the images with the client for selection. These images are shared via Pen Drives, Hard Drives or any Cloud Storage tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Clients browse through images on their computers and note down the file names of images, which they want in their albums. This process is quite complicated from clients perspective and they usually take somewhere between one week to one year to select the required images and send them back to Photographer. Often, if the time extends beyond 5–6 months, clients also ignore making their final albums.

Problem 3. Up to 20% of Photographer’s fee is stuck — Clients usually pay 80% of Photographer’s fee before the event and pay remaining 20% only after Photographer delivers the final album. Due to delay in the process from clients and offline complexities involved, the delivery gets stuck in between for more than 50% of the projects Photographers do in a given year. And, Photographers never get their full 100% fee for the events they cover.

Problem 4. Reviews are not collected — One of the most critical problems of the Industry. Review collection is extremely complicated and Photographers typically receive only 6–8% Feedbacks out of all the events they cover. For collecting even these feedbacks they do umpteen number of follow-ups with their clients leading to trust loss and risk of getting repeat business from reference.

Problem 5. Generating Reference Business — Best clients for Photographers come from References from existing clients. The conversion rate is highest for any reference inquiry a Photographer receives as the client has already seen the detailed work of Photographer and before reaching out, he or she has already made up the mid of booking. But, how to reach out to the friends and relatives of the couples? Currently, Photographers are completely dependent on the mercy of Clients, that they would recommend Photographer to their relatives and friends. This is quite unpredictable and inefficient.

Ok. So many problems. Do you have a solution?

Yes. And, this is the precise reason behind writing this piece. We at Eventila, after doing thorough research and meetings with 40+ Photographers in the Industry, have come up with an intuitive, first in the Industry solution, which aims to solve these problems once and for all.

Introducing Spyne Share!

Share is part of the suite of offerings that Eventila has built for the Vendors working in Weddings & Entertainment domain.

The solution is simple and involves a basic workflow. You as a Photographer upload all Photos to a Project and share the project with the client. The client sees a beautiful page, which asks for credentials for Photos selection. The client selects images and submits the page. But, before submitting they also provide your feedback.


Now, let’s get down with the listing of key steps with screens.

Step 1. Upload Event Details. Photographer logs in to their Dashboard and selects “Photo Sharing” option after which basic information of the Event is added.


Step 2. Upload Photos. On Share platform, Photographer updates all raw photographs (2000 or more)


Step 3. Share Private Project Link with the client. The platform generates a Private link, which Photographer can share with the client in a tap of a button. You specify the minimum Photos count that the client has to select, and the expiry date before which the selection should happen.


Step 4. The client selects Images. The client receives an email and SMS with the Project link and access credentials. The client selects images through a screen on YOUR website, which is as easy and intuitive as liking a Photo on Instagram.


Step 5. Client Reviews your work and Submits selected Photos. Before submitting selected images, platform asks Client to review your work. Client after seeing your entire work and spending substantial effort on selection reviews you on standard parameters and share selected images.



Step 6: Download Selected Images. You access the Partner dashboard and download the list of images, which you can process and use to create the Final Album.

Step 7. Publish or Hide Review. You receive the Review on your dashboard, which you choose to publish or hide.


Major Benefits of the Product

Benefit 1. Process is smooth as breeze and selection time is reduced substantially from weeks to hours now. We have seen that Photographers on our platform have received the selected images from Clients in 3 Hours to One day of sharing the link.

Benefit 2. 100% Feedback collected from the Client. Currently, you hardly receive feedback from 6%–8% events you cover. This feature enables 100% collection of Reviews. You can choose to publish or hide a Review online from the dashboard.

Benefit 3. Potential to Generate targeted Reference Business. Post submission of Selected Photos, Client receives a link with all Raw Images and Selected Photos in a URL from your Website. Tell your client to distribute this link to their friends and relatives instead of Google Drive, Flickr or Dropbox links. This opens up an opportunity to generate inquiries from friends of Couples. All links are forwarded with a Sticky “WhatsApp Chat” widget.

Benefit 4. Potential to Drive Huge Organic Traffic on your Website. Let’s say you cover 30 Weddings in one year. After Wedding, Couples generally share their photos with their Friends and Family, who are not co-located. Here is an opportunity to generate 200–500 visits on your Website through the Event albums on Your Website. You should ask your client to distribute this link to their friends and relatives instead of Google Drive, Flickr or Dropbox links. Search Engines would know that you generate substantial traffic giving you prominence in search results. In one year, on your website, you can generate 30 X 500 = 15000 Organic Visits, which would otherwise require up to INR 30–40K expenditure on Google Ads.

So, why wait? You would have the list of events ready to be shared with Clients for Selection. Go ahead! Share the projects with your client. Generate your feedback and increase chances of reaching out to Reference customers of the Couples!!

For any issues, feel free to reach out to us on dedicated WhatsApp groups. Alternatively, you can connect us on:

  • Email — support@eventila.com
  • Whatsapp — 9711 411 422

Thank you!

Written By - Sanjay Kumar on 21 Sep, 2018
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