Here's how SPYNE Photographers are generating 2-5X business [With Case Study]

Here's how SPYNE Photographers are generating 2-5X business [With Case Study]

Even though the trends in the photography industry keep changing but there’s one thing that remains constant, it’s the power of references. The majority of your clients come from the reference of your existing client and there’s no denying about that. You can spend thousands on advertising but word-of-mouth is what is going to get you the true results. So, is there a way to fast-track it?

When we first started SPYNE, our goal was to help photographers in making their business easy by helping them share albums with clients effortlessly. We’re already living in the digital era and with COVID-19 pushing our businesses on the internet, it is really not the best time to use pen drives for sharing projects with the clients. 

But soon we realized that the biggest problem for a photographer is retaining customers, building good relationships with potential customers, and most importantly, getting more work. In fact, ‘For a photographer, getting a new customer can cost two to three times more than delivering to the existing client.’ 

So, we worked on building SPYNESHARE as not just a tool to share pictures but also build references through every shared project. In fact, a photographer’s chances of generating leads increases by 2-5X when shared through this platform. Don’t believe us? Keep reading and you will find out how one of India’s top photographers generated an insane amount of leads and references using SPYNESHARE. 

Photography Business X Referral Business

Being a photographer, one has to take care of everything from sharing pictures to the client for final selection using a reliable platform to waiting for the client to make those selections. And once it’s done, delivering the final album. This not just wastes a lot of time but also leads to delay in fees. 

So, if one project takes up months to deliver, it can impact a photographer’s other projects. Basically, it’s not just clicking pictures for photographers as per certain beliefs. 

And the most important aspect of it all building contacts and references. Once you share the album with the client, it’s usually the client who refers your work to others in their circle.

If your clients always refer you to someone then you are among the top 1% but for the rest, it’s a real struggle. So, we decided to come up with something that would work as a solid reference builder that photographers can rely on at any time. 

SPYNESHARE - A Reference Builder

SPYNESHARE isn’t your regular photo-sharing platform. It is an ultimate reference builder tool that brings high-potential leads to you. It is a reliable platform, trusted by India’s top photographers for sharing photos and generating leads. 

Rather than relying on the word-of-mouth of your clients, SPYNESHARE is actually designed to smartly capture those leads. When you share a project using this platform, it increases your referrals by 10 times and even more. This way, your one album share will be able to generate you 2-5% more business.

How does it work?

When a photographer shares the album using SPYNESHARE, the client gets a unique code to access the album. Now, the framework of the platform allows the clients to share the album further in their contacts.

They can even create a separate album to share with their contacts if they don’t want to share the entire album. Now, this is bound to happen as people would want to see pictures from the event and the client would definitely not go door to door to show their wedding album or album of the event. So, the convenience will make them share with their multiple contacts. 

Once the client shares the album further, the platform captures the details of those and keeps them as potential leads. The shared album has the required hooks that hit them with direct questions regarding their needs for similar services. 

This way, you can capture high conversion leads. So, if your album gets shared among 50-100 people, you can get 2-5% more business effortlessly.

There is no other platform in the industry right now that promises you so much business just through photosharing. 


Case Study - 

Rajesh Digital

Rajesh Digital is one of the first photographers who got associated with SPYNE. The photographer started using our product SPYNESHARE in 2019 when he created his first project. 

His company is one of the pioneers of the wedding industry in India with an experience of over 60 years in capturing more than 1000 couples over the years across India. Here are some statistics to show you how Rajesh Digital generated 2-5X business using SPYNESHARE and built references. 

First Project Created - 2019-09

Last Project Created - 2020-04


Consumed - 493.58 GB

Total Projects Delivered - 120

Total Picture Count - 647477

Captured Soft Leads - 1488

Reference Leads (High potential leads) - 179

If you compare the projects that Rajesh Digital shared with the number of soft leads captured then the number is way higher than what a photographer can achieve merely through references. This is enough of an example to show you how effective SPYNESHARE is when it comes to generating references and helping a photographer in getting more business through a single project. 

To know more about SPYNESHARE and generating leads through references, Sign up with SPYNE. Our experts will get in touch with you asap. 


Written By - Ramnish on 01 May, 2020