Product Launch 2019! Check-Out SPYNE’s New Face Recognition Feature

Product Launch 2019! Check-Out SPYNE’s New Face Recognition Technology for Photo Sharing

Spyne is going to launch Face Recognition technology soon that will help photographers to organize and easily share photos with their clients. If you wish to share limited photos of someone from a collection of 1000s of photos, Spyne AI Face recognition tool will make your photo selection super easy, saving your valuable time. 


Guess what? This face recognition tool will also help your customers to easily share only relevant photos in their network, who may, in turn, reach out to you for business inquiries. 

Sounds interesting? Read on...

Based on the various feedbacks we received after interacting with numerous photographers, this is what we understood: 


Choosing and Sharing an individual's photos from 1000s of photo collection is a Pain

From any specific project, photographers keep getting numerous requests from individuals and other business owners, who were involved in that project, to share their or their relevant work photos. Rather than sharing the whole album, you can group photos of individuals on the basis of their face.


Your clients find it increasingly difficult to share specific photos to their friends and family

When a photographer clicks thousands of photos at an event, the photos get shared to the client, who further shares those photos to the attendees (friends, family, associates, etc.). Face Recognition Feature can help the clients in grouping the photos of attendees and send them individually rather than sharing all the photos from the event. 


Photographers miss out on Potential Reference Clients

When the client shares the photos sent by you to the attendees, they may like your work but if they don't know how to approach you then you lose potential reference clients. But Spyne has got you covered. Every personalized gallery that your client shares, includes a Chatbot which asks relevant questions and generates stronger reference leads.


To know more about the working of Spyne’s Face Recognition feature and how it can improve your business, watch the full video here:




SPYNE’s Face Recognition Feature in a nutshell...

You must be familiar with the popular Google Photos feature where you just tap on a person’s face and give it a name, making it easy to find that specific person in your gallery. Similarly, Spyne’s Face Recognition technology will help you organize your photos by selecting and labeling individual faces in each of your client galleries. Along with the photographer, the client will also be able to reap the benefits of this AI-driven Face recognition feature.


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Written By - Ramnish on 31 Jul, 2019