Case Study: Spyne helps Bigbasket get premium product shoot in major Indian cities

Case Study: Spyne helps Bigbasket get premium product shoot in major Indian cities

Product shoots are very pivotal to any business. According to a study, over 75% of the consumers prefer to see product images before they make a purchase. High-quality product images play a pivotal role in improving conversions. There are studies that prove that visual content has a really great impact on the human brain. In fact, humans process visual content 60 thousand times faster than the written text. Owing to these numbers, marketers boost their conversion rates using high-quality, attractive product images to compel the viewer to take action.

Bigbasket, an Indian online supermarket chain recently collaborated with spyne for major photoshoots across several Indian cities. 

Given our huge presence across the nation and our premium-quality shoots at lower costs and faster turnaround times, Bigbasket tied up with us for multi-city shoot projects. We will help them deliver bulk shoots in multiple cities (including editing of pictures as per their requirements).

Spyne has studios across 48 cities of India and a network of 3500+ professional freelance photographers. Spyne’s AI-powered editing suite, SpyneTouch, helps businesses get images edited at volume. Get images edited for free!

The company will do shoots for a variety of products in general merchandise which will include steel wear, cookware, glasses, sippers, etc.

Spyne has successfully been able to deliver some of the assigned projects across cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Calcutta. The anticipated projects will be completed in the near future in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Nonetheless, Bigbasket also anticipates delivering food products including fishes, and a variety of meat items in cities like Calcutta and Bengaluru where spyne will help them get the hot food shot in the most aesthetic fashion.

What made BigBasket work with Spyne?

No doubt there are several photographers and studios in India, however, Spyne is the only Indian, tech-based on-demand photography company that has huge penetration of professional photographers and studios across the country. Bigbasket who was looking for a partner who could take care of their multi-city shoot projects ended up trusting Spyne.

Quality at lower costs

Using tech-driven end-to-end automation in the shoot process and the post-production, Spyne helps businesses get shoots and edits 67% faster than any other manual editor.

With the common shoot process across the studios and our in-built tech solutions, we produce high-quality photoshoots in bulk with over 99.9% accuracy and under a 0.1% reshoot rate.  

Presentation: Taking care of aesthetics

Spyne helps you in giving a new look to your products by styling them in a fashion to attract the eyeballs of a customer. This new look and feel of your product help you boost your sales, improve your brand image, and grow your website search results – driving more and more customers to your social sites and the website.

Editing at a faster turnaround time

Spyne is an all-in-one platform or you may say the one-stop solution for brands looking for any kind of photoshoots and post-production solutions. Spyne’s AI-built editing platform, SpyneTouch, allows you to get hundreds of images edited in a few clicks as per your requirements. Whether you need a shoot for e-commerce, fashion & lifestyle, jewelry, home decor, furniture, automobiles, or for any other product, Spyne does all of it.

Spyne’s SpyneTouch also allows you to get edits as per the standards of marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Myntra, Flipkart, etc.

Spyne has clients across the US, Europe, and India who trust in the accuracy of our AI-build solutions.

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