[VIDEOS] SPYNE's Dashboard Feature Compilation

[VIDEOS] SPYNE's Dashboard Feature Compilation

So, Have you tried Spyne’s Dashboard yet? Spyne, being an Artificial Intelligence-driven SaaS product, provides a platform to professionals working in the creative field where they can easily access features that can help them in expanding the business as well as establishing themselves as a brand. 


Here is a brief list of features that Spyne has to offer-


1. Unlimited photo-sharing and selection

2. Real-time tracking of client’s selection

3. A portfolio website to showcase the best of your work

4. Best in business facial recognition to create personalized galleries

5. Single dashboard management

6. Unlimited photos, videos and blog sharing

7. Social media and lead management

8. A Chatbot to build continuous references


The best part is that there’s so much more and everything can be managed through Spyne’s Dashboard. And you know what? It is super-easy to use. Given below are some videos that will help you in identifying how the dashboard works.


- Photo-sharing and selection

Spyne allows you to easily share thousands of photos with the clients within seconds. Moreover, you can track the client’s selection in real-time which will save you a ton of effort and time. Here’s a video of how that works.



- Chatbot

Chabot is an amazing personalized communication network and a call-to-action feature that not only builds references but also helps increase your conversion rate. The galleries you share or the website you own get equipped with the Spyne’s Chatbot which allows you to directly communicate reach out to your potential customers. 




- Face Recognition

This artificial intelligence-driven feature is an amazing way to organize, select and share photos with clients on a personal level. This face recognition feature has so many advantages that we don’t even know where to start from. Watch this video for yourself. 



- Review collection

Review collection is a major part of any business. It not only works as a feedback for your services but also compels others to use your service if your reviews are great. The best part is that Spyne makes it a necessity for customers to give reviews on your work. Here’s how. 


If you have any queries regarding the usage of the dashboard or overall working of Spyne, contact our experts at 011-66104020.

Written By - Ramnish on 04 Oct, 2019