Amid lockdown, Spyne adds 150+ freelance photographers in a month

Amid lockdown, Spyne adds 150+ Freelance Photographers in a Month

The coronavirus outbreak is foremost a human tragedy that is affecting thousands of people across the globe. The pandemic is also having an increasing impact on the businesses and the global economy. However, when perhaps every business suffers a blackout, Spyne, India's tech-driven on-demand photography company, managed to reinforce its network of freelance photographers by adding 150+ new photographers in just a month

As the pandemic reached the corners of the country, Spyne succeeded to stretch across 35+ tier 3 and tier 4 cities, striving to create a robust presence across India. The company aims to go beyond the metro cities by creating a lasting presence in the non-metro and smart cities of the country. 

Spyne, an AI-based technology company that fulfills all kinds of visual content requirements of all kinds of business at any scale, aims to help online marketplaces and e-commerce businesses in growing their business

Watching the market trends and fluctuations due to the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on retailers, the company also aims to help start-ups, retailers and small businesses to move from offline to online, helping them with creating a strong online presence, brand launch, and brand presentation. Spyne has already helped many brands such as PP Jewellers, The PinkTint, Swaarish International and others with the brand strategy and content presentation, which helped them to improve sales and business growth. 

The company is catering to the likes of Snapdeal, Flipkart, WedMeGood, PP Jewellers and many other national and international brands. The company's focus is to support e-commerce growth as the pandemic downshifts and help its huge network of freelance photographers to work with the top brands and businesses. 

Spyne's COO Shahab Rizwan says, "We are trying to make our company post-corona-ready by creating a strong presence of our photographers across the semi-metro and smart cities, and beyond to take on any assignment from across the food, e-commerce, real estate, and all other businesses. Since no company in India has such a huge network or deeper penetration of photographers, we are anticipating to double the number soon."

About Spyne

Spyne, an on-demand photography company, was founded by IIT-Kharagpur alumni Sanjay Kumar and Deepti Prasad (Delhi School of Economics) in 2018. The Indian tech-driven company helps photographers in ordering, managing, and delivering the visual content effortlessly. The company provides photographers opportunities work with top national and international brands. For businesses, the company strives to be the go-to place for fulfilling all kinds of photoshoots for all kinds of businesses. 

Spyne has solved major problems faced by online businesses and marketplaces in ordering e-commerce, real estate, and jewelry photoshoots seamlessly. Spyne fulfills all kinds of visual content needs of businesses and brands.

Currently, Spyne is developing customized sector and business-specific bulk editing suite to help edit thousands of images in seconds. Currently, no such solution exists in the market for sector-specific use-cases. These content enrichment solutions can save up to 40% time in photo editing, reduce high prices, and inconsistency.

Spyne Insights:

  • An AI-suite for photographers to manage and share unlimited content.
  • India's demanding Photography company
  • On-demand visual content provider
  • Pioneer in Image processing and AI
  • A network of 2500+ photographers across the country.
  • Top 250+ Photographers from National Capital
  • Helps photographers to generate up to 5X more business
Written By - Younus Sideeq on 21 Apr, 2020